An interview of Pausilip Dourado a Niz Goenkar by Bebdo
Niz Goenkar will win Goa’s Assembly elections this time, says our candidate Pausilip Dourado
I am happy to inform my fellow Niz Goenkar brothers and sisters that in pursuance of our goal to bring in a socio-economic and political revolution in Goa and to preserve the unique identity of Goa, our culture, our language, our land and our heritage for our future generations to come, we have been grooming our young leaders for the battle ahead. The battle of the ballots which we call elections, is a very tricky affair and has to be fought on many fronts.
Niz Goenkar Candidate Mr. Pausilip D
Although, we have so far kept most of our leaders away from the public eye as a precautionary measure, it is sometimes necessary to bring in the open some of them, one by one. Our young leaders are devoted to the cause of Niz Goenkar and are even ready to give their blood to save Goa from being looted, raped and pillaged by the non-Goans and the illiterate-goonda politicians who are currently ruling us. Our young leaders have sworn an allegiance to Mother Goa and her children. Our young leaders have sworn that they would never allow our Mother Goa to be sold to the highest bidder as is being done right now by the Congress government with the help of the NCP (nagoenancho chorancho poxx). And our young leaders have sworn that they would ensure that Goa will always be for the Goans and not for the Ghanttis.
So presenting to you here my fellow Goan brothers and sisters, our first candidate for the Assembly Constituency of Nuvem. His name is PAUSILIP DOURADO. We request all our Niz Goenkar brothers and sisters to support our Niz Goenkar Pausilip Dourado and to work for him on behalf of Niz Goenkar right now to ensure his victory in the Assembly elections.
To know more about who Pausilip Dourado is, we are presenting an interview with him which we had recently in Goa.
Pausilip Dourado, Yours Truly Bebdo and many prominent citizens and members of the business community met at a top city hotel to discuss various issues regarding the preparations for the elections and how to save Goa from being raped and looted by the 40 chors.
Our meeting also deliberated on the dynastic politics that is being promoted in Goa with the sons and daughters of the 40 chors trying to contest the next election as if Goa belongs to their fathers and the other Goans are their maids and servants.
To fine tune our strategy further, we had a meeting at the residence of Pausilip Dourado. The ambience was perfect and at the appointed time, I made it to his residence.
I was greeted with a big smile by his young son who welcomed me with love and affection and made me feel at home in the living room. As they say that the first impression is the last impression, my first impression of Pausilip Dourado is that of a man who is devoted to his family. This was reflected by the way he cares for his parents. His ancestral house stands intact with the whole family staying jointly along with the parents. John F. Kennedy has said that a family that prays together stays together and Pausilip’s devotion to his family brought back those wise words to my mind.
There were many people who had come to meet him, as he is a social worker and helps those who come to him to seek his assistance. He told me that it is a daily routine for the people who come to see him with their needs, to sort out difficulties and seek help as required.
To prove to our Niz Goenkar brothers and sisters that we don’t hide things even from our own members, we are publishing here each and every aspect of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW of PAUSILIP DOURADO in an interview format:
NIZ GOENKAR: Can you tell us about yourself and your part in the social and political arena?
PAUSILIP DOURADO: I was never a politician but a well educated and humble social worker from my childhood. I grew up not in luxury but by working hard from my younger days. Staying up to morals and knowing what is shame or to be ashamed, I was brought up by my parents in a God fearing manner. Life was neither easy nor difficult, it was just a ladder I was struggling to climb safely. I had a dream to earn my bread in a dignified way, to be a businessman and live a good family life. With my hard work, I have achieved it earlier than I thought, in the righteous ways though I faced many hardships from the bureaucracy.
How did you start your career?
Yes, initially, I worked as a mining foreman and then became an ore transporter. Gradually, I had bigger dreams and I am in mining today, first as a contractor and now doing my own. I also own barges and one of them is the State of the Art barge that is used for ore transportation.
How about Goan youth, do you employ them?
Thank you for asking me this question, yes and very much yes. I employ about more than 100 people who are direct employees and 90 per cent of them are boys from my village and surrounding areas. They are well paid and looked after and there is hardly a chance they will leave me and go unless they find better opportunities. The remaining 10 per cent are the ones from other states who avail yearly vacation and are housed at different sites of my business.
When you talk about mining, how much of your business is illegal or against the wishes of the local people?
Seriously, I have no illegal mining and I have no intention of doing something that is illegal. I will never do or enter into a partnership for illegal deeds to make money. My business is 100 per cent legal and I do not have issues with the villagers wherever mines are there. I can understand the hardships of the people of these areas and they are well looked after, locals only employed or contracted and by God’s grace, I never ran into trouble with the locals for the past decade that I have been in this business.
Since I am a social and political worker who is looking after the welfare of the people,, the Environment Minister Aleixo Sequiera tried to harass me in the past by checking activities of my business and slapping false charges. However, he realized that he was wasting his time and left me on my own.
I know that you contested the last election against Aleixo Sequiera and lost, what factors contributed to your defeat?
Another good question. In the last Assembly elections, it was not just Aleixo, there was Remy Fernandes who entered into the fray at the last moment. I lost by a very little margin and if Remy had not to contest, I would have won hands down. It was sure victory for me.
Now let me explain in details. Because of my nature of social service to the people of my village and to those from other surrounding villages and from far off places, I was requested by my supporters, well-wishers and the people to contest the elections and represent them in the Assembly. My performance as the Sarpanch of Nuvem was very much appreciated which endeared them to me and they had high hopes that I would do something for the betterment of my people and for Goa and Goans. At that time, I was the President of the Youth Wing of the Congress Party. I put the proposal to the Congress High Command making a request that the people’s wishes should be fulfilled by giving me the party ticket. However, the seasoned politicians from the Congress camp worked against me and denied me the party ticket. I resigned and decided to contest on my own as an independent candidate. And I did.
But what went wrong against you?
Yes, many factors. I was too innocent and a novice in politics who did not believe in forming groups to perform goondagiri and dadagiri.
My principle in life is to be straight, fight face to face and avoid spoiling the youth and voters with money. I did not use money power. I approached every house on foot and there was huge support gathered much before the nomination forms were filled. I was received with open arms by the people.
Aleixo Sequeira was too nervous especially seeing my birthday reception held infront of the Nuvem Church and which was attended by over 8000 people. My popularity was soaring day by day.
In the meantime, Churchill was passing through troubled times and formed his own party called Save Goa which later Shaved Goa. He offered me the ticket but which I refused since the amount he demanded was beyond my reach.
UGDP offered me the ticket too, again I declined the offer because I consider UGDP ticket to Indian Railway Ticket as it is sold seasonally to the highest bidder. UGDP is one party run by a single family for profit. In the mean time, Remy Fernandes was planted by Aleixo to split votes on Shave Goa ticket. So, it was a triangular fight.
There were no politicians or bigwigs with me for canvassing like the other two candidates, there was no money distributed and I did not have goons with me. Despite that, my victory was assured, there was not an iota of doubt. But I lost by over a thousand votes.
So finally, how were you defeated?
Now listen carefully. The whole tide was in my favour, Churchill and Aleixo were nervous as they had no ground to stand except in some parts of Loutolim. I was checkmated by this combination.
A day before the voting, at around sunset, there were loads and tonnes of firecrackers burnt at every nook and corner of the constituency. People were curious to know the occasion. There were the chamchas of Aleixo Sequiera propagating the message from their crumb master that I had withdrawn in favour of Aleixo Sequiera and had taken a huge sum of money from him. This was a total lie. This false propaganda spread like wild fire in the village and the constituency. This false propaganda proved to be my nemesis. There was no time for us to approach the people to tell them that this was a trick, it was a big lie. On one side, there was the election code of conduct, and on the other side, I did not have gangs and loads of people to send to each and every house to convey the message. There was ban on loud speakers.
My supporters and I did what we could. We lodged police complaints against the miscreants; the police machinery was dancing to the tunes of Aleixo. That was a total setback at the last moment.
As Aleixo is a dirty hearted man, he stooped so low that he proved he could do anything to stay in power. When elections come, he wakes up and starts showing his scalper to the people swearing on it.
So, whom are you expecting to face this time, Aleixo and Mickey?
No, it will be the other way around this time. They will have to face me but they may not. Both have lost their faces. One is a crook and the other is immoral. Aleixo is already having sleepless nights this time because he knows that I am ought to defeat him at any cost. His tricks won’t work this time. He is not wanted anywhere in his own constituency and he has proved to be the destroyer of the villages and youth to fill his own pockets. He wants to create another 20 Point programme in our village. Our youths have chased him away. We do not want another disaster in our village.
Mickey, Oh No! We do not want an immoral pervert to spoil our village. Ultimately, if he is aiming his gun this side, there is no chance as NCP will not provide him with a ticket in Benaulim as well as in Nuvem. Therefore, at the last moment, he may jump on to the UGDP ticket to contest from this side. He will not contest from Benaulim because he knows that there is no support for him there. In any case, he knows that the people of Goa and especially Niz Goenkars won’t vote for him. They will vote for morally upright and not immoral persons and rouges.
What is your plan if you win from your constituency?
First of all, I want to continue doing what I do best. Charity, helping people in every way. Becoming an MLA won’t change me or my life style. I want to contest as a NIZ GOENKAR with the blessing of Menino de Valpoi, the founders and all our members. I want all Niz Goenkars to get together and create an alternative force to root out the corrupt Congress and communal BJP. We want to finish off the ticket stations like UGDP. We want only Niz Goenkars to move forward and weed out corruption.
I want to contest even as an independent but on Niz Goenkar platform.
My priority will be to provide employment to our youth. I want to make sure that the road alignment through Nuvem is stopped and diverted through the hilly areas where there won’t be damage to people’s property and houses. I intend to contest only for one term and may not be able to do much but will leave a landmark created by Pausilip Dourado.
What is your message to Niz Goenkars?
My message is that I proved in the last elections that one does not need money power and muscles to win elections. I lost by a small margin, polling all but 150 votes from my own village. I also attribute my past failures to not having a good PRO and my last moment overconfidence as I was whole-heartedly supported by the people. Aleixo was able to fool the people at the last moment by playing tricks but he won’t succeed every time. I am a Niz Goenkar, the victory is ours, of every Niz Goenkar to save Goa of what is left after being looted by the present rulers.
My motto and that of all Niz Goenkars is “Be sincere to yourself, you will win, you will prosper.”


dlp said...

