MARGAO: An uneasy calm prevails on Moti Dongor as police rushed to the migrant inhabited hillock as tension flared up in the basties once again on Tuesday afternoon.  Lathi wielding policemen led by Margao PI Santosh Desai descended on the hillock and maintained strict vigil as rival groups came face to face – the second time in three days, creating a fear psychosis amongst the residents of the slum area.
While one group maintained that one person was arrested by a close supporter of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Margao PI Santosh Desai denied any violent incident atop the hillock today.  But, when asked to justify the police presence atop the hillock led by him since noon, PI Desai admitted there was tension in the slum area and that leaders of the group are into the serious business of amicably resolving the differences amongst the rival camps.
It has been learnt that the rival groups were called to the Margao police headquarters on late Tuesday evening to strike a compromise amongst the warring sections. However, the group which was at the receiving end of the rival group, has been insisting that the police register criminal case against those involved in the assault on their members since polling day.
Incidentally, the police were deployed in strength when counting of votes was taken up on Monday noon as a precautionary measure. The anti-Kamat camp has demanded immediate arrest of the accused in the assault on three persons on the day of polling and has charged the Margao for being mute spectators to the dadagiri unleashed in the slum area.
Daud Carol Martin said on Tuesday that the group owning allegiance to the Chief Minister camp assaulted one person this afternoon. He demanded to know the police silence in initiating action against the accused till date, adding that the men-in-uniform have been following the dictates of the powers that be than laying their hands on the elements.
The Moti Dongor area had witnessed a keen tussle to win the migrant vote these municipal polls. While Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and his wife Asha repeatedly made trips to the basties to drum up support for Kamat’s cousin brother, Laxmikant Kamat, who finally romped home with a huge margin. (HD)


diogofichardo said...

What a hot bed created by migrants with the blessing of our corrupt ministers. Besides being vote banks these migtants generate wealth for their masters the ministers with their ill gotten skills.

Bebdo said...

The only solution to end the Moti Dongor slums is to set them on fire. Goa never had slums before, now the entire Goa is turning into a big slum, thanks to the looters and illiterate goonda politicians.
We need to clean up the mess created by these chors. As a first step:

Dalia said...

Goa was known for havings "Vaddo" and no slums. Now Goa is having so many "Nagars" created by these politicians for the benefit of votes to get them elected. It started from Babu Naik, Luizinho and now the famous Cowmuth. Once upon a time, Cowmuth was worshipped as a God and they call him their Paigmbar. Now the same people are in arms against the rascal. Hope many of the readers and commentators here still remember the "Sword" incident. None of them ever got convicted, reason being they were all "family members" of the Cowmuth then and now turned foes. Hope every politician will die their own death at the hands of these slum bags.

dlp said...

As you sow, so shall you reap. That's what's going to happen to all those who have welcomed and embraced these ghanttis. their time will come and they will die at these ghanttis' hands. Will be less headache for us.

Goenkar Bhav said...

If Goa has to progress without these slums first all Goans and NIZ GOENKAR has to declare Digambar Kamat as ANTI GOAN. This is the first step to get rid of all Ghantis

Da Silva said...

Digambar Kamat is anti Goan from the begining that should not surprise anyone, we should know that by now. Another anti Goan is Sr.Rane. These guys are anti Goans from the core. The sad part is that these rogues get elected in every election.

dlp said...

These rogues get elected because of the ghantti vote banks. Now the ghanttis are turnig against them and I hope they kill them or hang them somewhere in the jungle where the vultures can feast on them

N.Fernandes (london) said...

This is what Goa will be like in a few more years time.Viloent
Most of the Goa MLA`s are currently aware that their loyalties from True /real Goans are diminishing, that , they are now focussing on bringing these migrants to bosst their vote banks and guarantee their places in the Legislature.
Digu Kamat is now experiencing this migrant phenomenon right on his door steps in Margao.
This will not diminish.Instead it will increase day by day and become more sinister in time and fester like an incurable wound,full with pus.It will also be contagious,incurable and spread like a plague.
One must understand that these migrants are uneducated, relatively uncivilised and are Baby making machines.Even the best "NIRODH / DUREX" advertisments, will not change them.
Most Goans now are only having on 1-2 children.
what one might call in the modern day a "nuculear family.
The migrants on the other hand are producing several children.It is in their mindset and an age old adage (belief) that these children will provide for them in future or in their old age.Original Goans must view these migrants as baby factories and future begging tools.Girls born to these type of migrants are seen as a liability .Dowry murders /disputes/suicides are more frequent and very common in these communities.
Thes migtrants will also indulge in gang warfare and ethnic / religious disputes.Theiving / burglaries gives them their daily bread and butter.With the stolen wealth from Goans and like Goas MLA`s they become kingpins in their slum/ shanty and Nagar communities.
Forget Bollywood heroes...these migrants look at the Goa MLA`s as their heroes.
I wil name some rogue,gang masters & kingpins of Goa Legislature..Kamat=Margao,Churchill=Navelim /Benaulim, Mickky= Benaulim,Monseratte= Taleigao,Mauvin= Murmugao,Ravi=Ponda etc.I am sure my Goan brothers & sister will fill out the rest.

I doubt that any of our current Goa MLA`s visualise these future problems.
Goa does not have infinite resources to allow its population to be over saturated.
The current Goan MLS are are fast asleep (dreaming new methods and avenues of corruption).They are not considering the future impacts in Goa.
Least do they know that they are creating a "time bomb" for their own families
and the familes of all Goans.
This will surely explode into Civil War in due course.
I will keep my "TUT MUT" as per EDGAR, brief this time.However I will come back as it evolves in my mind to make further contributions.
I also look forward to reading others TUT MUT`s".

Anthony Gracias said...

Mr. Bebdo made a very importasnt point here, quote " As a first step:STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH NON-GOANS IN GOA." Earlier in another blog he said " stop selling any land to non Goans"
This is very important, every Niz Goenkar ought to implement. lets do our part.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Did the Ghantis buy the land in Goa? Or is it that Government acquires Goan land and gives it to Ghantis?

Marcel said...

Yes the first create this nagar then they turn them into anti nationals with crimes. This Digambar should put them to stay in their house

franco said...

This is their own creation and now they have to share the blame for themselves. They have dug their own graves at Moti Hills and elsewhere by accommodating these Ghantis. Hope these 40 chors get buried in their own dwellings.

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