MARGAO: Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat has said his government would accord top priority to the sentiments of the local population vis-à-vis the demand made by the Indian Navy for NOC to take over the Piequeno and Grande Island off Vasco.
“My government has just received a letter on the request for NOC for the Navy to take over the two Islands. We have not yet discussed the issue threadbare. But, what I can say is that this government would fully respect the sentiments of the locals”, Kamat said when his reaction was sought to the statement made by Defense Minister A K Anthony in the Rajya Sabha.
Kamat said the government is in receipt of letters from the Revenue Minister, Jose Philip D’Souza and Deputy Speaker Mauvin Godinho on the sentiments of the local populace to the Navy’s plans to acquire the two Islands. “I want to categorically make it clear that my government would accord priority to the sentiments of the locals. That’s what I want to say for the moment”, he said.
The Indian Navy has sought NOC from the Goa government to take over the two islands from the security point of view. In fact, plans by the Navy to acquire the two Islands have been pending with the state government for quite some time, with the district authorities, south pushing the ball in the court of the revenue department.
However, Navy’s ambitious plan to acquire the two Islands has met with stiff opposition from the local population of Vasco, including fishermen and water sport operators, who have contended that the bogey of security concerns can be met without acquiring the two islands. (HD)


diogofichardo said...

By acquiring more land besides with what is already illegally occupied does not address security issues. The navy personal is known to having picnics and abusing the hospitality of the local Goans with their drunken behaviour unopposed. With modern technology a state of the art floating dock can be built. Moreover larger bases are available in the neighbouring states.

Goa's Son said...

I wonder if a simple NOC by Chief Minister can alinate Goa's island. Ravi Naik gave away Anjadiva Island by this NOC and now the Navy doesn't allow any Goan even to visit the island on 2nd February on the feast day of Our Lady of Candelaria. Is is constitutional to do away with islands bypassing even the Legistlative Assembly. Don't be surprised NIZ GOENKARS if one day one pro Maratha Chief Minister gifts the whole of Goa in this fashion.

Dalia said...

The chors can do anything when they are inpower. See the incident of Cidade De Goa when they faulted the ruling of Supreme Court and saved the part of the illegal hotel from demolition. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Da Silva said...

I hope Digambar Kamat does not shake is head like a cow in front of the Indian navy headquater by saying sentiments of the local, sentiments of the local, sentiments of the local, and then handover the islands to the Navy.

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