MARGAO: Consumption of whitener ink by young migrant boys came to the fore once again in the Commercial Capital. Three minors were rounded up by the Margao police following a complaint from a city-based NGO that they were consuming whitener at the old station road last night.
According to the information received the minors were first taken to the Hospicio and were subjected to medical examination, before they were shifted to the Apna ghar. In fact, sources in the know say that consumption of whitener by minor migrant boys has reached alarming proportions in recent times.
Says President of the New Market Traders Association Vinod Shirodkar: “We often find minor migrant boys involved in consuming whitener in and around the new market area the city. This is nothing new, but the activity has reached huge proportions amongst migrant children”.
The men-in-uniform too confirm the situation, but said that local NGOs should coordinate with the police in identifying the children before they are sent to Apna Ghar. “There’s a need for a coordinated approach to the situation. People involved in consuming whitener are all minor boys and girls,” agreed a police official.
Meanwhile, the Market traders have pointed out that a number of young migrant boys and girls are found loitering in the market premises in the last few days. Shirodkar pointed out that the traders have drawn attention of the Margao police to the presence of young migrant boys and girls in and around the market area.
“One of the girls was even caught with three mobile phones. After interrogation, it transpired that they were stolen ones,” he said, while demanding action by the Margao police against beggars and others moving suspiciously in the busy market area.


Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

These youngsters are grooming to be future criminals; consuming such substances make them harden criminals. What action will our Government take to deter these youngsters entering Goa? The Konkan Railway transports these young and other Criminals into Goa. Is Apna Ghar a transit point for these would be or are criminals? Thanks to the Indian Invasion we have to face these Criminals on our shores.

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