MARGAO: Panic gripped residents of Comba, Margao, on Thursday, as they suspect their wells are contaminated with a fuel-like substance. Sources said contamination was noticed in at least 12 wells and the possibility of more wells being affected is high.
People also say that this has been done deliberately to fulfill the political dreams in the area.  According to the people the politicians are trying to gain sympathy to win the forthcoming elections specially Churchill and Mickky
.Residents complained of strong odour, like kerosene, emanating from their wells, and also noticed a thin layer of oily material on the water's surface. Residents noticed the development after water supply to the area was affected on account of the ongoing laying of underground electricity cables. Sources said the digging work has breached pipelines, but since the work is through the "trenchless technology" method, detecting the breach is difficult. Comba area has consequently been receiving restricted water supply for the last few weeks.
"On Wednesday evening, as the taps were dry, we went to draw water from our well. That's when we noticed that the water smelt of kerosene and had an oily layer," said Pramila Damodar Nayak of Comba. Realizing that other wells in the area had the same problem, she informed Margao municipal council chairperson Susheela Nayak-also a resident of Comba-on Thursday morning.
The MMC chief, when contacted, confirmed having received complaints from several residents and said, "I will bring this to the notice of health authorities soon." However, health officer at the urban health centre Dr Geeta Kakodkar said she had yet to receive any complaints.
Locals feel the water must have contaminated much earlier but no one noticed as the wells are used only when the taps run dry. "I noticed the well water bubbling on the surface on Thursday morning," said Purushottam Wagle, another Comba resident.
Though the source of contamination could not be immediately identified, residents fear possible seepage of fuel into the groundwater from the fuel storage tanks of two petrol stations nearby.


Renoir said...

Who Gives a dam shit of what water the Aam Admi drinks? Does anyone? Well this is enough proof for the people to know how the elected representatives of theirs care for them. If even one of them was concerned as they claim to be there would have been immeditiate action taken . I hope the people of salcete have their eyes open and will put their most valuable vote to the right person. The choice is ours to make. Will We?

Trevor said...

This is clear sign that Goa is being destroyed.. a basic need such as drinking water is contaminated. This is what happens when we are part of the dirty corrupt India...the government workers to monitor this are asleep or inapt, hired not on merit but who can pay the hafta. That is why they were lost when the tar balls showed up on our beaches. We are going to destroy Goa completely in the next 10 to 20 years.

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