Children should be given a good grounding and foundation in English.This is because it has to be learnt and is not spoken automatically .Konkani & Marathi is widely spoken in Goa, at home and around the enviroment.As they are languages that are spoken daily and not "rarely", children pick these up much quicker than English.
English as many "normal " and "Common sensed" people confirm, is a language that will be most used in work and beneficial employment sutuations.
Many Indian Companies use english as a medium of trade and communication, Nationally & Internationally.
Should children fail to meet language criteria in obtaining jobs, it will not be the State of Goa that will be shouldering the burden.It will be the parents.
If Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people, than the request of the parents is paramount.Many languages in India co-exist.Why shouldn`t English.
The BBSM is an ugly organisation made up of failed and back-ward looking people.
Naguesh Karmail purely makes noises to justify his undeserved Freedom Fighters Pension.If he was subjected to a strict qualification for his pension, he would fail, as his claim to have been a freedon Fighter has been shown to be dubious.It seems like anyone these days can claim to be a Freedom Fighter.There is no criteria or proof required.Just some hearsay and forged documents.
Shasihkala Kakodkar again is another failed human species.Having failed politically & also in her Married life, she craves for love and attention from any source or any agenda or any controversial topic.
Uday Bhembre again is a failed MLA & Editor.He is desperately trying to put a shine on his lost esteem & respect.So now he has jumped on the MOI bandwagon to rattle his tail.He is a failed "has-been"
As for Digamber Kamat, he does not know left from right.No doubt he will only know where his views and beliefs stand,after a trip To the Goa desk In New Delhi.
Kamat is no inspirational Chief Minister.he thrives on sucking the blood of Goans in favour of migrants, and, feeding- off & taking lessons from,the non- Goan advisors at the Goa desk.  It seems we now have a native of the Punjab, visiting Goa,telling us Goans, what is good for if we do not know.


A to Z said...

In a world of blind it is said a person with one eye is the king; and this is true with all the present Goa's MLA's. They can't see, they can't hear and they can't talk. That's the reason why a Fox (Brar) for New Delhi has decended in Goa to tell and give Goans what is good for the Congress Party and what he feels is good for Goans. Another Sardar is sitting at Cabo Raj Bhavan like a Maharaja and abusing Goan hospitality. This is liberation Hindustan way.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Naguesh Karmail, Shasihkala Kakodkar and Uday Bhembre should tie a knot with one rope and hang themselves. The dis-unity among Goans has given cause to opportunists to disrupt Goan life and tradition. Other states of India us English as a commercial language so why should not Goa.Goans are to soft and often turn the other cheek against Non-Goans, but never hesitate to fight each other. .

D.Justin said...

Bin Ladin is no more, so the world will be free from terror. Goa's three Bin Ladins- Kamat, Ravi and Chorchill are alive- and there is threat to Goa. Bin Ladin is fed to the fish , so the three Goa's Bin Ladins should be fed to the stray dogs.

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