Mr. Dourado! We need young stalwarts like you fo fight for our cause. I have the feeling and I am sure too that our team is the last generation to fight for our Motherland. The days of these looters are coming to an end. I hope more people like you will join our efforts and dare these idiots who think they are above God. We are with you cent percent and I hope we can meet soon to discuss and determine our motives further. Viva Niz Goenkar!!!

Shyam Sawant said...

Mr Dourado, I am delighted that you are up in arms against the bandits of Goa. And I am more delighted that you are doing it as a Niz Goenkar. Let us cause a revolution and get our Goa back for us and for its lost Glory.

A faithful Goan said...

Good Luck to you Pausilip Dourado

Joe Rebello said...

Yes Dourado let us kick out the dirty hogs of politics from the scene and save Goa. These useless fellows are now bending to the Navy demands whose masters they are in fact. Instead of the Navy bending before them they are bending before the Navy and trying to sell of Goa to the Navy for Navy's enjoyments.

Menezes, Kirbatt, Nuvem said...

Forca, Pausilip. We are with you and Niz Goenkar. Let us all teach Alex Sequeira a lesson which he will never forget.
We will all vote for you and Niz Goenkar

diogofichardo said...

Mr Dourado; thanks for being part of Niz Goenkar.
There are tough times ahead with many obstacles that will be set by those that are corrupt politicians who are in power.We are part of Niz Goenkars for the future of our younger and next generations to come.Enough of being looted, raped, murdered, dealt with drugs and Goa being destructed. Moreover we are made second class citizenship over the non-Goans in our own Goa. Good Luck and God Bless all Goans Regardless.

Santano Pereira, Verna / Kuwait said...

Conratulations to the Niz Goenkar team in putting forward your own candidate. I hope many Goans will see a ray of hope through Pausilip Dourado. As I know him personally and know each and every word from his interview on his cheating by Alex is true, I sympathize with him. Make sure, we will not be fooled either by Mickey or Alex. We do not want our youth to be like Mickey or Babashan D' Sa or criminals like Alex. We will openly vote for you as you missed the last opportunity, you victory will be sure this time.

dlp said...

Shyam Sawant, as always, is the backbone of Niz Goenkars. Let's keep on fighting no matter who comes in our way. Let's get rid of these Narkasurs. Happy Diwali to one and all!!!

Inacio Cabral, Middle East said...

From Nuvemkars and Vernakars overseas in Kuwait. We will copy and publish your article in our websites here from Niz Goenkar. Knowing Dourado will contest again is a happy sign. Hope you will save the village from this 6 lane destruction by Churchill. Alex is a dog of Chorchill and Mickey is a bad, immoral example. We do not need our women to vote for a candidate who rapes and kills women. We will rather vote for a devil than to Mickey.

A True Goan said...

Menino - It is time to establish NIZ GOENKACHI PARTY in Goa.Let us start doing the marketing in Goa of our new Political Party and let us get rid of the HIGH COMMAND of Delhi. For this we need both people as well financial support to make people of Goa aware of our own Party. First register our party then open a Account in Goa Bank(provide A/c number as well contribution on your forum) so Goan Worldwide can contribute whatever they can to fight corrupt criminals from both Congress & BJP Parties during next election...pls hurry up.VIVA GOA...VIVA NIZ GOENKARACHI PARTY. As a piece of advice pls try to convince Mathany Saldanha to join our party.
Mr.Pausilip Dourado I am not from Nuvem but will definitely join your campaign during the election time.

Sushant Verlekar, Nuvem said...

Dourado, if you are true to your word and your profile is good, I urge all Niz Goenkars to vote for you. We need a change, we need people with backbone and who could lead us without forming gangs and by buying votes with soro and biryani. May your dream come true and may you reach to the Porvorim Zoo not as an animal but a Zoo Guard for the people of Goa.

Allosious, Majorda / Dongri said...

I personally know Pausilip Dourado as a great personality who could lead us through thick and thin. What is lacking in him is goondagiri and indecency which the present politicians use as a weapon to by votes through terror and intimidation. I am not saying that he should resort to that level but if he is strong enough to lead the people without those qualities, he will surely win. He is a model candidate for Niz Goenkars to win and prove that muscle and money power is given away by the few people corrupt. In the last elections, except a few 150 people, the rest of the village demonstrated that inspite of the last moment trick played by Alex Sequiera.

The efforts put up by Dourado in the last elections paid him off though he lost in the last moment by checkmating out through dirty trick. Actually, Chorchill played spoilt sport for him more than Alex.

All the best to Niz Goenkars who will vote him for a change.

Vinod Karapurkar, Panjim said...

Since when did Niz Goenkar became a party? How can I be a member of your party and register myself? Good news for all Goenkars that a third front force is emerging in Goa. So this is not just a blog for us to hit fingers. Keep it up.

Sarita Fernandes, Kenya said...

From UK to Porvorim? Wishing you good luck Mr Menino if you could be the same as a politician with your Niz Goenkar Party. All the best to you Mr. Dourado, I will surely pass on the news to my circle in Goa to vote for you. We really need a third front with candidates like Mr. Dourado. Hope your candidate wins Niz Goenkar.

Savio Menezes, Curtorim said...

I never used to comment on this forum but never missed reading the articles and comments. I have to admit that i am tempted to comment seeing one line from Dourado that he may contest just once. I will give him two terms if only I could vote for him. We need youth and candidates like Dourado. Viva Niz Goenkara, we wish you all the best and pray for your victory over evil.

Flavio D' Costa, Igorje Bhatt, Verna said...

I will have no doubt that only Niz Goenkar can choose good candidates like Dourado. We hope that the corrupt system of Goa gets cleansed by the decent youth like Dourado who proves to be a good and hard working Goenkar. Thank you Bebdo for bringing us good interviews, you prove your mantle with very tricky questions to Dourado. You got the cream out of him. May Niz Goenkars grow in strength.

Nitin Harnalkar, ITI, Ponda said...

Will Congress ever learn it's lesson? Congress tickets are only for goondas and criminals. Even BJP has got good people in it lest all the criminals crossed floor back to Congress. NCP is not a party but opportunists like Sharad Powder.

Shyamsunder Chodankar, Pomburpa said...

Very good news that Niz Goenkar is going to field or support it's own candidate. I don't have a vote in Dourado's place but surely have friends over that side. I will ask them to vote only for Niz Goenkar, to vote wisely leaving aside Mickey and Alex who have been looting for a very long time.

Succoro Fernandes, Murida, Nuvem said...

The task for Mr. Dourado will be a huge one with both opponents loaded with money bags, hving star orators and workers. Of course, all criminals or left over eaters. However, the Niz Goenkars will support you and make sure your victory is ultimate. Please educate the youth not to work for a peg and a meal prior to election night. Tell them the consequences, the bad things those will be brought by them through money and eatables for the next 5 years. Being good with the people is not just enough, educate them from right now and your victory will be sure. we wish you luck.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

This is the best thing that Niz Goenkar has done. I would certainly vote for Dourado, but unfortunately does not come into my jurisdiction. But I have my sister and their big family there I will make it sure that they vote for Dourado.

Trupti Nayak said...

Very good decision. I wished all my life somebody without money would fight our elections and win. We are all with you Mr. Dourado as I am a Niz Goenkar and its follower too.

Salvador F, Goa said...

Pausilip, we wish you good luck. You will be a hero of Goa if you finish these two monsters, crocodiles, rapist and casino gamblers. Niz Goenkars will be with you to get rid of them in every sense. If you can afford, spend the money for development instead of distributing it to the people for voting you. Your own developement for your own place will speak in volumes for people to vote for you.

Ali.... Vasco said...

Good news and superb we will unite together and fight the corrupt and bring Nizgoenkar together to Porvorim. Nizgoenkar we are with you, I am from Vasco but I will be there for your and other Niz goenakar support. We want more candidates and party members to come up openly. Please let us know how to register. Long live Hindu-Christian-Muslim unity of Nizgoenkar...... Kick the assholes out!

Marcel said...

Pausilip we are with you everything is said in your interview ahich should be done. People of Goa if you are NIzgoenkar support him from all over Goa. And if anyone a non corrupt wants to stand for the election we are with you. We want 40 candidates for Goa, please rise up as This election will be last for us to show our identity. Yes our identity Goan identity if we do not rise now we will be lost.... wake up... do you guys needs coffee to wake you up? Go Go Goa....

Jose D'souza------ Panjim said...

Yes Goans this is the last election to keep our identity and save Goa, rightly said Marcel these is the oppurtunity to wipe all the ccorupt politicians out. Please start and register the party as soon as possible. We will give our blood, and also our life for goa.

James----- Ponda said...

We are with you nizgoenkar and we will see that we will win maximum seats. Please start to enroll members as soon as possible, My tears are running for the good news today I recieved that somone has come forward to show us the way.

Goans yes this election is last for us if we don not fight there goenkar ponn is gone. I am with you nizgoenkar and cosider this from my heart. I pledge support to you and I swear it on my family. If we do not fight then we are not goans. Goans come out from your hidings join Nizgoenkar and fight the cause of Goa. I know your hearth beats are faster so show it up and conquer our Goa from traitors our own people. I know all are sentimental but nothing will be done if we do not support.

