PANJIM: Calangute police inspector, Mr Nolasco Raposo, who had come under scanner for not adhering to the norms of Immoral Traffic Prevention Act while raiding beauty parlours in Calangute, Anjuna and rescuing 29 girls suspecting them to be involved in flesh trade, has been transferred to Goa Reserve Police with immediate effect.
While the police inspector from Anjuna, Mr Manjunath Dessai has been given the additional charge of Calangute police station.
It may be recalled that 29 girls were rescued from different beauty parlours and lodged in the protective home at Merces. Later, an inquiry was ordered into the incident by the Manipur state women’s commission asking Ms Ezilda Sapeco of state women’s commission, to look into the matter and present the report in this direction.
Thereafter, a police inquiry was also ordered into the whole episode
and the deputy superintendent of police and SDPO, Bicholim, Mr Bossuet de Silva was assigned the job of conducting a detailed investigation.
Mr de Silva based on the medical report submitted to the police held that the police inspector of Calangute had failed to follow the procedure laid down under section 15 of Immoral Traffic Prevention Act while rescuing the girls.
The medical report submitted by a team of doctors from Goa Medical College revealed that only married women had sexual intercourse while three girls were never involved in such activity.
Besides, the police could not provide any supporting evidence to prove that the girls were trafficked into prostitution but just stated in the report that they conducted the raids after receiving information from reliable sources. (NT)


Dalia said...

Knowing PI Rapos closely, I ask the readers to come forward and comment. He is one officer who have a backbone and stood his ground every time. Raposo is one officer who is never heard of being involved in corruption. A man of few words, straight and with high morals. A devout Catholic and a common man. I fully support Raposo for standing as a Niz Goenkar to stop prostitution in Goa. What did he get? An enquiry by an officer D' Silva, a corrupt to the core, sworn by his heart to corruption. This same officer D' Silva was caught red handed whilst accepting money when he was at the Cuncolim Police Station and was suspended for graft. However, all police officers knows how to get out of it. He came out of suspension and later became PI. Thereafter to Dy.SP. The corrupt officers in the Police Department are promoted for their "Collection and Distribution" abilities rather than for their abilities in proficiency.

Show your solidarity towards an officer who tried to cleanse prostitution.

Archies, Verna said...

This Bossuet Silva is a trained dog of Aleixo Square. Every time Aleixo has a problem, this Bossuet is left free on our youth by the goonda of Loutolim. If the police officers are found guilty of stopping prostitution in Goa, there will be a time when it will be too dangerous for our women to walk the streets. Raposo should have been honoured in doing an exemplary job. If Parikkar is to be remembered for anything, please remember him for taking off the black spot of Goa, Baina. Even today, in Baina, there is Bai-NA. Thanks to Parrikar. With pockets full of weight from the Prostitution Masters, Bossuet must have taken the decision only to give the Mishra's another chance to come back and put up her shop. Or Bossuet must have been supplied with the choice of flesh massage at poker table. What a shame for the protectors of the land.

The enquiry should have been by a learned judge and not by an officer who was suspended for corruption and still highly corrupt.

Goa Police Officer said...

Bossuet Silva is a crook. He survives in Police Department by bribing his subordinate right from the time of his recruitment. Even during his training as PSI at Nashik he use to sleep in the barrack instead of going through tough training by offering free stay & other luxuries to his Nashik Police Training officers in Goa which he eventually did by bringing them to Goa and treating his trainers freely in a famous star hotel. He paid Rs.50, 000/- to enter Goa Police Department by to Pratapsing Rane through his corrupt congress party agent Fr.Jose Antone D'costa the parish priest of Vasco Church. During IGP Anthony D'souza time his brother Artam bribe IGP D'souza to cancel his transfer order to some low profile Police Station to Colva Police Station.IGP Anthony D'souza received a Tiffin box full of hard cash in his office from Bossuet brother and immediately the same moment D'souza cancel his previous transfer order and posted him as in charge of colva Police station.(IGP D’ souza if you are reading my comment and if you are catholic pls clarify what I have written is true or false) While he (Bossuet) was at Ribandar Police station he use to act like goon to harass fishermen to deliver him free tiger prawns and fish at his residence at Abade Faria road Margao.It is shame for allowing this corrupt cop to inquire with regards to activities of honest cop Raposo.Surely PI Raposa must have refused Bossuet request to bribe him as to give him clean report.

Savio Madeira, Goa said...

I personally know Raposo, his wife is a nurse at GMC and is a colleague of my wife. I had been to his house, he still lives a simple life of a common man and moves in rickshaws rather than having a posh car. He is one example of an officer in the police department. He should have been honoured for finishing prostitution in Goa. Rather, he is punished by this corrupt police officer Bossuet. Bossuet is famous for eating free doles supplied by his pimps and arranged by his brother who finished off Arlem Beer factory with his keep, the wife of his friend from Chinchinim.

Suryakant Dessai, Mollem / UK said...

Bossuet was a PSI at Mollem Police station where his main duty was to check on how much he could collect from the checkpost on a daily basis and deliver it to Ponda. During his tenure in Mollem, there was a total loss of law and order, the forests were openly cut and transported. He is a crook and used to call his friends and relatives to take the collection to his house or deposit in benami accounts. After his involvement in bribery scandal at Cuncolim, he was written off if not for his friends in the police circle who helped him. His official collector in the police department is PI Dalvi as of others. PI Dalvi is the worst dog of the police force.

It is a pity that a sincere police officer like Raposo is faulted by the corrupt officer like Bossuet. PI Raposo is the most straight officer and hails from my village of Mollem.

