Suspension of Justice Desmond Dcosta
The suspension of sitting Judge Desmond Dcosta has seen severe resentment by many native Goans including lawers by their peaceful demonstrations. His ethics, honesty and dedication which has been his distinguishing characteristic all along have been impeccable.
The recent unprecedented act certainly raises a needle of suspicion on shadows out for revenge for the well known fact that he has presided over high profile cases of allegedly rape of a German minor and scarlett keeling’s case at the children’s court where the kin of 3 heavyweights in North and South Goa had been doing their rounds. Hence the role of any shadows if at all involved should be thoroughly investigated. One of the major challenges that Goans are facing is of increasing migrants taking over Goans and it would be very shameful if proved that Goans themselves collude to subdue and suppress honest and integral Goans who uphold values and justice by their judgments.


diogofichardo said...

The heavy weight politicians of the south and north are fully aware there will be no justice bought in their favour as long as the sitting Judges are Honest. As such Desmond’s honesty should not be in question here. The time has come to say enough is enough people dying in police custody, now honest judges are victimised. We Goans must stand up against being victimised by those in political power.

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