MARGAO: Maina Curtorim police on Friday recovered a motorcycle used by Nitin Bhonsle, arrested in connection with the murder of Sultan Suleman of Bellari, whose headless body was found at Mungali on January 11.
Police said that during interrogation Nitin disclosed that he had used the motorcycle on the day of murder, and that, he had gone on the motorcycle to the spot where the head of Suleman was burnt.
Maina Curtorim police on Friday recovered burnt remains of human skull, ashes and other material from a site at Xelvona near Curchorem, which will be sent for chemical analyses.
A police team headed by PI, Mr Siddhant Shirodker recovered the remains at the instance of the accused Nitin Bhonsle. A dog squad was also pressed into service. Burnt remains of skull and hair were found 100 metres away from each other.
PSIs, Mr. Paresh Naik and Mr Suraj Samant of Maina Curtorim police station had also visited the site.
When asked, PI Mr. Shirodker said that the most of the accused involved in the case were arrested, and that, the case has been almost solved. Police are also in search of a person from Mumbai in connection with the murder.
The investigation has revealed that the deceased had committed a theft in a shop at Khareband. After some days he was kidnapped from Benaulim and later found murdered. His neck was cut and burnt and dumped in bushes at Xelvona. Weapons used by the accused were dumped in Dabal River.
A Maina Curtorim police team on Thursday had recovered a chopper, a knife and a sickle from the river. Another accused, Sandeep Kalangutker, arrested by police, and who is on remand, was also taken to the spot.


Trevor said...

This is a serious savage crime....signs again that something is so wrong in Goa. A paradise no more! My instincts are inclined to believe that this is a Communal Hatred crime, the influence from dangerous elements of India that is corrupting youth to commit such heinous crimes in the name of religion. As long as we are part of India we will continue in this path and we will see more of the same.Wake up!... I hope our Goans won't be crying then!

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