PANJIM: The CBI has declined to take over the police-politician-drugs nexus case saying that there is nothing left to be probed. It appears that the case has been sabotaged thoroughly by Ravi Naik’s professional puppet police investigator Chandrakant Salgaoncar that there is nothing left for the CBI to search and investigate on. It might well be that all the accused cops are well on the way to be reinstated.
The professionalism in playing crooked game and sabotaging the investigation by Chandrakant Salgaoncar is a well known fact, that even the CBI has declined the case at this stage. Chandrakant Salgaoncar is well known for his corrupt ways has according to the public of Goa done away with all the evidence. This according to the opposition and the people of Goa to save the Home Minister’s Ravi Naik’s son Roy Naik.
Virtually washing its hands off the police-drug nexus case involving Israeli Yaniv Benaim alias Atala and seven policemen, the Central Bureau of Investigation today claimed that Goa Government had not recommended any probe, while also stating that the case did not come under its jurisdiction.
The Division Bench of Bombay High Court at Goa was hearing a petition filed by National Student Union of India (NSUI) Goa Unit pleading a CBI probe into the police-politician-drugs mafia nexus cases in the State.
“The alleged case of the Crime Branch relates to the local State police and none of the accused is working in the Central Government or in any central public sector undertaking, which would justify taking over the investigation already being conducted by the local police”, reads the affidavit filed by CBI Superintendent of Police S S Gavli.
It further stated, “…the Government of Goa has not issued any authorisation under the Delhi Police Act 1946 authorising CBI to take over the investigation”.
On the contrary, Goa Government by a letter dated January 21, 2011 to the Department of Personnel & Training Dr S K Sarkar in New Delhi had requested CBI to take over the probe.  Seven policemen including Inspector Ashish Shirodkar were arrested last year after drug lord Atala had confessed about his links with the policemen who allegedly supplied him drugs.
Swedish model and Atala’s former girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse Amori had shot the confession on the spy cam exposing the policemen-drug peddler nexus in the State. NSUI earlier had given 48 hours ultimatum to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to hand over the case to CBI or the National Investigation Agency (NIA).
In its further submission to the Court, CBI stated that the matter does not fall within the purview of CBI also as Anti Narcotics Cell or the Crime Branch is looking after narcotics related offences.
“There is a separate wing in the Centre - Narcotics Control Bureau to deal the menace of narcotics. In view of the above, it is submitted by the CBI that the matter may not be entrusted to this respondent in the ends of justice”, it added.
Referring to cases against Atala and another Israeli David Driham alias Dudu, suspended PSI Sunil Gudlar, former ANC PI Shirodkar and six other tainted policemen, NSUI had prayed that the four cases be handed over to CBI. Legal representative for NSUI Surendra Desai requested the Court that Dudu case be further investigated, as it was handled by “tainted police officer PSI Gudlar”.
He said, “the case was chargesheeted by the tainted police officer who himself is an accused in a drugs related offense. Since the allegations are serious, I request the case be further investigated”. Advocate General Subodh Kantak has sought time for reply. The matter will be next heard on February 22.
The moves to transfer the case to the CBI in the initial stages were totally obstructed and refused both by the Home Minister and the Chief Minister of Goa as both were hand in hand involved in sabotaging the case with the help of Chandrakant Salgaoncar.
According to the public of Goa, both the Chief Minister and the Home Minister got ready to transfer the case to the CBI after making sure that Chandrakant Salgaoncar has destroyed the evidence linking Roy Naik to the case. Rumour also has its say that Atala was helped by Home Minister Ravi Naik to escape from the country.


Renoir said...

The CBI has declined to take over the police-politician-drugs nexus case saying that there is nothing left to be probed. These remarks do not come as a surprise as from the very start the public outcry was that this would happen. The delay in forwarding the case was made with a lame excuse that Goa Police were doing a proffesional job in their investigation. This was an eye wash, during this time the proffesional men in khaki were getting rid of all the evidence and traces to have this case be thrown out for lack of any matter to invstigate.The fact that the CBI today have made this statement that there is nothing left to investigate is enough grounds to arrest all those involved and named for destroying the crucial evidence.The people need to wake up and see how criminal the system is, so much to say that even the CBI today refuse to deal with these criminals. This is a case of Sabotage, which was long predicted by the people themselves. Aam Admi please get out of your slumber.We may not have a tommorrow at this rate.

dlp said...

The CBI aqlready knows there will be a vacuum and that they won't find anything worth mentioning. I had said this a long ago here on the forum when Ravi Naik had said that Goa Police are doing a professional job and there is no need to hand ovr the investigation to CBI. What he actually meant by "Professional Job" was that they were doing the professional job of cleaning up the mess. Now that they are through with their professional job, they are trying to ruin the CBI's image by handing them the garbage left by Goa Police. CBI is right in declining to take over.

Neville said...

We have to thanks that ba****rd Ravi Naik & th e police dept for this professional clean up.
Ravi Naik must resign, he is absolutely corrupt.

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