PANJIM: Even as talks between the Congress leaders and various groups from the state with divergent views on medium of instruction continued for the second successive day in New Delhi on Thursday, signs have emerged that the Congress was expected to give in to the demands for grants to English medium primary schools.
Sources in the Congress camp as well as among other leaders now camping in the national capital informed that indications have emerged that the Congress high command was likely to take a decision that would pave way for grants to English medium primary schools also.
The sources said that the Congress party was likely to adopt middle path while deciding on the issue and decide the issue in such a way that it would be possible for it to take all sections of the Goan society along with it. They, however, declined to go into details of the arrangements being worked out but said that they were satisfied with the progress in discussions.
The discussions to find a solution to the vexed issue of medium of instruction continued till late in the evening on Thursday with indication emerging that the talks could continue over the next two days before a decision was arrived at. The Congress is unlikely to announce the decision on May 20, as promised earlier. The AICC general secretary in-charge of Goa desk, Mr Jagmeet Singh Brar said that the discussions held over the last two days were fruitful but that more talks would have to be held over the next two to three days to sort out some of the issues before a concrete decision could be taken to resolve the imbroglio in the state.
Mr Brar said that the Congress leadership has heard views of all those who attended the meeting and added that it was necessary that the issue be discussed in depth further. “We will be able to arrive at final decision only after holding talks with all concerned,” he said. He, however, declined to reveal as to who else would be consulted.
The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president, Mr Subhash Shirodkar said that though discussions were held for two days, the leadership could not arrive at definite conclusion to resolve the issue and that it was felt that further talks should be held to find a solution that would be acceptable to all the parties.
He said that a number of those who had gone to the national capital to participate in the meetings have returned to the state while some others were still camping there to help the central Congress leaders in gathering more information about the issue. He and the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat, were expected to return to the state on Friday.
Mr Savio Lopes, the convener of Forum for Rights of Children’s Education, who was still camping in the national capital said that he was happy with the progress of the talks during the meetings.
He said that the meetings were being held in an extremely cordial manner and that he was hopeful that something positive would emerge that would resolve the issue to the satisfaction of all. He declined to go into the details of Thursday’s meeting saying that talks were at crucial stage.


Cyril said...

If Elected Goan MLA cannot settled this issue in Goa itself, it is better for them to resigned. An let Political leaders from Delhi  rule the state from Delhi. Who are these entire political leaders to take decision about the future of our children? Why can’t they give the grant? As if they will spend from their own pocket. If government don’t have enough money to give grant then why can’t our minister and MLA stop eating money from government treasury. My request to all the parent not to send their children to school till this demand is met and gherao our secretariat along with the children.
Children’s of big wigs and our political leader goes to English medium school as they know what advantages they have. Why to deprive this to our middle class children. They don’t have right to education? Is goan government capable of providing jobs within Goa to Goan people? If not they have to go out of Goa to earn their livelihood. So they need to go abroad and other places where Konkani is Latin and Greek.

Xikon-loudi said...

 Fooling People. As if the centre is going to give the grants. they are covering up the illegality of years of non-grant to english schools. I have always maintained that no-grants to english schools was ab intio illegal. Are these parnts not paying their taxes?  The "School Advisory Committee" is the right Body Under the Education Act to decide on Education Policies. That committee is only on paper and ofcourse chosen as per the whims of politicains. SO any which way one cannot expect this committee to give a fair verdict.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Cyril: well said.
I fully agree with you and everything you said.
Goan MLA are meant to be be Leaders or representatives not dumb followers of the Party crooks in New Delhi.
However they seem to constantly run to New Delhi,specially the Chief Minister Digu Kamat.He is like a lame duck,constantlt running to New Delhi for a "bandage".
It appears that Goa would save a lot of money .by just being run from New Delhi, instead of the puppets in Porvorim or it would be better ,if more educated people are elected rather than criminals of the "First Order".

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