PANJIM: The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president, Mr Subhash Shirodkar, has said that the Congress high command has taken a policy decision to weed out criminal elements from the organisation and refrain from giving them party tickets to contests elections.
Responding to a question during a press conference here, on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Shirodkar said that party had started to keep criminal elements at bay by ensuring that not a single person with criminal record was enlisted as Youth Congress member during the ongoing membership drive.
He further said that as a part of the policy decision, the process of cleansing the organization had already started and that it would be taken forward in days ahead to ensure that criminals were denied tickets.
He said that there would be hurdles in implementing the policy decision, but a try could be given to minimise criminals from getting party nominations.
Responding to another question on the outburst of party spokesperson, Mr Vishnu Surya Wagh, that only those who paid bribes to Congress leaders were awarded with party tickets, Mr Shirodkar said that he had been trying to contact Mr Wagh to know the veracity of the reported statement, but had not been able to get in touch with him.
The GPCC president denied the charge that tickets were given only to those who could pay for them, saying that he had never paid a paisa to get the ticket and on the contrary party had provided him funds to meet his election expenses.
Earlier, Mr P Sudhakar Reddy, the AICC secretary, said that the party’s central leadership would take appropriate steps to find solution to the issues concerning the state, be they of illegal mining, mega projects, etc and ensure that steps be taken to guarantee that such issues did not agitate the minds of Congressmen and people of Goa in future.
Mr Reddy who was here on a private visit said that the issues were raised by Congressmen during interaction with him and that he along with Mr Jagmeet Singh Brar, the AICC general secretary in-charge of Goa, would ensure that such issues were also settled amicably to the satisfaction of all.
The AICC secretary also said that the central leaders would also ensure that the party workers were enthused and appropriately rewarded for their efforts.
He said that the new office bearers would be appointed soon after taking decision on the issue of medium of instruction, adding that a well oiled party machinery could only ensure victory of the party candidates during elections besides taking its policies and schemes of government to the people.


D.Justin said...

who wants to listen to idiots like Shirodkar and Brar. Check on the congress ministers and mlas, everyone is either criminals, goondas,pimps,drugs dealers, land scammers or money launderers. Do the congress party have any moral to dump all these idiots and replace with young people. I don't think so.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

How do you identify criminal elements or people with a criminal record? Unless one is convicted for a crime, one cannot be called a criminal. Besides, the one convicted for a crime by a lower Court, can be released or acquitted by a Higher Court. Isn't such a one entitled to party membership?

A to Z said...

If Congress start this exercise there will be no one left in the Party. Good luck to them.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Mr. Shirodkar, don't give that shit bluff to Goans, I challenge you and your cronies to win election without Criminals and Scammers without them you will bite the dust, you arshole!!!!

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