Londonblogger said...

"Rock on" Pausilip Dourado ...all the London Goans are behind you.
Down with Alex "Sequirrell" & the "Betalbatim murderer.

franco said...

@ Bebdo - A good job done, you are the best. Every word spoken by Dourado has a very precised meaning and you can really feel the depth of his true feelings coming from his heart. How these crooks fabulously do their home work, while planting such false rumours. They are purposely playing with a true loving candidate.

We should not waste any time and support the NG candidates before further damages are done. We should be part of a winning team, and obediently and loyally work alongside other motivated candidates, who share the passion of NG for a change in the present scenario. Let us all join our hands in prayer for this guy to attain what is success in our revolution to free our motherland from Congress and BJP. Let us put a stop and end to these atrocities being committed on the soil of Goa. NG can teach them a lesson that they are not beyond any force. After reading this interview and comments, I presume the arrogant predators like snakes, squirrels, cats, mouse, foxes etc., etc., will be directly running in their respective holes. Let the game being of NG. VIVA GOA VIVA NIG GOENKAR. GOD BLESS US ALL.

minguel said...

vote for pausilip, mozho vote tuka

franco said...

@ Bebdo - A good job done, you are the best. Every word spoken by Dourado has a very precised meaning and you can really feel the depth of his true feelings coming from his heart. How these crooks fabulously do their home work, while planting such false rumours. They are purposely playing with a true loving candidate.

We should not waste any time and start supporting the NG candidates before further damages are done. We should be part of a winning team, and obediently and loyally work alongside other motivated candidates, who share the passion of NG for a change in the present scenario. Let us all join our hands in prayer for this guy to attain what is success in our revolution to free our motherland from Congress and BJP. Let us put a stop and end to these atrocities being committed on the soil of Goa. NG can teach them a lesson that they are not beyond any force. After reading this interview and comments, I presume the arrogant predators like snakes, squirrels, cats, mouse, foxes etc., etc., will be directly running in their respective holes. Let the game being of NG. VIVA GOA VIVA NIG GOENKAR. GOD BLESS US ALL.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Here is one reason to get rid of the current Goa Mla` is a promise by the Chief Minister and my response::::
Title:***Digu Kamat to stop/ban/close down FACEBOOK
Queen Elizabeth of the UK is now on Facebook along

with other very prominent world leaders,academics etc.

I now look forward to another prominent, self styled, very sleepy, uninterested, world leader called Digamber Kamat, Chief Minster of Goa, Leader of 40, very corrupt Public servants of the Goa Legislature, many with criminal cases pending, to stop Facebook single handed.

He is the Chief Minister who states that a Biscuit is the same as a "Poori".

I wish him success.

However I will now await his favourite quote..."I have been misunderstood" or it was taken out of context.

if he cannot succeed with Facebook...he can try Orkut.

N.Fernandes , London | 08 th November 2010 00:06 IST

Dalia said...

The first Niz Goenkar candidate is unveiled. Come on, the rest of you wake up and fight for Goa. Enough is enough. Menino should now work on the symbol of Niz Goenkars. We want to see more NG candidates and commentators coming on this forum.

Being from my lovely Goa that is looted by these present 40 thieves, I hope people realize that change is needed. Wake up and get clean faces, people with backbone stand up and vote for Niz Goenkar candidates in the coming elections. They are coming sooner. Stop the pegs and biryanis. Gandhiji in pockets for one night let not spoil your sleep for five years.

As Pausilip mentioned that people should not vote for criminals and immorals, it is our duty to heed good advice and bring the change. Let Aleixo go and drop his hard earned money into the Casino slots and not the money robbed and looted from us. Viva Niz Goenkara, it's time to wake up and show the door of Exit to these 40 thugs.


I sincerly thank all my niz goenkar for commenting on my candidature for Nuvem assembly constituency.

Dalia said...

Good to hear from the candidate himself, very active. Do not worry, we are with you and we will accomplish our mission.

It's not over, there are more comments to follow. It is yet to be sunset here in Portugal but my sweetheart like dlp, Bebdo must be sleeping at his destination.

Teddy-Nuvem/Dubai said...

Pausilip and Niz Goenkar plus Bebdo. We are always there for all of you. I am from Nuvem but stay in Dubai. I will support Pausilip and Niz Goenkar and we dont want Alex and Pachecho to contst from nuvem.
Let us all vote for Pusilip and Niz Goenkar

Maya said...

It is good to know in advance that Nz Goenkar has made Pausilip to stand for election. The people of Verna will support Pausilip, no one wants Alex and Mickkey Pacheco. Both chors.
Good job Niz Goenkar

Joanita Fernandes majorda said...

Amghelo vote Niz Goenkarakuch ani amgelo baba Pausilipo vodd MLA zaleapurr mhunn magtam

Jamaluddin said...

I support Pausilipo Dourado for election

N.Fernandes (London) said...

My maternal Grandmother, who has now passed away, is from the village of Nuvem.She is from the part called "MURDA GRANDE".Her married house was in Margao.She belonged to Goa`s high society in those days.The parties she held were apparently legendary.She never distinguished between rich or poor.However she was a very down to earth and compassionate person. she pretty much gave all her wealth away.She was very simple,but had independent and fiery views.I remember her telling me many stories about Goa, Aden and Nuvem and Belgaum.
Had she been around today. I am quite sure with the charm she had, she would have taken the "NUTS" out of "Alex Sequirrell",spiced them up with "Chicken 65" masala, bottled / pickled them and given it back to him to keep as a memento.
Her house does not exist anymore.It was not looked after and collapsed.
However whenever I pass by Murda Grande I remember her and her stories and still have fond memories of her house.
Not much has changed in Nuvem.There has hardly been any notable developments except for a river bridge being widened.The road which meets the main highway is still a death zone.
I have not seen other parts of Nuvem...but I have seen some hill cutting for construction of Flats.
It would be so nice to hear from Nuvemkars as to what benefits they have received thus far.
Having heard about the corruptness of Alex Sequirrell and also that he is not a local from Nuvem, I extend my support to PAUSILIPO EUTICO ESTEVAO DOURADO .
Alex Sequirrell can stay in Loutolim. He is not wanted in Nuvem.His gambling and looting habits are not a good example and not what we want for our future generations.
At the same time we do not need that other bad example,pschopath ,gambler,extortionist, whore lover,thug,suicide abbetor,rapist,money launderer and social misfit Mickky Pacheco.
I hear now that Jose philip d`souza has resigned, Mickky will be the headboy of the "NATIONAL COCKrels PARTY".
God save and bless Nuvem and grant its inhabitants wise counsel.

Araoujo, Vanxim, Loutolim said...

Aleixo esta porque. Why should we always support him bcoz he is a bamon? Senhor, your days are over 20 years are too much for you and you have not done anything. you only have become fat. Fora Alexio. Get lost. This time we will vote for Niz Goenkar Pausilip and please don't come to us by saying that you are a bamon. We don't want you.

Bebdo said...

Mickkey Mouse is knows only to sleep in the holes of the shameless and nameless Goans who give their wives and sisters to him for a few crumbs of bread. I am sure he will explore many holes of such people, including their arse holes, by paying them some money. Otherwise which decent Goan would associate or be friends with a person who was accused of raping a 15 year old fisherwoman's daughter by his wife Sara; who has illigitimate children from his mistress Viola, was allegedly having an affair with Nadia; was allegedly convicted in a Florida court for sleeping with a prostitute; was allegedly involved in hundreds of cases of paedophile.
There is a saying: "You are known by the company you keep". "Don't tell me who you are but tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are".
So those who are supporting Mickkey Mouse too must be like him. They too must be rapists, paedophiles, unfaithful to their wives; pimps and prostitutes.
If not think about it. Would you invite such a person to your house? So is power and money everything for you guys? What happened to your religious teachings and morals? Think about it.
Those who are supporting Mickkey Mouse should think if they are doing the right think or not.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Araouja: Alex Sequirrell should know by now that we are in the 21st Century and "BAMONS" are a dying breed.
Many BAMONS have now been overtaken by commoners in every field of discipline.Many of the top and eminent Goans around the world are not BAMONS.They are "HUMANISTS".
I doubt Sequirrell will even understand what the workd "HUMANIST" means.
He is the only and worst East African Goan that I know that has been corrupted very badly and has screwed (not literally), every Goan in the bargain.
Accompanying him to his grave will be, the curses of Goans.

Bebdo said...

@N. Fernandes... my sister-in-law is from Nuvem and they used to be in Africa before.
My grandmother is from Loutolim, near the church.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Bebdo:Mickky is the "Biggest Baby" in Goa.He may be 46 years old...but has the intellect of a 3 year old.If one puts a baby romper baby suit or a some Pampers on Mickky, he would be recognised by babies very easily and look overgrown.
He is unlikely to meet women of his age group.So he goes for very young ones.Some call this act Paedophillia.
I hope Nuvemkars bear this in mind,when he comes around to seek election.Do not elect a Big Baby to represent them.

Wilma said...

Good start to your campaign Pausilip. We are silent supporters of yours and will come out on the election day to vote for you fro you are a decent chap not like Alexio and Francisco Pacheco (Mickkey). We used to vote for Congress before now we know Niz Goenkar candidate is there who will work to protect Goa and not sell Goa to non-Goans. We will vote for you.

Calisto, Verna said...


Niclau said...

I request all the women and young girls to stay away from Mickkey Pacheco. He will not only give you money to buy your vote but will also take your clothes and later your body to the grave.
Vote for Pausilipo Cardozo and Niz Goenkar and let us put Mickkey in the mental hospital in Altinho, Panaji

Tina said...

We shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome one day and we will bury Alexio and Mickkey in a grave deep down, deep down.
Let the election come, let the election come

dlp said...

