VIVA GOA! VIVA PORTUGAL! – The natural salutation that comes to mind as one sits down to write on the Grand Brass band farewell that the people of Khariawaddo Vasco and the Vascoites gave to the Portuguese Navy on 16th November 2010. These people of Khariawaddo showed that they still have the Goan Portuguese culture in them and that there is still love for them in our hearts.
Beautifully decorated fishing trawlers and canoes accompanied by traditional brass band ferried large number of revelers towards the sip from Khariawaddo fishing jetty. A rally was held later by some youth in Vasco on their motorcycle holding the Portuguese flags.
There was dancing to the accompaniment of the brass band and Goan misic. The revelers then exchanged flowers with the Captain of the Ship Proenca Mendes in the presence of Consul Geral de Portugal Antonio Sabido Costa and other sailors. Some sailors handed over T-Shirts, while Mendes handed over the Portugal flag to the fishermen, who in turn handed over the Indian flag to the Captain.
What was actually to be done by the Indian Navy or the Goan government, the lay people have done it and proved the love for the Portuguese who had come on a good will visit. The coward Chief Minister of Goa was so afraid of a few BJP activists who wanted badly to get in limelight and in favour of Goans that he ran away to Delhi bluffing and fibbing the people of Goa. BJP is not even aware that far from being made heroes, are termed as villains and are more than ever out of books with the people after this incident. It is rather very strange that they gave a warm welcome to the great grandson of General Dyer. There was not a word of protest on the mouth of the BJP as if they did not exist at all.
Next we have a somewhat another awkward category or a bunch of numbs under the leadership of Naguesh Karmali who calls himself a freedom fighter. A freedom fighter who is paid for his work and who worked for money. Little does he know that he cannot brag about fighting for freedom as the Goan tax payers of Goa have paid him and are still paying him! Little do they know that the Portuguese were requested by the Hindus to save them from the Bahmani Rulers (Adil Shah) of those times! Little do they know that the Portuguese brought peace to the Hindus and a good moral western gothic culture into Goa which is slowly fading away with the introduction of drugs and crimes of the present downloaded culture!
Far in contrast to a few 10 to 20 people protesting against the visit of the NRP SAGRES, people turned out in hundreds to give a fond and loving farewell to the Portuguese Navy and that really captured the hearts of the Portuguese. At the last minute they were given a very happy and warm farewell. It showed them the love of the Goans.
Captain Mendes, speaking to the media said that they were very pleased and happy to receive such an overwhelming send off by the Goans. He said that they were very pleased to arrive in Goa, even though there was some opposition from the freedom fighters.
Councilors Fiola Rego and Lavina D’Souza and former councilor Arnold Rego were present. “It was our goodwill gesture to show them hospitality, as Indians treats their guests as god,” said Simon Pereira, a fisherman. “We don’t want to comment on the people who opposed the arrival of the ship”. He also stated that the function was just a goodwill gesture to strengthen Indo-Portugal ties and to show them about how Incredible Goa and its people were.
The celebrations were galore and the Goan security were watching from far and never bothered to stop the Khariawaddo and other Vasco people from approaching the Ship. They approached in hundreds, the Hindus, Catholics and the Muslims of Goa (True children of Goa) which was a spat on the face of Karmali and his colleagues and the BJP who had demonstrated in tens and twenties. But the real Goans demonstrated a good will and diplomacy in hundreds.
People of Khariawaddo we can say really showed their gratitude to the departing Portuguese Naval Ship with the love of True and real Goans in their heart as were the parting words heard from the mouth of one of the sailors, “Goa e Goeses estão em nossos corações e estamos levando o seu amor com a gente de Portugal, que vai durar para sempre e sempre.” meaning “Goa and Goans are in our hearts and we are carrying your love with us to Portugal which will last forever and ever”
These were the loving words from the mouth of a sailor, which he said to the people of Khariawaddo, Vasco and the people of Goa in general but definitely to the non Goan protesters. We Goans commend love and affection wherever we go throughout the world. Unlike other Indians the Goans are not looked upon suspiciously. By this great act of the people of Khariawaddo and the Vascoites in general the Portuguese are aware that barring a few BIMBOS the Goans love them still and have love for them in our hearts. It is a great victory amidst the opposition. The Goans really appreciate the gesture of the Khariawaddo people and all the people who participated in the farewell ceremony and to the rallies aftermath. Long Live Goa and the Goans! And once again VIVA GOA PORTUGAL!
(For photograps of the farewell please click or visit: a view to behold)
O mesmo artigo foi escrito em Português, Português para uma tradução, por favor clique aqui:   Adeus à marinha Português 


Shyam Sawant said...

Let the BJP and the Karmali gang go to hell now or better to some toilet. It is great and wonderful to see that the Goans gave them a great send off. Cowmuth and siddhu can now come out of their hiding places. Now bufallo Cowmuth will be back from Delhi, the scumbag and a donkey hee haw hee haw

Alcantro Carneiro said...

@Shyam Sawant, you have nailed them straight. Now they will be back in Goa. But biggest shame is for the Indian navy commander Pillai. As per the international norms it was a must that he receive them and not the smaller officers. He has broken the international law and the indian law. There is a saying in english "Every dog has its day".

Mike Carvalho said...

