MAPUSA: In a major joint operation by the Mapusa and Pernem police, under the supervision of DySP, Mr Sammy Tavares, the Pernem and Mapusa police nabbed a Nigerian and a local from Anjuna and seized from the duo, drugs worth Rs 6 lakh.
Mr Tavares informed that acting on a tip off, that there was a local involved in drug activity in Morjim, the Pernem police kept an eye on the suspect, who is a resident of Anjuna, and who was seen moving suspiciously in Morjim.
But the word out on the streets is that these drugs and the sellers are probably the agents of Roy Naik the son of the Home Minsister Ravi Naik, and that Sammy Tavares is tyring to protect them and has only arrested these retailers.
This surveillance went on for the last few days under the supervision of Mr Tavares. Finally, on Thursday night, the operation began wherein, Mapusa PI, Mr Rajeshkumar and his Pernem counterpart, Mr Uttam Raut Dessai, under the supervision of Mr Tavares, laid a trap at Morjim. During the joint operation which lasted between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. the accused, Sagar Pomburphekar, aged 37, from Zorwaddo-Anjuna, was arrested in front of a supermarket at Bagwada in Morjim.
The Pernem and Mapusa police seized from him 10 gms of cocaine and 90 gms of charas, together valued at ` 73,000. The accused was immediately arrested.
Suspecting this to be just the tip of the iceberg, Mr Rajeshkumar, Mr Uttam Raut and Mr Tavares, who was in Pernem, interrogated the accused and came to know the source from where he was getting his supply.
After being interrogated throughout the night the accused spilled the beans and informed that he was being supplied drugs by a Nigerian from Verla-Canca in Mapusa. The operation then shifted to Mapusa on Friday afternoon.
After obtaining the required information, the police team at around 1.30 p.m. laid a trap at Verla-Canca and nabbed the accused Nigerian, Olumide Christopher, aged 37, residing at Pune, but presently staying at Verla. The accused was nabbed near the panchayat office and police seized from him 110 gms of cocaine, worth around ` 5.5 lakh.
The operation was finally complete by 5.30 p.m. Both the accused are presently in custody of Pernem and Mapusa police stations and are charged under the NDPS Act.
PSI, Mr Dattaram Raut of Pernem and PSI, Mr Sandeep Kesarkar of Mapusa are investigating.
Meanwhile DySP, Mr Sammy Tavares has appealed to the public to come forward and provide information of any drug dealings in their area. He said that if the drug trade is to be conquered then public participation was a must. “Anyone having any information of any drug business can inform me. I assure that the person’s name will be kept strictly confidential and the person will also be rewarded handsomely, based on the nature of the information given” said DySP, Mr Tavares.
Residents said this possibility stemmed from a similar incident in the locality some 2-3 years ago where investigations had traced the leakage to a petrol tank.
When the matter was brought to the notice of mamlatdar in-charge of disaster management cell, South Goa collectorate, Ashutosh Apte, on Thursday evening, he immediately alerted Goa state pollution control board authorities. "GSPCB will depute a team to the site to check the well water on Friday morning," Apte said.
Adding that GSPCB officials have not dismissed probability of fuel leakage from a petrol pump tank, Apte said proper investigations will show the source of contamination. He said investigations into a similar complaint at Loutolim four years ago had confirmed fuel seepage from a petrol tank.


Trevor said...

The Nigerians go where the drugs and illegal activities are going on...and that is Goa. So sad, that a tiny piece of land is a land of drugs and everything bad. We have destroyed OUR Goa for a few silver pieces.

D.Justin said...

As per our toad, home minister, there were no drugs in Goa. when he was grilled like a pig , now so many cases of drugs come to light. Our cm Digandu Kamat and all ministers are like chameleons as they can change their colour anytime. Goan are wasting their precious years on these dead woods as they are fit for nothing , other than robbing and looting Goans.

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