BJP National Spokesperson Aarti Mehra is determined to bring BJP back to power in Goa as well in other states.  Addressing a press conference here, Mehra stated that the 3-and-half-year-old Digambar Kamat government has not left any stone unturned to become specialised in well-planned corruption in all the areas by fooling the people of Goa............writes Herald in one of its recent articles.
It is indeed, very surprising to read such accusation coming from BJP. What have the BJP done to ensure that corruption / illegal activities / murders / illegal drug / mining operations and dealings, etc etc is brought out into the open and the persons behind it are effectively prosecuted? So far, NOTHING. This is because the BJP knows very well that the people they accuse of being involved in corrupt / illegal activities are the same people that they themselves operated with, whilst in power in the State of Goa.
The BJP failed miserably to keep up to their promises of good Governance while they were in power in the State of Goa. Infact the BJP themselves were the biggest supporters of corruption and illegal activities in the State of Goa and this is crystal clear due to the FACT that the BJP, whilst in power in the State of Goa, had the same people in their Government whom they aggressively pursue for being corrupt, ever since they themselves were kicked out of power.
How can the BJP point towards other parties and its associates of being involved in corruption and illegal activities when the BJP itself has been an active supporter of corruption and illegal activities, having ruled the State of Goa whilst in power with the same people ? The BJP is nothing but a nuisance to the peaceful State of Goa and its citizens. Ideally they should acknowledge that they themselves also have been fooling the State of Goa and its people and quit politics.
Goa does not need the national parties nor the few local parties that are presently operating in Goa, to Govern Goa. Ever since the illegal occupation of Goa, such parties and its members and associates have systematically destroyed our beautiful Goa. Besides, the national parties operating in the other States of India have done nothing good either.
The bottom line is quiet obvious........NO to Indian style democracy.............!!!


diogofichardo said...

We know what damage the Kamat Government have done, and we also know that BJP are no better either. BJP with their anti-communal ideas are out to destroy Goan harmony even further. Goans are better off not electing either of these two parties.

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Diga Barber Kant has bend backwards and shoved wealth up his arse, he excepted every evil the MLAs have done.
The BJP on the other hand are equally bad for Goa's health and are hoping to come to power in the next election.
Dr Hubert Gomes needs to assemble some kind of force to tackle the next elections.
He needs the backing of every Niz Goenkars to take on these corrupt criminals in politics. ,

Neville said...

Now the BJP is braying foul play by congress, but if they ever get to power, they also will play the same dirty tricks on goans.
Actually, we dont not need the bjp, congress or ncp, these are all outsider invader parties, they have already screwed up the whole of india and are after goa. Please goans, dont ever give them a chance to rule, totally reject them. Let us look to Niz Goenkar for deliverance.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goa is in need of young, honest and educated leaders, Do we have any? Can a new party be formed to take on the current heavy weights corrupt politicians? Dr Hubert, Pauslip and others come together and eliminate the corrupt ones. Through Niz Goenkar we can support those that take on the corrupt. Every Niz Goenkar must make it their duty to fight for the future of Goa.

D.Justin said...

We cant blame congress or Bjp, we have to blame for our ignorance for bringing these two corrupt parties in power.

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