N. Fernandes... About Cowmuth closing the Facebook, does he know the meaning of a Face? Does he have one? The only thing he might understand is an Arsebook because he talks from there and no wonder it comes as misinterpretation or misquote.

Caldeir & fly, Goa said...

Kudos to Niz Goenkar for bringing out so many views on this forum by publishing the interview from our candidate. We are tired of these old and corrupt fellows like Aleixo Squirell and the immoral, dirty Mickey Mouse. I am glad from so many views that people are opting for a change. If even 40% of the people opt for a change, the remaining 60% will go with them. As 20% of the people normally do not vote or out of station, the small majority with good intentions will make a big change and Pausilip can easily win against these evil forces. Aleixo and Mickey, in my sense, both are immoral and corrupt.

Seby Fernandes, Santemol, Raia said...

I am from Raia and glad that many people can put their comments in Niz Goenkar. This has been the talk of the town and many are forced to ask what is Niz Goenkar. People are educated and know to long on and find out and that’s how I landed here on Niz Goenkar. It is fantastic to know so many people are on this magazine, this is great.

Rightly said knowing Alex and Mickey, they should be thrown out by the people. Money takers for votes are also evil and so must be condemned. Even the Police and Government machinery was used by Alex in the last elections. Hope he goes to political grave this time.

Edgar said...

Good going PAUSILIPO EUTICO ESTEVAO DOURADO. Its a pleaseure knowing you and we hope that you will fight for the common man and save Goa from the rot and destruction.May God shower his blessings on you and the force be with you. Good going Niz Goenkar Party and my best wishes are always with you.Keep identifying more candidates for the remaining constituencies and for crying out loud why are the followers dwindling???? Edgar

Shyam Sawant said...

@Edgar, the followers are not dwindling. But some people who joined as followers only later to withdraw and to prove that Niz Goenkar is losing followers are the rascals and Bast...ds of the first class. Unfortunately there was one of same name as yours Edgar who was a follower and suddenly removed himself and is pretending to be innocent and naive foolishly gives away himself. So I think you our new Edgar who does not even know this old Edgar had joined with a purpose just to bring down Niz Goenkar merely out of Jealousy. I hope you are not like that Edgar. I spoke to Mr. Menino just now after seeing your comment as we are both in UK and he confirmed some things and as such I am writing this comment. That other EDGAR should know that he cannot fool people at the desk.

Bebdo said...

@Edgar ... your comment "why are the followers dwindling????" that is because Concept has down its shutters and there's a vacancy for a deputy media manager. If you are interested you can contact Andrew F. By the way F doesn't stand for Fart but Faleiro.
Dev Borem Korum for supporting our candidate!

A. Monteiro, Loutolim said...

The two hyenas, Alex and Mickey are similar in nature. One is silent and the other is pompous. Both are criminals. It is high time that people of the constituency realize and elect Pausilip. Aleixo until today remembers his constituents once in every 5 years. Mickey is good on preying women and any sensible fellow having a mother, sisters or wife should never vote or keep this Mickey closer. Poor Sonia, she is a big looser because of this Mickey.

Damu, Verna Industrial Estate said...

Vote for Pausilipo Cardozo.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Shyam & Bebdo:::There is a particular Edgar Faleiro that was a follower and then removed his name from the "Followers list".
He has now re-appeared to tease / Mock NG.He also tried to have a poke at me about my use of the english language and my desire to see my articles & comments.He did not succeed.We in the UK call such guys "ONE TRICK PONIES".
He is the guy that thinks Rome was built in a day.
I have conducted some investigations on him (EDGAR) and further ones are in progress.
Edgar Faleiro also uses the name Andrew F.He was roped in by SMGS honchos,in Dubai to counter balance the adverse publicty they got on Ng and also in Goa.He claimed he was a Lecturer from Margao.
I have met smart "PRICKS" in my life, but Edgar thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes.
He is the only guy that has dwindled from the "followers list".
Edgars attempt to derail the toic wont succeed.
I have placed this comment to warn others about him,his contrived views and to view his comments as works of a devil reincarnated.
If he wants punishment for his idiotic behaviour he will get it.
NG is aware that there will be people like Edgar.But let it not deter us from making even the smallest of the small, contribution to bring change to Goa.Peple are crying for it.
At the least we are trying our best.At the most Edgar can wallow in his stupidity.

Remy Fernandes, Verna said...

I was the candidate in the last elections against Pausilip Dourado. I contested on the Save Goa symbol. That was my last public standing. I was better off as a ZP member until Churchill, Radha and Aleixo forced me into contesting against Pausilip and then withdraw at the last moment. Later, I took this fight seriously and I know and remember abusing Pausilip on a number of occasions in public meetings. I feel sorry today for that since Pausilip did not reciprocate with similar bad words or speeches. I was promised huge funds by my mentors but I suffered a big set back later on, I realized that I was used as a pawn. I had my matka business that was running well though it is illegal.
I lost the election against all hopes. I regret, I really shaved Goa. I was abused verbally by my own mentors like Churchill. Aleixo played trick and left me high and dry. After losing the elections, I am yet to pay off my debt. My matka business was almost closed by the faithful dog of Aleixo Sequira, then PSI Dalvi of Verna PS.

Today, I regret for not supporting Pausilip. Regret for the state of affairs in my village. Regret because I suffered in my business. Struggling to come up again, I opened a grocery shop (Posro)in Verna. In future, I will work for Pausilip. I wish him good luck

R. Costa, Margao, Goa said...

I confirmed with Valmiki Faleiro who Edgar is. Edgar, this is not your Loyala School playground where you used to play honcho. Your profile is available. Do not try to fool others and try to derail the purpose of Niz Goenkar.

P. Cruz said...

@ Edgar: I am talking to Edgar who withdrew his name from NG site as followers. Remember we here are not come to fool the people, our heart beats for Goa and we are fighting for the 2nd Revolution of Goa against corruption. Do not take us for granted and we are not scared of anything. The people like you are acting like insane, give up your double or backstabbing culture and join Nig goenkar if you are real son of Goa. Hey Edgar let me tell you in Nizgoenkar we have all sorts of Goans Doctors, Engineers, Professors, IT & Computure specialist, even police of Goa who joined us recently (secret), even the poor & the rich, even the males and females and also aam admi (locals). Our Nizgoengar group belongs to Goans. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing this by backstabbing us. For how much money you want to sell your motherland? Please let all goans know about this.

@ Remy Fernandes: Wellcome brother to nizgoenkar, you are with us then evertything in the past is forgotten. We require people like you.

Today I am proud that Goans are coming forward, my dreams are coming true about Goa

Bebdo said...

R. Costa... I know who Edgar Faleiro is. He used to study in Loyala's and is a batchmate of Trevor Braganza and Ravi Carvalho. He is staying in Sharjah and is working for a printing company. His son is in nursery. He is from Banaulim.

Bebdo said...

@Remy Fernandes... You are a good man. At least you are honest about your illegal business unlike the 40 chors. Don't worry all is forgiven. God bless you

Dalia said...

Something is wrong somewhere. Someone is trying to derail the main topic. Stick to the main topic or this will turn out to be another SMGC v/s NG session. Get the Edgar into the freezer as he has withdrawn himself but taunting. Leave him to the dogs.

Salu Petrol, Loutolim said...

Aleixo Sequira is a good man. He helped many people. Because of him, many boys get money during elections and other time also. Because of him, a poor man like me have two tankers which I use to load pilferaged petrol from Vasco and sell it to road side vendors. When one of the OBC boy from Raia died in his distillery tank, he even gave Rs. 5000 to the mother of the boy and closed the case. If people think that he is putting the money in Casinos, he is using his own money, why should people bother? People like Bebdo, dlp, Dalia, Monteiro are jealous of this man who can smoke 5 packs of Gold Leaf a day. It is his money, let him enjoy. Why should NG write about our leader? He wins every 5 years because people want money. Pausilip is a goom man, no doubt but cannot be compared with Aleixo. Pausilip has got no chances of winning because he cannot take the boys to the bars, distribute cycles and sarees like Aleixo. Aleixo is our leader and he will remain as long as he have money to distribute and protect people like me who are his followers. Only the bad people around him are like Cajie Doggy and Laurent who eat his money during elections in the name of distribution to others. And one more dog from Margao, D' Silva who think that he is Aleixo's father just because he is another Bamon like Aleixo. Viva Aleixo.

Flory Fernandes, Kuwait said...

Good going Niz Goenkara, the topic in many places in here and Goa is what is your manifesto? What is your symbol as NG party. I wish you good luck and wishing all the best of success.

A True Goan said...

Dalia - You are Right

N.Fernandes (Lonodon) said...

Like everyone else,I wish to compliment and salute Remy in his honesty, for realising the misjudjement of his trust and the betrayal by that East African rodent Alexio Sequirrell, Redo Gracias & Chorchill.
Remy you are are real man.Your honesty here is priceless.
Ps Dalvi is a well known crook too.All of Goa is aware of him.
I know Verna very well.Other than the springs I have friends there...the Mendes Brothers who are all in the UK now and who have built the St Anthonys Hospice /retirement home in Verna.
I wish you success in your Grocery business.
I really do admire your honesty.

diogofichardo said...

@ Seby Fernandes: My ancestors came from Ganpoga, Santemol in Raia I have a very good friend there and do visit him regularly. Raikars and are known as Tigers, I am glad that there are Raikars reading Niz Goenkars and hope many other Goans will come forward for the sake of Goa. Goans of all generations need to come forwards for a better change, Goan youth can play a bigger role for the future of Goa. It is a tough Job but can only be achieved if we are United. Long live Goan Unity
@Remy Fernandes.. You have opened your heart to Niz Goenkar and that takes courage. You have firsthand experience of being treated badly by your Mentors, I am sure there are many others like you but have been turned into a destitute life. Welcome to Niz Goenkar and I pray your good side will inspire others.

