MARGAO: PWD minister Churchill Alemao on Tuesday hit out at South Goa MP Fransisco Sardinha for "dishing out empty promises" to retired Goa seamen who are demanding a hike in their pension.  Stating that there was hardly any hope of getting a raise in the pension, Alemao said that Sardinha's new-found concern for the seafarers was borne out of an eye on the forthcoming assembly elections.
"He took up the cause of the dhirio-lovers just before the last parliamentary elections and then conveniently forgot the issue once he got elected. He is trying to do this to the seafarers now. The retired seamen should see through his tricks," Alemao said.
The Goan seamen association of India (GSAI) met Sardinha recently urging him to take steps to resolve the pending grievances of retired seafarers from Goa. Sardinha, while informing them that he has already written about their demands to the union minister for shipping, also fixed an appointment with chief minister Digambar Kamat on May 13. The retired seamen get a meager amount of 200 as pension and they have been demanding that it be hiked to at least 1,500.


Trevor said...

This CHOR is feeling the heat......keep dishing out.......if we can't win with the 'dirty' system, at least lets give them a heart is the only way they will leave death! After all, Goa belongs to all of us, not just these CHORs.

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