MARGAO: Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has said that he is the Chief Minister of the state and no one can question him for visiting any of the government departments. Kamat made the remarks when he was asked about his presence in the Electricity head office, Aquem on Tuesday morning.
In fact, the Chief Minsiter said that he would regularly visit the Power House to resolve the difficulties faced by the people. “I am the Chief Minister of the state. Can anyone ask me why I have come to the electricity department”, Kamat said, when the newsmen asked him about his visit to the Power House and his meeting with Power officials.
Declining to give any details about his meeting, Kamat said that he would regularly visit the Power House to resolve difficulties of the people. When his attention was drawn to the empty chairs and absence of employees in the Power house, Kamat said those who are not found in the chairs have been marked absent. “There may be others who are reporting for the BLO duties these days. The officials are taking note of the attendance of the employees”, he added. (HD)


Dalia said...

Woh! Woh! Cowmat. So you agree that your Ministers are sleeping and that you have to run around to wake up the employees. What a shame. You should have woken up your Power Minister and send him. You might have found him sleeping after his early morning return from Casinos around the World. What a shame that you have tp personally go and do jobs for the people. Admit that the Power Department is sleeping, personnel absent and the city is normally in darkness. You have officers in that department who are totally not suitable to be there. Your Assistant Engineers except a few are totally illiterate, just employed because they either belong to a certain caste or they paid hefty amounts to get in there.
Your next question, if anyone can question you on your access to any Government department. Yes. We have a right to ask you as a surprise question. Normally you are found sleeping and it's a wonder how you can suddenly be awake and moving. Go to other departments and check why the same people are running with files and folders for a number of days or years and no progress is done. Go and check in the Municipalities and Panchayats in Goa why the petty files of the common man are pending or lost in dust. Check the Police Departments why common man and your opponents are harassed.
Kamat, wake up and show your presence as a human to assist people. Not because the next elections are scheduled in May next year.
Tell us sincerely, who invited the scribes at the Power House? It was your own publicity stunt to show the people that you are solving their problems. Don't you have bigger issues to solve? What happened to the RP? Don't you have time to look into it and give it a place as desired by the people?
It is not a great thing if you visited the Power House. It was only discomfort for the people and common man as the distance from your den to the power house is just 2 kms that must have been barricaded for the runway of the Chor.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

The CM must have been suffering form Power cuts and that is why (in his selfish interest) he decided to visit the Power Department.If this is not the main reason,then one must assume that the CM is not receiving enough bribe money from his men in the Power Dept.
I was under the impression tha parts of Margao and Loutolim (coutesy of Bamon Sequirrell) now have underground Power cabling.
Churchill similarly paid a surprise visit to one of his sleepy /dopey departments.Is this Digu Kamat`s way of demonstrating his Power.
Perhaps we will hear other Ministers conducting similar Surprise visits to their corrupt departments to demonstrate they are in charge.
However these one day stunts will not impress or "cut the cake /mustard" with Goan Citizens.
These Ministers are taking Goans for fools.
I hope D.Kamats next surprise visit will be to Ravi`s Drug Warehouse,Mickkys Pacheco`s Bordellos,Matthew Diniz`s kentuckee Restaurant where "dish of the day" ,everyday is Girls (whores),drugs,illegal currency and goondas.
How about Churhill`s Bank in Novan gully,Varca called "10 percent".he coud also visit Taleigao to pay a courtesy visit to Goa`s plundering Estate Agent Babush Monseratte.As a highly qualified Education Minister I am sure Babush could Teach Kamat a trick or 2 in committing illegalities and also demonstrate how this done by using his 2 sons Rohit the Rapist the other scoundrel do it.
Kamat could also pay a surprise visit to Jose Philip D`souza.He is a little depressed after his bout with Mickky.JPD is also considering shifting his arse to the Congress side.
I am sure my Goan friends will fill up the other possible surprise visits D Kamat cold make.

Shyam Sawant said...

No friends, Cowmuth is going there to check whether the power supply to his GHANTTI voters is supplied properly or no. Do you think he is really interested in the welfare of Goans the buffaloe cowmuth?

George said...

This shows how his administration is running.
If Chief Minister has to do rounds in different departments than why we should have other ministers in charge with portfolio ?
Remember Salazar ran Goa's administration by being in Portugal. He never visited any of his colonies. That's administration with excelence.
Our ministers and chief minister should eat his
S**t.(if available)

dlp said...

Does he have the power to visit the slums??? Although he has brought in all these ghanttis they have turned against him now, so he won't go visiting them.

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