PONDA: The Minister for PWD, Mr Churchill Alemao, on Friday, said that a proper sewerage system is essential for Goa, which has now become a well-known tourist destination.  A proper sewerage system will help in keeping the state clean and stink-free and hence the Sewerage and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd has taken up an initiative to set up a sewerage system in every taluka in a phased manner, Mr Alemao added.
Mr Alemao was speaking as the chief guest at the programme held to announce the commencement of survey for sewerage system project in Ponda and Curti, which is estimated to cost ` 250 crore, on Friday.
The local MLA and the Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik, was also present on the occasion.
The PWD Minister urged the councillors of Ponda Municipal Council and the Curti village panchayat members to extend their co-operation in conducting the survey to lay the sewerage pipelines.
He disclosed that the Sewerage and Infrastructure Development Corporation required a huge sum of money for such a project unlike other projects and therefore financial assistance from the central agencies has been sought.
He further said that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh and Ms Sonia Gandhi, the Congress-led government in the state is working for the poor and needy people.
He also said that since he had taken over the RDA portfolio, around 30,000 people from the state were added to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) list and had provided many of them with free water tanks, LPG gas cylinders and stoves. He also praised Mr Naik.
The Home Minister, Mr Naik, speaking on the occasion, thanked Mr Alemao and urged him to complete the sewerage system project at the earliest in the areas of Ponda. He also disclosed that he had requested the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat to go ahead with the proposal of making the third district in the state.
The chairman of the sewerage corporation, Mr Ghanashyam Shirodkar stated that people often object to such works and hence the corporation finds it difficult to speed up the work. He urged the Ponda people to co-operate with them.


D.Justin said...

we needed sewerage system very badly to keep Goa clean and stink-free. As our politician are dirty and stinks, they should to sent to river sal through gutter and sewerage system.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Has this Illiterate Chorshit of the south Goa has any qualification in sewer management system? If he does sanction the project 75% of the funds will find its way in his black money account. The Alemao's are not the answer to Goa's problem which has been created by themselves . infrastructure should have been in place before allowing Mega housing to flourish in Goa.

Trevor said...

We all know who the real sh_t is, that has to be removed from Goa. An 'ILLITERATE' running a PWD...only in India! All the crumbeaters are fecal matter too!

Dalia said...

The progress and development of Goa is directly propotional to the amount of bribes going into the pockets of Alemao's and other chors of Goa. If no kickbacks and bribes, nothing should progress.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

There is no respect left to these pig's from south Chorchill and his brother. Both are looting Goa like anything. They have become high profile day light robbers right under peole's nose. Why we Goan's are so blind and deaf inspite of being educated. Why do we elect these people to power. My dear Goan's specially from South, please open your eyes, these two il-literate politicians are pushing Goa towards another Bihar. Wake up, make up your minds and teach them lesson next time by electing most honest and non-corrupt person's.
Choice is yours, think about your Children, either vote them back and loose Goan identity.

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