MARGAO: Additional district and sessions judge, Ms Vijaya Pol on Wednesday granted conditional permission to the Benaulim MLA, Mr Francisco alias Mickky Pacheco to visit UAE.  Mr Pacheco had made an application before above court giving details about his visit to UAE and had prayed that he may be allowed to visit UAE.
The arguments from defense and prosecution were heard and the permission was granted. As per the conditions mentioned in the order, Mr Pacheco has to provide his cell number to the investigating police officer before he goes abroad and has to report to the investigating officer within two days of his return from UAE.
Earlier, Mr Pacheco had deposited his passport with the Crime Branch after he was granted conditional bail in connection with the death of his friend, Nadia Torrado. (NT)


Dalia said...

He will be going jetrolling to Dubai so he can be the guest of dishonour at Astoria hotel. All his chamchas are awaiting for his arrival. His stuff is already selected by his chamchas in Dubai. There will be some Miskut provided for his appetite. It will be fun to see him walking where Chorchill limped. The chamchas will be the same with changed colours. What a shame for the chamchas to take someone as Cheap Guest who has got no morals? Hope they will allow him to meet their members of the female community and trust him with them. If he like, he will take them silently out of UAE before being fed with Ratol.

Bebdo said...

I wonder who is going to accompany Mickkey Mouse as his "spouse" this time.

franco said...

Who is the lucky lady accompanying the Mickey Mouse this time. Last time it was Nadia, who is now no more. I hope the new courtesan is well equipped with Ratol to feed and satisfy his libido.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

Looks like the giant in him woke up and needs to search for a place to roam in. Our law system is a joke and bribery makes it a total joke.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Mickky has been invited to attend a function /Tiatr.
This has not been advertised in Dubai.Strange.?
This invitation is to counter & balance an invitation extended to Chorchill for a similar function recently.
Churchill was not well received at this Tiatr.He was badly booed.Dubai Security also showed him that he is no special person.Churchill realised that Goans around the workd have woken up.He stated he suffered from a hip disorder and could only make it due to Divine Providence.
I wonder what Mickky will come away with?
I know for certain...Sara wil not be accompanying him this time...neither will Nadia Torrado.So it will have to be the new kid on the Block and marriage breaker...Viola.
But knowing Mickky...he is more likely to want to travel alone, so he can indulge in his 2 passionate hobbies...gambling and prostitutes.
Hope he remembers his appearance at Miami date County Court in the U.S.A for getting caught using prostitutes.
I only hope Viola has frequent medical check-ups for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.Hope Viola has noticed how Mickky scratches his unwashed Balls?!!!!
It is very sad to see some Dubai Goans invite such Criminals to grace their functions.
I ask these Dubai organisers to remember, that one day,their kids will see the improprieties of their parents invitation to Mickky.
It is as good as inviting the DEVIL to dinner.

Archie, Verna said...

The buzz is that Mickey is trying to get his load off in Dubai. He is feeling lonely and under the spotlight wherever he goes so why not go to Dubai where his chamchas are aplenty? Does anyone knows why is he going and who invited him? So we still have people who have no females in the family.

N.Fernandes (london) said...

To ARCHIE:::I am surprised how some Tiatr organisers invite Chorchill & Mickky to be Chief Guest.
These guys (MLA`S) have been proved as being corrupt and criminal in heir actions.
I will not be surprised if the Next Chief guest as such functions will be MAHANAND NAIK...."THE DUPATTA STRANGLER".
No other Goan organisation all arounf the world invite these corrupt Goan Mla`s to their functions.Not sure why some Goans in the Middle East still respect and hold them in ther bosoms.

Roshan said...

It was well advertised on radiogoa and daijiworld of Micky being the chief guest.While Churchill was invited by mr Rafael of St Marys Goan sodality .The micky mouse was invited by John.Roumours were abound that Niz Goenkars were waiting for him with eggs at Al nassr theatre .I think he dint showup last night because of this.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Roshan...who is this Rafael & John ?.
I want to put forward and recomend Mahnand Naik (The Dupatta Strangler)as Chief Guest for their next occassion.

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