MARGAO: The Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) has extended support to the agitating Vanxi island people against golf course, 5 star hotel, Spa, luxury villas and Marina at the behest of merchant capital interests.
GOAMAP Convenor Sebestian Rodrigues said the organization is convinced that the dumping of these projects on the island will render the island people as captives of capital with violent uprooting from their rightful dwellings and cultivation spaces. “We demand that all these projects be shelved and island people be protected from being displaced for the sake of pleasure trips of the super rich of the world”, he said, while taking strong objection to the aerial survey of the island conducted from helicopter flying over Vanxi island on November 2, 2010 allegedly by the promoters of the project.
While demanding full fledged investigations to find out as to was responsible for the Helicopter to fly over Vanxi for the entire day, Rodrigues said that GOAMAP considers that Vanxi development project as an act of colonial aggression by merchant capital on par with exploitation of Goa carried out by mining companies and calls upon people of Goa to prepare for the long drawn anti-colonial struggle ahead.
“It is ironical that people of Goa has to brace up for anti-colonial struggle in the 50th year of Goa liberation. Goa liberation has not liberated the people of Goa but has given license to plunder to the local elites. In a way Goa has superficial liberation with core being 500 years of Colonial imprints’, he said, adding that exploitation has been going in Goa through mining, tourism, industry, real estate and labour.
“GOAMAP believes in broad alliance of various exploited sections of people and in this context pledges support to people of Vanxi island in Tiswadi taluka”, he added.


dlp said...

The helicopter should have been shot down to show these monkeys how serious we are about protecting this island. Whose helicopter was that? Where is the Navy or Military sleeping? This could have been an enemy of the country. We need a full fledged investigation into this episode.

diogofichardo said...

DLP. The navy will not care for Goans and their interests. they have taken over land that did not belong to them. More over they will be taking over more land, they are anti-Goan. Thanks to the support extended by GOAMAP to Vanxim Islanders. Our corrupt ministers are hell bent on destructing Goa, they are nothing but backsides of asses.

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