PANJIM: Nigerian drug peddler Daniel Fernandez, who was caught along with Bhanu Chander alias DJ Nash, the son of a retired Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer, for allegedly peddling cocaine to one Murali, brother of Telugu film actress Jeevitha and his associate P Rambabu in Hyderabad on Saturday, came to India as a student and did an IT course at NIIT Chandigarh, before taking to the drug trade.
According to a report in the ‘New Indian Express’, Daniel is the son of a doctor and is a qualified chemical engineer. His confession, recorded by the cops and submitted in the Nampally court in Hyderabad, says that after completing his engineering course, he opened a clothing shop in Nigeria, but had to wind it up after heavy losses. He then came to India to pursue a six-month IT course in Chandigarh.
For some time after he completed the course, Daniel shuttled between Nigeria and India. In July 2010, he made Goa his base and has since been peddling drugs. It was around this time that Chander alias DJ Nash met Daniel in Goa. Nash had moved to Goa from Hyderabad in March 2010, and was working in various pubs.
Allegedly a drug addict himself, Nash became a regular customer for Daniel. Nash made friendships with several foreigners, especially Africans, and allegedly started selling cocaine in Hyderabad.
“I started selling it to several persons in Hyderabad. Over time, it became a full-time vocation, as it turned out to be much more lucrative than my original profession. I made easy money”, Nash has said in his confession to the Jubilee Hills police in Hyderabad


Khalidas said...

The drug paddlers are the corrupt Goa CM,Home minister,and Goa police.Dont blame the Israeli or any other foreign nationals.It is the Goa government to be blamed for the whole mess.There is one Save Goa Front leader from Varca who covers the Home Minister just for his own political benifit.

diogofichardo said...

It is said the proof is in the pudding, in this case our Political Drug paddlers are the pudding while the victims are our Young that are addicted to these drugs. Had we an honest Government that cares rather than looting Goans, Goa would have been a safe and peaceful place.

Singleatcebu said...

Bhanuchander alias DJ nash is my family friend. As a person he is a nice guy. Still couldn't believe that he has done all these...

N.Fernandes-London said...

I am surprised that Daniel a Nigerian, has a Fernandez surname.
Nigerians are major fraudsters and are watched closely by many countries.
They are known to have several passports and aliases too.
Perhaps someone can enlighten us on this guy with a Fernandez surname.

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