MARGAO: The Navelim unit of the BJP lashed out at PWD Minister Churchill Alemao for fooling the people of Navelim constituency and vowed to defeat him in the coming Assembly polls.  Addressing a press conference, BJP minority cell president Sheikh Jina claimed that Alemao has failed on all fronts since his election as the MLA of Navelim constituency and is even facing serious charges of irregularities levelled by Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco.
Jina said a school built six years ago at Rumdamol village in Navelim constituency during the tenure of former Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro is lying unutilized till date and blamed Alemao for the delay in its inauguration. “Inauguration of the school would have helped students studying in the Urdu and Marathi mediums. But, Alemao has not inaugurated the school building till date”, he said.
Jina also pooh-poohed Alemao’s drive to form women Self Help Groups in Navelim constituency, saying that besides the Varca-Telaulim bridge, the Navelim MLA has not ushered in development in the constituency.
The BJP also took exception to the distribution of rice, sugar, oil, etc by Alemao to the people. “Things are improving even in Bihar, but Alemao wants to convert Goa in Bihar by distributing these goodies”, Jina charged.
He said the Congress has failed on all fronts, alleging that the Congress could not do what the BJP did during the five years of rule. “The BJP had undertaken development work even of the institutions run by the minorities”, he said, adding that Lotus will bloom not only in Navelim, but in the state as well after the coming Assembly polls.  Aquem-Baixo Panch members Damu Naik and Agnelo Dias along with Sayed Hanif were present for the briefing.


Yeshwant56 said...

When money talks bullshit walks !!!! Churchill is the biggest bullshit that has happened in Goa !!!! Big Chief big shit !!!!

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

These BJP fellows are simply bellowing as the election is nearing.  Goans should never trust BJP specially Parrikar the Number ONE communalist and a master agent of RSS.  If we Goans are sensible, we will never elect BJP to power.  If BJP comes to power then that will be the end of a peaceful Goa.  Religious harmony will be lost, RSS will be filled in Goa, the whole face of Goa will change as Parrikar is just waiting for a slightest chance to destroy Goa.  So Goans be careful 

Joe Rebello, Panjim said...

Yes Yeshwant56, I agree with you fully, but remember that BJP is also the same bullshit.  In fact I can say worst.  Remember if BJP comes to power you and me will not be able to live in peace.  They will destroy what is left of the communal harmony with the help of terrorist groups like RSS, Bajrang Dal, HJS etc.  The last thing we need in Goa is BJP in power.  Manohar Parrikar is better in the opposition.  There is an evil mind behind the opposition we see in the assembly. 

Mathew said...

If the BJP wins the next Assembly Polls in Navelim then
the Varca SGF Leader will support the BJP and leave the Congress. Then Sheikh your Dreams will come true.


Mario said...

All right thinking parties as well individuals should come together and defeat this pighead chorchill and his kins.For everyone information chorchill have earnmark 12 crores for his pigleaps daughter to get eleccted from benaulim constituency.He already started buying the candidates who are trying to seat against his amoung them I strongly suspect is Dr.Hubert.People of benaulim,Navelim,Cuncolim,Savordem should take whatever the chorchill family distributes during election and vote for those who fight elections without money power else the people of these constituencies will responsible from Goa turning into fullfledge criminal state.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Matthew: That is a viable outcome.However knowing Churchill and hischeating &  deceptive methods, he will not believe he has lost and will not be able to swallow his pride.He will surely request for the Votes to be re-counted.
Sadly he may not know that Votes are  is now counted electronically.So he will blame the Computer chips for a malfunction.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Mario : Lets hope the Election Commission takes note of this.
From speaking to friends and relations in Goa, they all are against and fed up of  the Alemaos seeking to run Goa on a family basis and not giving other people opportunities.
Also remember the sons too, of Churchill & Joaquim have been have been seeking to be canditates & elected  in other constituencies.  
I say God forbid this . 

dlp said...


Amazing footage has emerged of a mother deliberately running over her daughter in a supermarket carpark in America.Michelle Touma was arguing with her daughter Emily immediately before the incident, which was captured on CCTV.
Touma claimed she intended to merely drive past her daughter and hit her around the head after the 19-year-old struck the car's bonnet, but ended up smacking the girl a blow that knocked her to the ground. She then ran over her daughter's foot before getting out of the car.The teenager is seen lying on the floor in pain, and was then taken to hospital according to ABC News.The mother was later arrested and charged with aggravated vehicular assault and domestic violence.

After reading the above news, one of my very close friend commented that they should send this woman to run over our Goa ministers. My response to him was "She will get scared to run over our fat ministers, in case her car gets damaged. Even a truck driver will not want to run over the fat pig Chorchill once he looks at his size. Or for that matter Cowmuth and Mickey Mouse. But even a cyclist would take the job of running over Monster Rat. Suklolo Bombil"

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

MGP and BJP are the roots for destroying communal harmony and should never be given breathing space in Goa.Thanks to Un-united Goans,  Navelim constituency is sprinkled with anti-communal Ghanti slums, issued with false Goan Ration cards making them eligible voters. 

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