MARGAO: In what is considered to be turning point in political enemities Mickky Pacheco and Churchill Alemao shook hands, offered coconut and incense before the hot mix machine and shared peddas in full public glare at Majorda-Utorda on Monday morning.
Though both PWD Minister Churchill Alemao and Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco said there’s no politics involved, many an eyebrow was raised amongst those assembled for the launching of the road hotmixing work this morning.
That’s not all. While leaving the venue, the PWD Minister told newsmen that he has issued instructions to his officials to undertaken whatever works suggested by Pacheco.  The Alemao-Pacheco impromptu meeting took place at the launching of the hot mix works at Majorda-Utorda at a cost of Rs 91 lakh, covering a stretch of 2.2 kms.
Before Alemao could make his presence felt at the venue, the Benaulim MLA was already present with Nuvem ZP member Wilfred D’Sa and his supporters, apparently to question the PWD Minister for not inviting him and the people for the launching ceremony.
When the PWD Minister finally arrived, he shook hands with Pacheco and told the MLA that the officials might have forgotten to invite him for the launching function, and requested him to break the sacred coconut.
While Pacheco offered the sacred coconut, Alemao offered incense sticks, while another coconut was offered by Pacheco’s close aide and ZP member Wilfred D’Sa. In turn, Pacheco offered peddas, which was readily accepted by the PWD Minister.
When the Benaulim MLA told the PWD Minister to sanction pavers and others works in the village, Alemao was kind enough to immediately issue instructions to his officials to carry out whatever work requested by the MLA.
After Alemao’s exit, the former Tourism Minister told newsmen that there’s nothing politics over the road hot mixing works, saying he was simply present at the launching since he had proposed these work three and half years ago.
Pacheco further said that his road development files pertaining to his constituency were all held up in the last three years and exuded confidence all works would be completed in all respects by May this year. “I had moved the proposal three-and-half years ago. I personally monitored the file movement”, he said, adding that he was present at the launching ceremony since this was the first road work executed in the last three years.
“This is pure development and no politics involved. Development is the need of the hour”, Pacheco remarked.
Incidentally, though the road work inaugurated today falls in Majorda-Utorda, a part of Benaulim constituency, the Majorda-Utorda village now forms part of the new Nuvem constituency where Pacheco has firmly set his eyes to contest the coming Assembly polls against Power Minister.


Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

What a big show by petty brain crocked politicians. Road work goes on all over the world but is only in Goa that a celebration takes place. These politicians are here to for that extra mileage for the next elections. Why are there no poor Goans chosen as chief guests? The tiger from Satari should have been there to finish these crooks off. Why is Wilfred D'Sa and his supporters pissed off for not being invited? Somebody please set a Derio (Bull Fights) between these human chors.

A True Goan said...

Politic means business for habitual criminals both in ruling and opposition parties. Just yesterday I have requested Dr.Hubert to keep away from Mickey Mouse if he desire to win Benaulim seat. There is now new trend in Goa whoever campaign against the 40 Ali babas and their kins through various means are promised with huge monitory gains if not they have criminal Goa Police force to threaten with false case and goondagiri.Goans wakeup don't become crumb eaters of criminals else you & your family will be never remain happy with if you take millions from the corrupt and criminal nature Politicians as black money never kept anyone happy…it turns to back to ZERO.All present Ali baba & 40 thiefs are together to destroy Goa so Goans should avoid from getting fooled forever.

RDM said...

Time for the Goan Voter to become alert and wary of these pestilence politicans. With elections fast approaching and awareness spreading amongst people about their modus operandi, they appear to be upto something new this time. People of Goa, better be aware and do not fall prey to the ploys of these devils who will even put Satan and Lucifer to shame.

franco said...

Once considered to be foes among themselves whenever they came face to face are now friends. Chorchill has silenced the lamb by offering him his share of profit. So why Mickey mouse has to shout his guts out in public for any wrong doings. This is the system that is prevailing in Goa. You wash my bum and I will wash yours.

Dalia said...

I just came to know that the Pig Lips Valanka is in the process of gathering people around the hot-mix machine to make tham believe that she is the one who is operating it.

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Chorchil should have been used as the inauguration stone and hot mix poured over him. The best tar and feathers, the followers of these Alemao family are as ignorant and crooked as them. It is rumoured that Valanka's lips are Karwari origin.

Dalia said...

More Lollipops to follow, crumb eaters are ready to chew whatever they get.

Neville said...

Mickey showed up for his commission fom chorchilll. Believe me this hotmix will not last 3 moths since these 2 chors were eating into the lumpsum.
My dear goans, never trust these 2 bas..rds except you their bootlickers, continue on for the crumbs being dropped your way and pretend everything is well

Anand Desai Mopa said...

The chorshit of the south and his Alemao chor families stay away from Mopa or they could be lost in the hot mix. They are better off feeding their crumb eaters, but for how long? Goans are fired up and will melt anything in their way. oops! will all Goans join in or will some think it not their duty to stand up and fuel the political fire? Mikky Paka-chor will soon have his way with Valak- nikers and they all will be one.
Goans decide now do we want the same 40 shitchors after the next election????

Nestor said...

Best if Mickky Pacheco had broken the "sacred coconut on Churchill Alemao's head and Churchill Alemao had stuck those incense sticks on Pacheco's mickey.

Nothing but these crooks, scoundrels and rogues like the kingpin Digamabar Kamat, Alemaos, Pacheco, Mauvin Godinho, Ranes and the rest masquearding as Goan politicians and destroying Goa!

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