BENAULIM: Dr Hubert Gomes who has been recently nominated for the Karamveer Puraskar, the national award for social justice and citizen’s action, said that he will not accept this award until justice is done to the people of Benaulim.  “Although I am humbled by this nomination, I am not going to accept the award till the wrong on my village is corrected”.
Referring to the Benaulim SAG ground for which he has been fighting almost single-handedly, Dr Hubert said that although certain politicians have combined to commit a great fraud on his village, the people of Benaulim are not going to allow them to succeed in their mission.
“In a few weeks time we are going to start an aggressive agitation to get our ground back”, he warned.
Every year the Indian Confederation of NGOs (ICONGO) awards Karamveer Puraskars to people who are well known for their contribution to the society. Eminent personalities like Dr Binayek Sen, J.M. Lyngdoh, Alyque Padamsee, Dr Verghese Kurien, Tarun Tejpal, Remo Fernandes , Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose, Anu Aga and Shereen Bhan (CNBC) are some of the prominent people who have received this award in the past.
“Although my mind tells me that I should accept the award and join this list of eminent people who have received the Karamveer Puraskar, my heart tells me that I should join hands with all the right thinking aam admii of Goa and continue my fight for social justice. I have chosen to listen to my heart and be the fearless voice of my people in Benaulim”, Dr Hubert said.
Disclosing his plans to start “Banaulekarancho Ekvott”- a people’s movement for social justice in Benaulim, he said- “From the day I announced my break from politics; many people have been meeting me on a regular basis. It is they who have suggested that it is time we unite to jointly fight the evil forces that are destroying Benaulim. We have been fooled and robbed in the past, and we do not want that to happen again".
Dr Hubert Gomes has appealed to the people of Benaulim Constituency to forget their individual differences and come together for a greater cause. "Do not be fooled by the money that is given by corrupt politicians. Instead of listening to them and getting carried away by their short-term gifts, it is time to listen to your own conscience and do what is good for the future of your children”.
Dr Hubert pointed out that besides the SAG ground issue; poor quality narrow roads, erratic water and electricity supply, garbage disposal problem, malaria, poor maintenance of the beaches and alcoholism among the youth are some of the serious issues that need an urgent attention in Benaulim.
“Banaulekarancho Ekvott wants to play a significant role to address these issues and bring about an honest, well planned and eco-friendly development in Benaulim”, he said.


Mathew said...

.The Varca Pig wants to be a "Bakhar" of Goa , making everything of his
and for his childrens. Dont be be fooled by his talks. Save Banaulim for
your own children. Let him and his childrens go to Hell.

Oliver Masky said...

Benaulim should be for Benaulimkars and not The Varca Pigs Ghantis.

Dalia said...

Dr. hubert, you have deceived us, the common people. When you started the campaign, everyone were with you but your association with people like Mickey and other associates of the criminals has diluted your thought form the minds of the people. You compromised too much and is not taken seriously very recently. We still hope if you could make up.

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