PANJIM: Konkani and Marathi, Goa's official languages, will be splashed all over starting December 19, Goa's Liberation Day this year.  Both languages will feature on road names, instructions on streets etc based on the latest orders from the directorate of official language.
The state government has decided that Konkani and Marathi will be the official languages for these purposes while exercising their powers conferred by sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the Goa, Daman & Diu Official Language Act, 1987. The order will come in force starting December 19 when Goa will step into its 40th year of liberation from 450 years of Portuguese rule.
As per the order, the two languages will also be used for the purpose of display of name boards, invitation cards by all departments, directorates, agencies of the government of Goa and societies, corporations and companies formed by the state government.
The languages will also be used for the purpose of recording statements by the police department, whenever the person whose statement is being recorded, narrates the facts in either of the two languages, states the order issued on Thursday by director for official language G D Padgaonkar .
Publication of any notice or communication etc. of any Devasthan Committee or Communidade, in the Official Gazette, will be done in either of the two languages if requested by them. (TNN)
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: Goa does not and should not have two official languages.  It should have only one language and that is KONKANI.  Marathi should be completely erased from Goa.  We request the GOA HIT RAKHAN MANCH specially Mr. Prashant Naik it's leader and the rest of the Groups of Goa like GBA to come forward and oppose this move to have the boards in Marathi.  It should only be in Konkani.


Bebdo said...

I wrote sometime ago, how Rane, Chorchill and Luizinho sold the language issue to the Maharastrians. Soon Goans will have to know/learn Marathi for a government job.
When I was trying to highlight this issue, some of our Goans thought I was too drunk to understand the nitty-gritty of legalities and politics.
If we don't wake up now, Goa will be lost foreever.

Dalia said...

Where are these people's leaders those instigated the language agitation? They even forgot the language and became Montri's. The poor boys who died int eh language agitation are forgotten including their families, none remembers them today. The actual so called leaders, in the nme of the language became politicians, MLA's nd now Ministers.

The same with MOPA. Lot of noise was created against Mopa. Now the same people bought properties around the proposed site and are silent. In the heat of the moment, Chorchill was succesful to form the new party called Save Goa. With Save Goa, he completely shaved the whole of Goa. Now the remaining left over job will be done by the Dukors daughter Leitao. She is already groomed to be the next Chor of Goa.

Marcel said...

Konkanni is our mother tongue and Marathi will be of Maharasthra. People do not sell your mother, you guys have already ripped her. How can Marathi will be official? People in Goa all speak Konkani and marathi is well know to northern Goa. So, konkani should be given priority. There cannot be 2 languages.

diogofichardo said...

As soon as we get rid of the two main stream parties that have betrayed Goans of their rightful language we can get our values back.

Shyam Sawant said...

There cannot be two languages in Goa. Our state language is Konkani and none other. Padgaonkar and the Cowmuth are buffaloes who do not know to differentiate from official language to a borrowed language. Everything in Goa should be only in Konkani and nothing else.

Da Silva said...

When donkeys rule stupid things happen. This is another closer step towards the neighbouring state. They are all hell-bent to destroy our homeland, Goa. Hope they also get extinct with it.

RDM said...

If we do not stop the current political establishment in their tracks, terrible disaster is going to come upon us Goans. Time to get onto the streets with full fervour and use the planned GBA agitation campaign to give a very strong message to this 'jurassic park' government.

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