MARGAO: Saying that education today is a complex task, which is made even more difficult by the rapid social, economic and cultural changes brought about by globalization, Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao on Tuesday said young people must be helped at all costs to develop physical, moral and spiritual values and develop a sense of responsibility and to participate actively in social life.
Speaking at a function organized at the Ravindra Bhavan Here to mark the Catholic Educational Institution Day on Tuesday, the Archbishop said such an education cannot be imparted exclusively by the institutions, but it requires the contribution of many agents, chief amongst them are the parents, to bring up the children according to their own moral and religious principles.
“Let us all pledge to rededicate ourselves to the great task that we have all embraced not just as a profession, but much more as a divine calling”, he said, while complimenting the 116 teachers who were felicitated on the occasion for putting in 30 or more years of service in the field of education.
“This is yet another occasion to grow and to become deeply conscious of the enormous challenges that lie ahead of us so that we constantly evaluate our mission and rededicate ourselves with increasing enthusiasm”, he said.
Saying that education is indeed the best gifts that Church can offer to young people for their integral development into fully human persons, capable of serving the genuine interest of humanity and of promoting justice, harmony and peace, the Archbishop said the educational task is an essential part of the mission of the Apostolate of the Church in the work, the task that correspondent to the aspiration of every nation to develop a society that is fair and respectful to each person’s dignity.
In his address, the Chairman of the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher secondary Education, Merwyn D’Souza said the talks of reforms in education should aim at transforming the society into better individuals and ensure a well balanced child to meet the challenges of the new millennium and be equipped with all skills and tackle any problems they face in life.


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