Manuel F. da Silva, Sadolxem, Goa said...

Niz Goenkars all over the World, Unite and fight out the corrupt Chors of Goa. Saklu Petrol, are you existing and talking sense? If you were a good man yourself, you would not heve been into illegl business. Do you think that the Casino King is good because he allows rogs like you to do illegal business?

Pleas keep a Mouse Trap and get rid of mickey mouse. Distribute the CD's of Dogui Bodmas so people can listen to all the songs and make a decision. Fortunately, the CD was released before the fall of the mouse, Calvert's each word came true. People should realize that the death of Nadia exposed him a bit not everything.

Pausilip, we hope you are a clean man and ask people to vote a Niz Goenkar and send the first Niz Goenkar to the assembly. Hope more Niz Goenkars will come forward.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Salu:::Thanks for your humourous and comic input on Bamon Alexio Sequirrell.
As you know many here on NG can read between the lines.
Well done...lets have some more comedy or comic views from you about Sequirrell.
To FLORY FERNANDES:::The manifesto will evolve in due course.
Please let NG knowand place your comments on what concerns you most about Goa, what are your hopes and aspirations,what do you want for your kids (if you have any) and future generations. and what changes you would like to see.Every little views from you will help.
Some subjects could be on: Jobs,Crime,Migration,environment,garbage,corruption,policing,drugs,sex industry (massage parlours),Town planning,Electoral reforms,education,language issues,Tourism,Casinos, electricity,water etc.

Cleofato Rodrigues, Majorda said...

There are dogs like D'Sa working for Mickey in Nuvem. These dogs are also immorals like the mouse and some of the five flowers, those with fallen petals are also involved in promoting Mickey. Immorals promote immorals, what a shame.
We are tired of Aleixo for the lat 20 years, we never saw him in the constituency except at the time of elections. We almost voted him out last time if not for this matka prince Remy. The condition of Remy by losing elections is that of a beggar. Where is his SHAVE GOA team today? Chorchill is minting money by selling that party, what did Remy get? Dalvi even stopped his matka. The next option for Remy is to put a gadda beside the Verna by-pass and sit repenting for fooling us last time.

diogofichardo said...

Dalia you are right. to add there will be many negative idiots paid by the corrupt politicians, that will come and go, we need to stay will away from them and concentrate on Niz Goenkars Goal.

Joe Boy, Nuvem Cross Boys said...

Only cruel people can write against Alex. He is one of the few Congressmen who saved Congress from disseapearing from Goa. He is having Tonia Pica industries where many Goans are employed unlike pausilip woh talks about a few hundreds. Aleixo is only bad because he cannot control his temper. It was heard that he even beat his wife in public when he is furious. Besides a few bad things, he is OK. He does not completely not making development but may be, he is not talking too much about it. If you want to compare Mickey with any one in the World, I will not even compare him with a dead log of wood that can atleast be used for burning, to warm water for the day. He is a Hall of Shame, himself. I better warn babashan, in the name of development, make sure that he does not hump on your flower from the five flowers fame, you know what I mean.

Goa Diaspora, Lisboa said...

Aleixo Squiera, a carne de porco da estrada, você melhor escutar os sentimentos das pessoas enganou durante todos estes anos. será que pode ser Como sujo?

Salim Mulla Shaikh, Betalbatim said...

Abu, Abu, jaldi aa jana, yaham naya Niz Goenkar, Sacha Goenkar saamne hai.
I beg all Muslim brethern to vote for this guy. Pausilip know who I am, he is our friend and a man with no feelings of race or caste. Neither religion. I am glad that someone directed me to this site and glad to know that Goans are in large numbers supporting him. You may find my first sentence very akward, that is the call each of my brethern should give to their elders and family members and vote for this man. We have a small community in his constituency, we will vote him, Inshallah! the other two, better not to comment.

Bebdo said...

Niz Goenkar Intelligence Bureau has just now go the message that Alexio is asking his chamchas to counter the comments on Niz Goenkar blog. He is also planning a strategy to "expose" our candidate as evil and corrupt. So guys take care and don't listen to rumours.

Cajie, Goa said...

I fully support Alex Sequiera as a life time MLA of our constituency. He paid for votes and got them. If people want money, they are paid otherwise he would have spent that on development. What do you Niz Goenkars want? Development or money? You won't get both. He has invested enough and he is reaping it now. Elections are not fought on morals any more. And let not immorals like Mickey & Viola dare enter our constituency.

franco said...

@ Salu Petrol - You are siding the Alex squirrel and disclosing some of his habits is nothing but a way to taunt others on this blog because he helped you and few others. This is all within the business policy to use people to gain one's own ends, he has temporarily used you as long as one polishes their asses. You have thrived your business through illegal means through the help of these scoundrels. I hardly feel that you have a free conscience of mind and heart to prolong in such an ill-gotten wealth. Do you feel that you are going to survive on this business for longer period. No dear No – Vanity all Vanity. Time will come that you will have to repent for the wrong doings. God forbid, it does not take a second for God to take away from you all that you accumulated wrongfully. I have come across so many instances of such like yours and they have perished. There is still time for you to give up. Hope you do heed to this advice.

@ Remy - You are a true Christian. You at least had the courtesy to repent for your wrong doings, which you had committed with the help of these rogues. God is with you and he will definitely help you to come out of this ordeal. It is better to go hungry and have one meal than to run behind these rogues to grab money, drink and merry making.

Sergio D' Costa, Panjim, Goa said...

The article has created ripples in Goa. Many are now asking what is Niz Goenkar. Kudos to you people for bringing true stories and educating the people too. Long live Niz Goenkars.

Rogtao d' Betalbatim said...

Get the Mickey monkey out of politics and send him to jail for all the atrocities on women. He is a paedophile along with Mathew. These two rogues prey on innocent girls and feast on them. There are others to do the dirty washing. Recently, he was courting one more girl from Velsao, she just escaped his clutches due to strong family values. Let Aleixo and Pausil have a clean fight and surely, Niz Goenkar candidate will win. When will be he taken to jail? A rapist and shack burner pervert.

Core Vasco Da Gama & Alfonso de Alburquerque said...

Salu: you have lot of bad qualities and I did not want to tell in front of the forum. But I will give a little hint, you are like Miccky and you eye on neighbours wife. I know what you did and what you were before but I will not say on the forum. Please change your life and do not depend on crook like Alex. Remember if Nizgoenkar come to power they can stop your buisness then what you will do. You do not know how to type on the computer but you must be taking someone help.I do not want to talk everything of you as you will have shame. So better change.

Regarding main topic we will see that Alex will be sc___ed by us and Our candidate will be victorious. Nizgoenkar will wipe out corruption.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Cajie:::I am not sure if you understand what Democracy is about.Democracy is not a commodity that you can buy and sell.
Democracy is not about selling your vote to the highest this case your dear Bamon Sequirrell.
Sequirrell should also know better.He should not be purchasing votes.This is not the spirit of elections.
The next time I would suggest that you meet the officials of the "ELECTION COMMISSION OF INDIA" and tell them that your right to vote given freely under the Indian Constitution can only be bought.At the same time let the EIC know that your "ONE & ONLY" Bamon Sequeirrell buys your vote.If Sequirrell cannot buy your vote , you wil not cast a vote.
The EIC will then decide.
Niz-Goenkars or Goans do not need immoral and crooked people like you, who confuse sacrificing development for all, for your vote& benefit for one notorious gambling addict.

Core Vasco Da Gama & Alfonso De Alburquerque said...

One more thing: Inspector Dalvi is a pr__g, he makes money by black mailling people. There is a racket, he along with Advocate Diuvalkar and some locals blackmail people. They put a raid and collect all the evidence and his friends stay as witness and the advocate fights in the court. After the party pay money to them under table then the case dissapers.

So thats the reason we require Niz-goenkar

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Cajie:::Just for my personal benefit, as I live in the UK ,where votes are not bought or sold.
1.what is the cost of a Vote or what price was paid to you by Alexio Sequirrell.
2.what was the main benefit of this vote to you , your family and how di it / does it / will it benefit your children in future?
3. Has it changed your life for the better?
4. Are you "completely happy" with the way Goa is today and the direction it is taking?
5.Could you also kindly tell me how you would vote for these 3 canditates in order i.e 1st,2nd.,3rd.
Alexio Sequeira
Mickky Pacheco
6.In money terms, please tell me how much you expect from each of the 3 people above.e.g
Rs1, Rs1000,Rs10,000,Rs 1 Lakh etc.for your Sacred vote.
You answers will offer me a better understanding of the election proccess in Goa.
Thanks in advance. I look forward to your honest answer.
If anyone else can help...please let me know too.

dlp said...

Alfonso De Albuquerque... the hints you have given to Salu are enough to give him sleepless nights for days to come. If he tries to open his stupid mouth again, let's open him up completely, because I too know him well, if not very well. He stays next to my Maxan's house and whenever I visit there, I get a lot of news about him. Now let us put him back where he belongs if he continues on barking too much. Viva Niz Goenkars!

Marcel said...

Well asked N. Fernandes: These guys do not know the meaning of vote, they sell their motherland in the Hands of the Devils, as how Judas sold Jesus. They wait for the christmass fathe or Santa Claus to come with the booty as gifts, but they do not realise the money is taken by the politicians by selling motherland or from our tax payer cheque. They are morons and never will they try to improve in their life as a good citizens. I wish even the ghanttis are better then them, these ghantiss will sel Goa but not their native place which is the motherland. Caji improve yourself

dlp said...

You are very right Marcel! These Judases' are mushrooming all over Goa and don't give a damn about our motherland anymore. Money is all they care about. Like the saying in Konkani goes, "Main Pain kelem pap ani atam burguim ditat zap". This will be the story of their children. I really pity them.

