MARGAO: Agitated over the suspension of South Goa Additional Sessions Judge, Desmond D’Costa, members of the South Goa Advocates Association on Thursday boycotted the courts and took a huge morcha demanding immediate revocation of the suspension order.
Court proceedings were disrupted in the District and Sessions Court, besides the lower courts throughout Thursday as agitating advocates abstained in protest of the suspension of D’Costa.
The advocates have called an emergency meeting outside the district court here on Friday morning to chalk out their future course of action and will also call on the High Court registrar. (Related reports on pg 2)
Led by their president Anacleto Viegas, the advocates marched from the lower court to the district court to meet the Sessions Judge U V Bakre, but were stopped by the police at the entrance of the judge’s chamber. Initially, Bakre conveyed a message through the police that he is ready to meet only one representative of the association, but the lawyers insisted that the judge hear them on the issue.
It was only after Viegas and Trifonio Jacques went inside the chamber, that the judge agreed to come in the open court to accept the memorandum.
In the court room, Viegas told the judge that D’Costa has been suspended allegedly because of his complaint made to the High Court in the Mahanand Naik case disposed off by him.
Viegas requested the judge to have a re-look at the complaint or report submitted by him to the High Court so as to facilitate the revocation of the suspension order. Viegas maintained that the lawyers have only come to convey their sentiments and concern and not to embarrass or coerce him to take a particular stand.
Viegas later told newsmen that members of the legal fraternity has requested the district Judge to correct the information provided to the High Court vis-à-vis the South Goa additional sessions judge and demanded that the High court registrar recall the suspension order forthwith.
He warned that the advocates would not attend the court of the district judge till justice is done to the suspended judge. “We have placed two demands, one that the district judge should explain the circumstances by which he had given the complaint or information to the High Court which resulted in the suspension of Judge D’Costa and that the registrar should revoke the suspension order”, Viegas told newsmen.
He said D’Costa is known all over Goa for his honesty and integrity and warned that the situation would be bad for the courts if the suspension is not revoked within the shortest possible time.
He wondered why the High Court is suspending only Goan judges when judges from Maharashtra, who do no understand local traditions, laws, language are having a field day in Goa. He also reiterated his demand for an independent High Court for Goa
In the memorandum, the association has called upon the district judge to recall / explain the information given by him to the High Court and take corrective measures to reinstate D’ Costa to the post occupied by him.


diogofichardo said...

Let's be like Tunisia and Egypt and keep marching until the Goa's corrupt regime is brought down and honest one is in power. These corrupt political sharks will destroy anyone who is in their way.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Obviously Judge Desmond did not bend to the rules of the corrupt regime, We do have good people in Goa, but they need our support to continue their honest duties unobstructed. Goa is falling apart Law and order has collapsed, our Goan politicians crumb eating brethren are partly responsible. It is the responsibility of our Goan educated youth to educate their elders into voting the right candidates to power.

Pankaj Nigaliye said...

The Advocates of Goa deserve all support in their fight against injustice and victimisation of the Hon. Judge Desmond D'Costa. The Hon. Judge is widely respected not only by the Advocates but also by the common man who have no connections at high places.
It is sad that the honest are being punished and the corrupt with political patronage get promotions in the corridors of corrupt power...
It is painful to see in India and in Goa --the people with integrity suffering at the hands of the incompetent corrupt bosses having politicians protecting them.......................

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