PANJIM: Three cops have been found guilty by the State Police Complaints Authority (SPCA) of having "played an active role in a conspiracy" against a Colva mundkar to deprive the latter of their mundkarial rights.
Raising questions about the "crude and inhuman handling" and "total lack of professionalism and absolute perversion of the system" displayed by PI Uday Parab, PSI Kapil Naik and constable Arun Rane, SPCA, led by Justice Eurico Santana da Silva, observed that the "respondents have consciously prevaricated in the discharge of their statutory duties and grossly failed to faithfully perform their professional obligations.
While doing so they seem to have willingly or unwillingly played an active role in a well-planned conspiracy plotted against the petitioners in order to deprive them of their legitimate rights of mundkarship, in spite of these rights having been judicially acknowledged by the highest court of the state."
Observing that there is a "strange mixture of twisted half-truths and untruths" which flow from the statements made by the cops, coupled with a "show of arrogance and irresponsible behaviour", SPCA said there is sufficient evidence to indict all theree for "acts of serious misconduct, deliberate bending of the statutory rules of procedure and gross abuse of authority".
The police department has been asked to initiate disciplinary or criminal proceedings against the three and the DGP has to submit a detailed compliance report to SPCA by 23rd November. (TNN)


N.Fernandes (London) said...

I will not be too surprised if Mickky Pacheco and Matthew Diniz "have not" played some part in this incident.
This mundcar may have contacted Mickky..but Mickky may have felt he had more mileage to get by being on the side of the Police.
Lets see further developments.
Where Colva is concerned...all roads lead to Fransa house and Kentuckee Restaurant.

Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

If you dig out there will be more Cops who should face action. But the cops are not totally to be blamed, their masters the politicians have changed them into puppets and dictate terms on what to do while discharging their duty. There are still a lot of cops who are really and genuinely good ones, non corrupt and morally conscious they are not heard of.

diogofichardo said...

I agree with Joe Rebello The politicians are to be blamed for bad police personal. To add If the honest police do not play ball with corrupt politicians they are transferred to remote areas and never promoted. Those that do play ball are well rewarded .

Dalia said...

Mathew Cuntuckee and Mickey Mouse are famous for grabbing properties or to fool people and turn their properties on their names. There are incidental proofs on this and the living proof of it is the actual owner of kentuckee TONY CAMARA is riding on a old Lambretta like a beggar and mathew riding on top of goondas and criminals turning the premises in his own name by fooling him. He was his ice cream parlour boy many years ago. The worm form the gutter will be back in the gutter sooner.

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