Sarafino said...

It is time to educate Goans Voters who sell their votes as how to betray their criminal masters like churchill,Mickey,Mauvin,Sardin,Alex,Joaquim and rest after enjoying on thier illgotton wealth and taking cash at the time of election.Enjoy & take whatever these above thieves gives but don't forget to vote for good moral persons like Pausilip of Niz Goenkar who will not buy votes either through chicken parties,booz or cash. Churchill & Mauvin are 40 thieves ringleaders.

Archie, Verna, Goa said...

@N. Fernandes. Cajie is a pimp but if that is real Cajie, then he is one man who is always with Alex at election time, contracted to do his dirty work. Salu & Co are core workers of Casino King or else his illegal business will be stopped. Actually, Salu is a chor who robs and mix petrol with naphta, sell it outside. Some characters named there except D'sa are PC literate but the rest are totally dumbos.D'Sa is a school dropout at 6th std from Majorda school and is a bench mate of Mickey. He is now the present ZP member and his wife is the daughter of Five Flowers Bar. Loose and immoral like Mickey. One sister duped Pradip Naik and ran off to UK after staying as his keep. Somehow, the retaliation strategy by Casino King could be to use their names to defend himself. The message is wide and clear in Goa. I have seen printed pamplets of the interview at Tina bar in Verna before dawn. So, someone is doing the work for Pausilip to pass the message or some opposition to Aleixo are happy about the matter. Tina bar is just beside Fr. Agnel College and is a metting point of Remy Fernandes gang as well boys from sorrounding. Someone also said that the same leaflets were seen near Verna Church at a matka booth. The message is wide and clear.

It is midnight and I need to go to sleep. There will be more reports tomorrow. Truly, Archie.

Agha sisters, Valpoi said...

Keep it up Niz Goenkar. We will tell all our friends to vote for Pausilipo Cardozo.

Roses are red Violet are blue said...

Wow! I was away for some days! I missed a lot. Good to know that Bebdo as usual is doing a fantastic job and Niz Goenkar has now got a candidate to contest the elections. I will definitely take time off to campaign for Pausilipo although my family in the past has always voted for Congress. This time our 21 votes from our extended family will go to Niz Goenkar and Pausilipo.
Viva Niz Goenkar

sher khan said...

Salam ailakum!
we small voters in Nuvem will vote for Niz Goenkar Pausilipo. we are Goan muslims not ganti muslims

V.Araujo said...

I am from Loutolim but am staying in Panjim. I appeal to Lotlikars not to vote for Alexio and vote for a Niz Goenkar Paulisio. Alexio thinks no end of himself. Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. This has happened with Alexio in the past 20 years. I am a Lotlikar bamon but will tell other bamons not to support Alexio and to vote for Niz Goenkar.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Archie of Verna:::Thank you very muchfor your very informative comment.I look forward to more
I have asked Cajie some real questions in my earlier comment.I hope he will have have the courage & decency to respond.
I do remember the 5 Flowers restaurant, named after the owners daughters.,which is some distance behind Majorda Church.I was taken there late at night to eat Frog Legs by some friends.
If I recollect well, there were a lot of young boys that came to drink ,eat & possibly check out the 5 daughters/ girls.Reading some comments here today, I begin to understand these Girls were morally loose.
As for Salu Petrol, his real name is Antonio Alvares.His residence was raided at 2 places...Loutolim and Sancole on May 11th the CBI for stealing petrol.
If BamonSequirrell assisted Salu with the purchase of he tankers for the sole purpose of stealing Petrol...he to should be condemned as an accessory to a crime.The Court case may prove something in this direction.
His comment is a little strange...but comical.It seems like he has a split personality or is high on some sort of drug / medication.
I await further comments from him.
This Remy has admtted to his mistakes. I hope he will now make the correct choices and offer restitution.

Archie, Verna said...

Latest of the day on the subject. According to our boys, the Power Minister is fuming through the nose. He will soon contact Menino in UK for his own interview with NG. Grapevine clearly states that the comments had hurt him more than the interview. Pausilip knows me personally so I did had a word with his brother this morning about how people feel and what is the reaction of the interview. He admitted that since many people don't have access tp Internet, copies were circulated in print by the boys opposing Aleixo and Mickey.
As per the other available news, Cajie can be on the PC but not Salu. This man is a complete popot (parrot). So I suspect that Aleixo is trying to reciprocate to avoid further damage.

Your interview has surely woken him up. We need to see more of your candidates.

Bebdo said...

@ N. Fernandes... I totally agree with you. If Alexio Squirell has assisted and helped Salu Petrol in his illegal business and activities, then as per law Alexio Squirell has also abetted to a crime and is an accomplice to a criminal act. Hence Alexio too is a criminal and should be punished.

Bebdo said...

@Archie, Verna
Your comment"We need to see more of your candidates". Surely, with time we will come up with our list of candidates.
We have already finalised candidates for NAVELIM and CURTORIM constituencies. For the time being we don't want to disclose their identities. Niz Goenkar's Core Committee wants them to remain incognito as there are some issues to be sorted out and we prefer it that way.

Bhavana Naik said...

Good to hear that you people are working for a change in the political system in Goa, I support you Niz Goenkar and your candidate.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Archie,:::Thanks once again for an update.
I do not care one single bit if Bamon A. Sequirrell is fuming.I am sure many decent Goans will also not give a damn.At the moment Sequirrell is only fuming from one orifice (hole) ...his nose.Given time he will also be fuming from his "waste matter discharge" orifice.
What about the poor hard working souls from Goa who suffer under his arrogance and regime.
Many people in Goa are frustrated and want to complain. However they are supressed by the likes of Sequirrell and his merry "little boys" like Cajie.
I look forward to his interview with Niz-Goenkar.
I also look forward to hearing / reading from my other Goan patriots about their main concerns.
I am aware not a lot of Goans have access to a computer or the internet.But I hope the can convey their message through friends.

Joey said...

"He offered me the ticket but which I refused since the amount he demanded was beyond my reach."

So he was kinda willing to pay huh ? only the amount was too high. Folks, its upto you to decide. Never trust anyone ! This world is full of crooks.

A True Goan said...

Joey you are a baby on this earth better go for a long nap.We have enough proves that Churchill floated his Shave Goa Party and sold tickets for those willing to contest election on overnight established party.One of them lost with huge margin but eventually got elected as Councillor in just concluded Municipal elections by buying votes after paying huge amount.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Joey:::
Who offered you a "TICKET",which party? and what was the price you were told.
Please can you give more details as not much can be understood from you comment.

Archie said...

Joey, along with the ticket comes a price and it is not distributed for free. He did not mentioned the price but imagine if he was able to buy. Secondly, if it was a party, it would have been better as there would have been campaigners, star orators and of course a symbol of the party. The guy is sincere and therefore went on his own rather than siding with a corrupt politician whom everyone knows.

Francis Fernandes, Switzerland said...

The ball is set rolling! Niz Goenkars have already come together to field a candidate. It would be nice if brave hearts like our sober Bebdo takes the initiative & filter clean and pro Goan candidates in every constituency.

People will have a choice!

Ana said...

My mother came with a handbill with article on Pausilip and Niz Goenkar and I went to an internet cafe to find out about it. I am very very happy you have selected Pausilip for election. We all support Pausilip and Niz Goenkar. thank you.

dlp said...

Hello Joey!
No answer to N.Fernandes' question on who offered you the ticket? Or have you gone to take that long nap that True Goan has recommended to you???

Belson C. said...

So Archie let the Power Minister fume - a bloody crook and a rogue so which of his brothers was it who came up taht he wants to be interviewed is it Mario?

Can't wait to see what's in place for the rest of these dirty politicians - one down 39 to go the Mauvins, Monserattes, Mickey's, Alemaos...and the biggest scoundrel Digamabar Kamat!

Maria Lourdes said...

Nice site about Goa and Goan politics. I wish Niz Goenkar and their candidate all the best.

Bebdo said...

Archie...what's the latest in Salcette? Core Margao has reported that Alexio the Squirrell is fuming mad about the comments here and is not in Goa. Any updates?

Andrew said...

WRT Joey's comment: If you were to read the article carefully - in response to Bebdo's question - "But what went wrong against you?" That's where Joey borrowed his line from. The point Joey was trying to make is simply that the candidate was willing to align with Churchill - except that in the price demanded by Churchill to align with him was too high. This is purely based on the the candidates response to the question posed.
Guys kindly stop being so eager to pounce upon anyone who brings in a contrarian viewpoint.
And before the process starts again!!! - I don't know Joey, or anyone of the people who want (if its true) to close down the site or etc etc. Ofcourse as usual its up to the Core Team out here to decide.

Bebdo said...

@Andrew... if you are seriously interested in knowing how many people have threatened us with harm and to close the site then you can write either to menino or dalia (assuming that they would entertain your request as they are too busy) or to me.
By the way we are still waiting for the legal notice that we had sent to all those guys who have threatened to close this site and have also passed on the email threats to the concerned authorities. On another note, we also have dual purpose bulldozers which can be used to pull down buildings and crush bones, metal and concrete.
On a lighter note... no lectures today?

Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

The first step by Niz Goenkars and a great step. Pausilip we the real Goans are with you all. We have a big opportunity here to comment what we have to say from our mind. Niz Goenkar is the only sight that is not a pro politician site. The idiots are fighting among themselves should do away with one another and no one must interfere to save them. I tried to put a comment on GoaNews and the editor sent me an email to get the proof of what I commented. That is why the real Goans should take the proper and clean advantage of Niz Goenkar and come up with their comments. Now that the politicians have started fighting among themselves we need to unite as one all original Goan Christians, Muslims and Hindus and give them a thrashing of their lives.

Eustaq Rodrigues said...

