VALPOI: The Valpoi Advocates Forum on Monday unanimously decided to boycott court proceedings and extended full support to the ongoing state-wide agitation in protest against the suspension of Additional Sessions Judge Desmond D’Costa.
The Forum, which had earlier announced its full support to judge D’Costa, convened a meeting in JMFC Valpoi premises on Monday morning.
When Niz Goenkar contacted Adv. Yeshwant Gawas, he told us that according to him it is very much wrong to suspend an honest and sincere judge like Desmond D’Costa. He also said that their solidarity will not be shaken and the Valpoi Advocates will stand by the suspended Judge.
When contacted, senior advocate and president of Valpoi Advocates Forum Adv Yeshwant Gawas said all the advocates who had assembled in the court premises unanimously decided to boycott the court proceedings.
It may be recalled that though the court proceeding went on unaffected till Friday; the Valpoi Advocates Forum on Friday announced its support to the suspended judge. And accordingly decided to convene meeting and finalise about boycotting of court proceedings.


Gooykar said...

When ever a common man looses a case in a court, we are adviced by the same lawyer to go for a APPEAL in the higher courts.
We are also represented by the same LEARNED lawyers, matters are heard by the same LEARNED Judges, then what is so different this time?
The policy what is been applied by the state lawyers by boycotting the court proceedings is absoultly wrong and bias.
They are the representative of Law system in the state. Does the same law does not give them the provision to challenge the decision? Go for so called APPEAL in higher court? Or the law system is only for common people like us and lawyers are traders of the same and judges are lords of the system, since they give decisions?

So it is settled down to this, next time any judgement or order passed against us we should also go for bhands and agitations, and not for APPEAL??????

dlp said...

Exactly Swapnesh...
If we go for appeal as advised by the lawyers, the money change pockets. From our pocket to their pocket. Even if we have to steal, beg or borrow, we have to pay. So why not resort to bhands and agitations??? If we all Goans stay united as one family and follow the example of Tunisia or Egypt, we will have our beautiful and peaceful Goa back.

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