PANJIM: Advocate General of Goa Mr. Subodh Kantak. today sought further time to file his reply to the complaint filed against him by Adv. Aires Rodrigues for not complying with the provisions of the Right to Information Act for the last five years.
When the case against the Advocate General came up for hearing today before the Goa State Chief Information Commissioner Mr. Motilal Kenny, the Advocate General submitted that to prepare an effective response he was applying for copies of some documents from the Law Department and General Administration department.
The State Commission adjourned the matter to Feb 10th for the Advocate General’s reply while making it clear that no further adjournment will be granted.
Adv, Rodrigues has in his complaint against Mr. Subodh Kantak submitted that the Advocate General as a “public authority” was required under Section 5 of the Act to designate within 100 days Public Information Officers to provide information to persons requesting the same from the Advocate General’s office.
Adv. Rodrigues has also stated that Section 4 the Act required the Advocate General to publish and make public within one hundred and twenty days various information details about the Advocate General’s office.
In his petition Adv. Aires Rodrigues has sought that the Advocate General of Goa be penalized in terms of section 20 of the RTI Act for not complying with the provisions of the RTI Act.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Is Mr. Subodh Kantak a MAN or a MOUSE.
It seems like Goa Lawmakers are a rule unto themselves and as soon as they are confronted,run into their "MOUSEHOLES".
Dont`t worry Mr Aires Rodrigues, a little more of the legendary "CHEESE" , will trap them.
The sure can run...but they sure cannot hide for too long.
Mr. Subodh Kantak should not consider him self a GOD or a DEITY of the LAW.
Mr. Subodh Kantak is just an overpaid,good for nothing & inconsiderate Advocate General.
There are jobs awaiting him in Tunisia and Egypt and perhaps other places too.

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