I would also say that Tiatrists like Agustin, Luis Bachan, Domnick Coelho, Roseferns, Mario Menezes, Peter de Benaulim etc should stop pampering the present day politicians. Specially I would like to tell Roseferns that he should in fact support the candidature of Pausilip Dourado and his likes. Roseferns is one good Tiatrist who is after the crumbs of these politicians so that makes him also (sorry to say) a monkey friend of the politicians. Viva Pausilip.

Andrew said...

@Bebdo - No thanks. No interest whatsoever. No lectures too.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew::: Thanks you for clearing the misunderstanding.
Joeys statement was taken at face value.
It seemed like he was also implying that he was into the fray for an un affordable ticket.
He should have pointed out "in reference to the answer by Pausilip.......
I did ask him ...politely to clarify his comment as I was confused my self..He did not respond to date.
I can assure you Niz-Goenkar commentators are not "MAN EATERS".They do enjoy contrary views but as along as they make some digestable sense.
However when some "shit - stirring" commentators contravene the established view and insist that the EARTH is FLAT and NOT ROUND,then they will pounce vehemently to defend their stance.
I posed some questions to Cajie here...but as you can clearly see he has been unable to defend his view.
But rest assured Cajie will return with some diatribe.I am posting a better description of diatribe
Definition of DIATRIBE
1archaic : a prolonged discourse
2: a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing
3: ironic or satirical criticism
For Cajie,to suggest that he is a lifelong supporter of Bamon Sequirrell suggests that Sequirrell is an IMMORTAL.
So I hope you will see how sometimes it is neccesary to respond strongly in such a way.
Once again thanks for putting Joeys comment in its proper reference.

Agnes Dias said...

I would also say that our youth should stop going after these ugly politicians for some money. They are only spoiling you and in the end they will dump you as I read on one article here. Please do not spoil yourselves but use your talents to get rid of these uneducated rogues and strip them of their power.

Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

@Andrew I think N Fernandes above has clarified what exactly we wanted to know of Joey. What joey wrote could not be understood and I myself was confused who he was refering to. I thought for a while that he was talking about himself. OK now I know he was refering to the interview sentence.

Archie said...

Niz Goenkar is just another popular happening in Goa. I was in Panjim and nice to know that a lot of office staff having compurer access are already aware and passing the information to others. Arre, vacha tumi Niz Goenkar, was what one Hindu lady told it other when someone asked if they know Niz Goenkar.

On the Aleixo front, I found out that he is in a dilema, a sudden attack with the comments. Even Mickey is knowing about NG since long time, that's from a close source.

About Pausilip winning chances, good! I he could only be seen with the villagers for every function and events from now. He does not need introduction but the people should feel that he exists.

Joey said...

To all my fellow Niz Goenkar's

Neither am I against anyone nor am I out there to shut this site as many of you have commented. I only happened to read the interview very carefully and pointed out what I thought was something that was not fitting in, something that was going against all the values that Pausilip was talking about.

Honestly, I'm harmless, just forget that I even commented on this site. But all the best to Pausilip, he's the best man out there. Cheers

franco said...

@ Archie it is not attack, but now they will be paralyzed from head to toe to see the overwhelming support Nig Goenkar are getting. Thank you our mentor Menino de Valpoi and its founder members for giving us this opportunity to express our feelings and cry our hearts to bring all our Goan people together in one unity. Let us all march in unison to find better place to live in our own motherland. Keep going NG our prayers and support is always there for this good cause.

Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

@Joey, I think you are slightly mistaken and have misunderstood what others have said. All they said was that they are and were confused about your comment because one could not make out who you refered. Now it is clear and of course there is nothing wrong in what you have put up. Nobody here has attacked you I can see that. Remember sometimes the comment include answers to two or three comments together.

Sarafino said...

NIG GOENKAR - We need a second Revolution.A Revolution to kick out Congress & BJP criminals from Goa.Only then we can clean criminals and corrupt elements recruited by taking bribes in various State Departments.Right now there are 30 Goa Police Drivers vacancies and the Charas Ravi along with Cow Muth(CM)Digambar & Goa DGP are are selling these posts like hot cakes for a sum of 3 to 5 lakhs each.My neighbour already caught hold of their corrupt agent and after keeping ready 3 lakhs has now applied for the post of Goa Police Drivers.Last chance for Goans - ELECT NIZ GOENKAR - To show right place to corrupt bureaucrates in State Departments that is Aguada Jail.

Mog Asundi M. Braganza said...

I live in India and I am talking to the ones who have the right to speak their mind at the elections. The carefree ones on the blog who yap and chatr and are mostly residing beyond the shores of Indian territories do not make any sense because their lives lack farsightedness, they do not live by the rules of the place we live in. They live in the world of illusions always under the influence of David Copperfield.

People, please wake up from your slumber, as always we tend to forget that our candidate/s of yesteryears were just like Pausilip Dourado. They were like a clear cut diamond with all the genuine qualities required of a candidate to represent us Goans, when you got them elected. Once elected regardless, one , two or three years they have the last laugh and not You because, their Godfathers at the Centre evaluate them by their weight and not their senses.

Iqbal said...

@Bragansza you live in a world of fantasy but your daurhte or your wife when they are fu...ded they will feel the pain.

Bebdo said...

@ Minguel Braganza.... your suggestions are most welcome as you have been an activist in Goa for many years.
We can discuss it in private.
Mog asundi

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To M Braganza:::LOVE & PEACE TO YOU TOO.
Your attack on Goans / Indians not resident in India ,having no farsight or rights to comment,yap or chat is quite ridiculous or plainly an exhibition of your stupidity.
You seem like a shortsighted guy.I do not mean your eyesight (but perhaps) ...but your views.
Indians / Goans who live in those so called "far away places" are much better placed to comment on affairs that affect them or their families or relations that still exist in India/Goa.
Unlike you, these so called faraway Goans /Indians ABROAD, have had the benefit of seeing democratic systems work in other countries,and compare it to how the Indian system works.
Sadly you lack this experience.You just have a DAVID COPPERFIELD illusion of it.
Let us know what is your gripe or problem with Goans living abroad permanently or temporarily commenting on issues affecting Goa and to an extent, them in someway, indirectly.
I personally,have friends and relations in Goa.
I read Goan Newspapers.I am aware of what happens in Goa.And so I will use my mind/brains/illusions/logic/comparisons/hopes/
aspirations/experiences to the best of my abilities.
Please let me know where I should write to you,to seek permission and a licence from you, to comment here or anywhere else.
What has made you think, Goans who live abroad are illusionists.Are you not aware many Goans abroad have visited Goa several times.
What makes you think that Goans living abroad
should not comment/chat/yap.
Personally, and I am sure, many other Goans will agree with me that , we do not need your "kindest" permission to comment about Goa or on any other issues worldwide. WE will not be "DISILLUSIONED" with your remark.
YOUR comment is that of a "STARK RAVING &BONKERS LOONEY".
But I am sure you must agree, that you cannot sit back(as you do) and allow it to continue.
Change is never an overnight proccess.Change is an evolution from one form to another.
Change should not be restricted by "your" borders or boundaries.
Finally, people commenting here are fully "awake" and not in a slumber.You might wish to brush up on your reading skills.
I am not sure what is you crazy relevance of David Copperfield, the illusionist to comments here.

A True Goan said...

M Braganza the Bodea - Read the article and interview properly - if you are same Braganza which Bebdo think then I can say you are crumb eater of Corrupt Politicians & if even NG wash you with WASHING POWDER NIRMA - your idiologies will never change,since all your life you survived on dirty and corrupt politicians and now afraid and shivering in pant that with NG entry in Goa politic you will starve of your crumb.

Unknown said...

-Goonda Mauvin and Monserrat the pimp,

Mickky the Molester and Kamat the wimp,

Limping Chorchill and Druggie Naik,

Joining this band,is Fat Lips with the mike.

-Goon on the drum,the pimp will play the guitar,

Mickky will blow his aresaphone,the wimp will play the sitar,

Chorchill on the Bass and fat lips will sing the songs,

The druggie will be in the gutter,cause thats where he belongs.

-Their time has come to repent,

To better their lives or run,

Cause the movement to bring a change,

By NIZ GOENKAR through Pausilip has just begun..

John Pereira

A True Goan said...

I was once a strong supporter of Chorchill I along with my supporters even went out of my principles by voting him two times during Lok Sabha election with a sole aim of defeating another big idiot on Goa Politic that is Kamat Hotel Waiter Eduardo Faleiro.

But today we realized Chorchill true colour. When he is in power he forgets Goa & Goans interests with a sole purpose of amassing wealth for him and his families. But once out of power he remembers Goans & cry like squealing pig.Goan should now not get fooled by his cry and be ready to give a fitting reply to this king of 39 thieves during coming election. A lesson which he should remember for rest of his life, a lesson that he & his classless families should remember that they can't play any more with dirty games with Goans, with the sentiments of NIG GOENKARS for the welfare of Goa & Goans. CHORCHILL, JOAQUIM AND THEIR DUKRAKAR FAMILIES SHOULD REMEMBER THAT THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED AND THEY WILL GET BURNED THEMSELVES IF THEY EVER AGAIN TRY TO PLAY FIRE WITH GOANS.

James D'Silva said...

@ N Fernandes - Quote "Indians / Goans who live in those so called "far away places" are much better placed to comment on affairs that affect them or their families or relations that still exist in India/Goa."

Quote - "Unlike you, these so called faraway Goans /Indians ABROAD, have had the benefit of seeing democratic systems work in other countries,and compare it to how the Indian system works."

My comments:
You have the freedom to call fellow Indians who come to Goa which belongs to India "Ghanttis" & "outsiders"

Can I ask you, what are you people known as ? Do Britishers, Canadians, etc call you "Ghanttis" ? Well, you are indeed "Ghanttis" who live outside Goa and call others who come to Goa as "Ghanttis".