Savio Menezes, Curtorim said...

It is a shame that PI Raposo is sent to GRP. That too for raiding and catching immoral activities conduicted right under the nose of these politicians. The lady Mishra is powerful in flesh and money so must have bribed Bossuet with heavy bags delivered to his brother or wife. These are his permanent collection agents. The higher ups in the police force must retain Raposo for his courage to fight against criminals and all Niz Goenkars here should send a request to the Goa Police to retain Raposo. There should be enquiry against Bossuet for all his corrupt activities including when he was the incharge of Maina Curtorim Police station. He is one of the cunning corrupt officer of the Goa police force. He is also the protector of the goondaism of Mickey and Alex Squirell.

diogofichardo said...

If one is not in par with the corrupt politicians they are victimized. This PI Raposo seems to be a victim for being a good police officer. My bet is Raposo has uncovered evidence against some powerful and influential people owning these Parlours. Usually these type of places are owned by Goons connected to Politicians, who could not buy Raposo's honesty. It has always been the case in Goa where honest Police personal are victimized by their superiors.

Kamaluddin, Vasco said...

I remember this officer Bossuet who was a party into the investigation into the petrol pileferation case in Vasco. The case was finally closed with pocket full of money. Nobody was charged or caught. I don't know what was his position at that time though I know him as incharge of Vasco Harbour Police station for a while. I heard him to be corrupt at core and carry out his trade through his subordinates and steers clear from direct accusations. His superiors are kept well fed and that is one of the reason why he jumped over his seniors and attained that position out of order of hierachy. It is a shame to punish one sincere officer who was fighting like a Niz Goenkar and weeding out prostitutes and immorals from Goan soil. I still SALUTE Manohar Parrikar for cleansing Vasco of Baina Nagar. Thank you Parrikar.

Nikhil Shetgaonkar said...

PI Raposo was a blessing on the coastal belt of Calangute as there was perfect justice done under his rule. Goondas and criminals had perfect fear for his straight forward manner. So many officers came and gone, Raposo was a good officer, now it is a heaven for the criminals once again. It is even a shame that a police officer seemed to be clean duped him for immorally earned money. Who says Bossuet is not influenced by this lady Mishra for meat and money?

franco said...

It is non other than a bollywood or holywood story. The good are always oppressed while the evil ones survive.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Everyone commenting here has,highly praised Nolasco Raposo.
The Goa Police,seem to have double standards.
It would be more appropriate in a civilised society if PI Raposo, was given a caution.
The impression I get, is that there are "GANGS" and Divisions within the Goa Police Force.
What PI Raposo did was purely a mis- judgement or mis-calculation.It was no criminal offence.
We all at some time in our working lives make mistakes.PI Raposo`s action is not a public hanging act or Capital crime or felony.
It does seem that the MADAME MISHRA, is feeding the Police with bribes to overlook her activities and to some degree controls the greedy and immoral Goa Police in that area.
I have heard of tourists being fleeced &harrassed by the police and released on payment of bribes for no crime commited.Bossuet seems to be corrupt to the core of his human existence.
In a way I would advise PI Raposo , that was has happened is, in a way, a blessing in disguise.
For all I know..all Police Officers sent to take charge of Calangute Police station eventually end up in "HOT WATER" of some sort.
Calangute is no more an idyllic area it once used to be.
Calangute is now controlled by drug lords,Politicians children, Israeli,Russian,Nepali,Nigerian gangs, pimps,black money changers,prostitutes
,massage parlours and in general anti-social elements.To top it all, there are world known Rapes,murders,suspect drownings etc.
So PI Raposo...you have lost nothing.Instead you have gained more from this episode and the respect of all Goans.Your future looks more promising..believe me.
TO SAVIO MADEIRA::::: when you next see Pi Raposo & his wife...please advise them to take heart from the comments here on Niz-Goenkar.
So far all the comments here are in praise of him and so I am sure NG extends to him and his family him best wishes.
As for Bossuet....your time will come.

Rolando Fernandes, Goa said...

What is seen and red on newspapers about Goa is that Criminals are set free and innocent are punished or harrased. A corrupt official like Bossuet who have a history of taking bribes and get caught should have not been given the charge to do investigation against a honest officer. To my own knowledge, this officer Raposo was incharge of Transport Police for a while and he proved his excellence. Famous officers like Albuquerque brothers, Dalvi brothers and others are left scot free because they are good in polishing shoes of their higher ups and do collection.
When Goa Police weeds out the corrupt officials, the affairs in Goa will change. Goa Police are just the puppets of their political masters.

Sarafino said...

Ronald Fernandes & my NIZ GOENKAR - To weed out corrupt officials from various Goa Departments we need a change,Change in form of strong Second Revolution, a Revolution to kick out both Congress & BJP's criminals out of Goa then only we can take officers like Bossuet,Dalvi,Albuquerque,Gaude and plenty more to the task of showing their right place that is Aguada Jail.For your information there are 30 Goa Police Drivers vacancies and the Congress and Goa DGP is selling these vacancies like hot Cakes.Already the formality trial test was already postponed which was due in month of september.Do anyone can guess how much one has to pay to be Police Driver? It rang from 3 to 5 lakhs.My neighbour a ST candidate have already arranged 3 lakhs to be a Goa Police Driver.Right now he is not revealing the name of the Congress & DGP agents who are collecting this huge amount from the willing to pay candidate but surely once my neighbour boy is recrutied I will know who they and will reveal to rest of my NIZ GOENKARS.

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