Only people who stay in Goa should be called TRUE GOANS and have the right to comment. For them Pausilip is the best. We don't want the so called "Ghantti Goans" staying abroad to interfere in our Goan affairs.

If you'll are so interested in Goan affairs please surrender your Portuguese, British, Canadian, etc passports and settle down in your beloved Goa and then talk.

Sons of Goa(who stay in Goa only), we need to kick out these pimps who are in power today. Please lend all your support to our new leader Pausilip, we need more leaders like him to show us the way.

Long live our mother Goa !!! Let us welcome all with open arms as we ourselves are welcomed everywhere. Thats what God has taught us to live in peace and harmony unlike the devils who categorise people based on their caste, creed, religion and states of origin. ViVa!!!

Joe Rebello from Panjim said...

@James D'Silva I would like to bring to your notice one difference that you do not seem to know. You may call us "ghantts" here in UK, USA etc. I think this comes out of your hidden inner feeling of envy. Those migrant indian ghanttis that come to Goa do not go away but grab land and buy houses and settle there permanenently. But your so called Goan ghanttis who have changed their nationalities have at the same time obtained an OCI so that they can come back at the end of their service and live back in Goa. No Goan wants to settle permanently anywhere leaving their beloved Goa. N Fernandes is working here like us and so one day we are going to be back. And tell me which law says that we cannot fight for Goa from here? At least we are doing that, but you being in Goa where all the ground action can be taken have you done anything? I have only seen you pen a few lines on GoaNews. And I think we can work better for Goa from where we are than you can from where you are.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Those Goans down in Goa will only realise when they are physically thrown out of their homes by the indians and the indian navy. They will try to repent but will be of no use as the law run in the courts is indian law and will not help the Goans, and this James D'Silva should note

A True Goan said...

James D'Siva - You seems born out of meting between Dog and human being.I don't understand who was your mother whether Dog & human being.So as you are half Dog & half human being will not understand what we write,how Goans are forced leave their motherland & work outside to support their families in Goa and why Indian coming from Ghat are known as ghanties.

Jack said...

James D'Silva - I have been to US,UK as well in all Gulf States and the native there donot call us Indian but Goans, the white people as well Arabs always look Indian in suspicious manner,observing this people of some part of India(Karwari,Manglorean,Gujurati,Delhi) have now identifying themselves as Goans and with thier evil deeds are spoiling name of NIZ GOENKARS.I know your blood relatives are married to Manglorean,Karwaris,Banglorean and that is you want to remove that tag from your neck being called father-in-law of ghanti or that his son/daughter married to ghanti.One day willcome same ghantis might cut & burn you while still alive.As it is their culture...Burn to death,loot etc.

Da Silva said...

To James D'Silva we are in this shit for 50 years because of Goans like you. For your information the difference between ghantis and Goans is based of culture. We Goans whether Hindu, Catholic or Muslim are culturally very different then these ghantis who are like Piranhas devouring anything on their path. I hope you and your family will be the first victims when that happens. And as for Goans living abroad, you should welcome their support with both hands so that the present leeches glued to Goa be removed forever.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To James D`Silva:Thaks for your comment addressed to me.
I am not sure if I should be responding, as in retrospect, you seem to fire away unthoughtfull and ill researched comments.You fire away comments,which are usually based on "inner envy" as said by Joe Rebello, and some sort of personal failure, to provoke a response and when it has been responded to, then you agree with them sheepishly and state you stand corrected.

As Joe Rebello (Panjim) has said, you also comment on Goa News.I recollect giving you an explainationon one of your half-baked comments and you finally,seeing the true light agreeing with it.
I will attempt to explain /dissect some elememts of your comment here.I hope again, it will go some way in correcting your dogmas.
1. Ghantis & Outsiders:
It is not a term I personally use.However I am aware of the context it is used in.
Ghantis is a term, used for many decades by Goans, to describe people who come from outside Goa, are not fully civilized and just cannot intergrate into Goan society.The "outsiders" are not of Goan Origins.They are not culturally or traditionally Goans.They are not patriotic.They are mostly in Goa for economic reasons.
However if you prefer and if it will give you a good nights sleep,we can call these people,normally permanently resident outside Goa "tourists" or "Guests .

N.Fernandes-untrue Goan (London) said...

To James D`silva::::PART "...

"Since "you" live in Margao,and my ancestral origins are from a village(Majorda) & Town (Margao), I guess you will be called a "Townie" and I will be addresses either way...Townie or villager.But I will probably be addressed more as a Villager as that is where I spend most of my time and am happy and proud to be associated with it.
As far as Goans living abroad permanently in the UK ,USA, CANADA etc,like me, we are addressed as Immigrants.That is the correct dictionary description.No Goans will deny that they are "not" immigrants to these countries.WE are called Citizens of these countries by naturalisation.
Since the Indian Government now allows dual Nationality...many Goans have now accquired this.
And if you are not fully aware it is called OCI (overseas citizen of India)or PIO (person of indian orign).These rights have been granted as your so called "UNTRUE GOANS" make huge and vast finiancial contributions to Goa.Perhaps you too are a beneficiary of this in many ways.
May I remind you that the indigenous people of The USA & CANADA are the (RED INDIANS).Similarly the Natives of New Zeland /Australia are Aborogines.India itself is a country that has had immigrants(some through invasions) for many centuries from Persia,Central Asian (Asia Minor) etc.Historically the original Indians as per historians are the Aryans & Dravidians.
All other groups currently resident in the Countries I have named above are Immigrants.
For all I know and care, you too are probably an immigrant in India/Goa.

True Goan:A True Goan is a person, who deeply cares for his "motherland /Fatherland regardless of where he lives.Goans that live abroad are no lesser Goan than you.You fail to understand the contributions these Goans abroad, make.Nearly one from every family in Goa, now lives or work abroad.
Any Goan boy or girl that travels abroad to make a living, leaving his family behind in Goa, does not mean he has given up a right to be part of that family.So if ever you decide to live apart from your family,do not consider yourself "PRODIGAL".
I hope you will correct some of your JAUNDICED AND more often than once silly views.
I hope you are fully aware that in other States of India ,Goans are also belittled and addressed / called by negative or derogatory names.
Perhaps when you get up from your hole or burrow or den in Margao and go out you may discover it.
You might need to see some more BOLLYWOOD movies
to see if you are called a "DRUNKARD" by others in India.
On a positive ending, I am pleased to note and credit you for your support of Pausilip and looking forward for some change in Goan Politics.
I also pray you do not live near Moti Dongor.An explosive,blood letting ,political fuse has been lit there...courtesy of Mr Digamber KAMAT.
Please remember, what this "TRUE GOAN" Kamat has said about the Goan Vote.He does not need it...he relys on the Migrants of Monti Dongor. Dongor.I now wonder if he is a True Goan
And also remember,many Ration Cards have been unclaimed.So please "assume"...these claimants heve either gone abroad "or" returned to their native lands.

N.fernandes (london) said...

To James D`silva::::you might want to read a book By Selma Carvalho published recently.
An excerpt in this book states the British in East Africa viewed the Goans as different from Indians.It also states they (The Colonial Brits),placed a higher level of trust in Goans.
As Jack said....Goans are viewed as different from Indians in the UK by all ethnic communities, including Indians themselves.
This is because Goans are more westernised and fit into any society easily.

N Fernandes(London) said...

To James d`silva::: here is an exceprt from Selma Cravalho "INTO THE DIASPORA WILDERNESS" to confirm what Jack is trying to tell you.
"The British relationship with Goans was as ambivalent as it was evolutionary. They subjected them to all the prejudice they felt towards non-White populations. They never absolved Goans from the indignity of residential segregation, segregated public washrooms, the tacit prohibition against miscegenation or racial inequality on the work front. Yet they valued them tremendously, a relationship based on genuine mutual respect and trust. They were unfailingly described by British Colonial officers as the back-bone of the Civil Service, “people of high quality”, meticulous in their work and devotedly loyal. Sir Noel Anthony Scawen Lytton, 4th Earl of Lytton, who served in the King’s African Rifles in 1922-26, paid tribute to the Goan community: “They occupy in Africa the small places, the places of respect; a first class cook, a care-taker on whom you can absolutely rely on, a bank-cashier upon whom you can absolutely rely on…That is a mark of a not ambitious but rather humble status in life. Nevertheless one of complete integrity and respect. A very good community. They served Kenya very well.”

From the Chapter;Chpt: Afrik’kar, Dubai’kar,

So James call Goans abroad what you like...but we are still Goans.

Bebdo said...

To all those who criticise Goans living outside of Goa.
This is true figuratively and literally

franco said...

The whole episode has been misinterpreted and got into a tangled with Goans leaving or working abroad by James D’Silva. I do not understand his motives behind his comments. It is not a toy’s or bedtime story that he intends to interpret in his comments. There are numerous Goans, who have by sear dedication and meticulously planning their future plans have been able to acquire a place aboard by selling everything they possess i.e. mother’s or wife’s ornaments, acquire loans etc., just to survive into this world and it was not a mere serving on a platter. They had to undergo hardship from various corners of living conditions etc., and in spite of facing all these adversities, they have come out successfully and continue to contribute to their mother land State of Goa a mighty hell of their sweat and blood money. I think he is not aware of all these eventful services dedicated to our mother land and this is not wistful thinking. I think he is possessed by envy.

Buyarantlo Monis said...


Very true ; first lets destroy Ali Baba and his forting theives. We can still rectify mistakes of 1961

Buyarantlo Monis said...

Mr James D'Silva

Ref your own comments , if you are outside Goa you are a Ghanti too. If you are in Goa you are fed by Ali Baba and his forting theives.

Camm on man if you are a Niz Goenkar you should not have these filthy thaughts.

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