Congratulations to the people of Khariawaddo Vasco and the Vascoites for arranging a warm send off to the visiting portuguese ship NRP SAGRES. These heros truly saved the name of goa and goans on the international platform. World wide only talk of India progressing , developing , presidential visits etc. If India truly believes in its progress then the actions of insulting the portuguese who were on a good will visit,by the goa Goverment/political parties/ freedom fighters must be questioned by the authorities in Delhi. In a democracy there are also limits , the protests were uncivil and must be condemed. The gesture of the people of Khariawaddo Vasco and the Vascoites must be recognised by India as these people saved the country from shame on the international platform.

Core Vasco Da gama said...

The people of Khariawada-Vasco showed good example to awake the goans & fitting to BJP-CONG-NCP. BJP protested, CONG-NCP stayed away from greeting the guest, shame on you politicians. Why they did not stop Commonwealth games. British were there for commonwealth games, why there are no protest.

Kudos to Canoe people and Mr. Custodio D'Souza also for arranging lots of canoes for farewell.

Throw out BJP-Cong-NCP, we want a third front and the is NIZGOEKAR, join nizgoenkar!

Peter Rodrigues- UK said...

The people of Khariawado had show how to lead an example of Goan life. They are truely NIZGOEKARS and will remain in the heart of Goa. People of Kharaia wada, Vasco we salute you from UK and around all over the world.

Thank you for your good will gesture

Santosh Pednekar---- Pednem said...

From my heart I would like to thank the NIZGOENKAR for this wonderful article. Also a big thank you to the people of Khariawada consisiting of NON MON, Cricus wada, Pixem Dongri,Tilak Maidan and some people from Vasco. A great show and I was watching from the Dock itself. All were suprised and happy to see which has never been like this before. Aslo the massive rally very good this will kick BJP arse. Do not trust Congress-NCP-BJP they are real traitors of GOA.

Long Live Khariawada people, Viva Goa!

diogofichardo said...

@ Shayam Sawant, Alacantro Carneiro and Mike Carvalho you have said it all, I have watched the clips on U Tube, and believe me this decent bunch of Goans from Khariawaddo Vasco proved that Goans are not narrow minded. Thanks to the young and old that have attended the display.

Anonymous the VIII said...

This "SHENN" on the face of Goa Government and Navy. Forget the so called freedom fighters and BJP, they live in SHENN.

P. Cruz said...

It was brought to our notice that on monday the people from all over Goa came to go on the ship, but the Indian security did not allow them to go on the ship. There were some goans who knew fluent portuguese and they speak to the crew members about this. Then the crew members went to the captain and he informed all they do not have problem for entering inside the ship, but the indian security did not allow them.

One of the guy written a portuguese letter to the captain of the ship and also a poem in portuguese which was handed to the Captain.

This uncivilised act by the security and Indian official will not be accepted by our society.

Hanv_Nizgoenkar said...

This is a great blog where all Goans can air their opinions freely & openly.Why don't you popularise this blog even further like putting ads in like minded journals like Goan Observer.Then you can use posters & even stickers on vehicles

franco said...

Beautiful and befitting farewell done by the selective people of Khariawaddo and Vascoites to the Portuguese Navy ship. It shows our hearts and the generosity that still exists to our erstwhile rulers. It may have taken them little pain to arrange this entire programme but it will be in the minds of each and every person for the good deed and friendship you people have shown them. You are the real heroes in modern time. It was a touching scene and the upload of the pictures and the song was commendable. Tears roll my eyes while listening to the song, I had to replay it twice. It gives us the nostalgic remembrance of our forefathers how they enjoyed their lives and days in unity with the Portuguese people. VIVA GOA VIVA PORTUGAL.

Gauri Mhambre said...

It's the common man and woman in Goa in their quite dignity, warmth and true Goan Hospitality that have shown our useless CM Digambar Kamat and his corrupt Politicians, Governor Sidhu, Indian Navy Commander Pillai and the rest of the useless BJP and so called free loaders who style themselves as fake freedom fighters what true diplomacy is all about.

Sarafino said...

Great work by NIG Goenkars from Khariawaddo,BJP's Parsekar,Arelekar the funatic,and FF's led by Nagesh Karmali should now eat GOOV of those Khariawaddo boys.

Bebdo said...

Kudos to the Niz Goenkar boys, girls, men and women for showing what Goan hospitality. This is a slap on the face of Digu the cowuth Kamat, Karmali and other ghanttis in Goa.
Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkar, Goa for Goans

Schubert USA-Navelim said...

Nicely done in the blog Mr. Menino, lovely photos. Also Big Thank U the Khariawada-Nizgoenkars. What a wonderful thing, I being in USA could not attend it but saw it here and filled my heart. Let Goa live on with its original people.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

The Portuguese Tall Ship NRP SAGRES did not arrive in Goa on a secret mission or invasion.That is quite clear to see. To be allowed to berth in a Goan port like Murmagoa, it would have sought permission from the Indian Government.This would have been conveyed to the Goa Government.
The purpose of its visit would have been made very, and crystal clear to both the Indian Govt. and Goa`s (so called ) Govt of "MUGS".
If the Goa Governmet felt strongly that the Ship would upset the Freedom Fighters, it could have advised the Indian Government of this.
Instead the Goa Govt. decided not to do this and allow the ship to berth.
It was made clear in the press that this was purely a re-enactment of early sea discovery routes.It was more a historical event rather than a WAR or political event.
However it seems like the,Governor,CM and a bunch of radicals cannot distinguish between the two.
Digu Kamat,who pretends he has man-testicles, has a strange penchant when confronted, to relinquish his elected duties and run off to New Delhi.Each time there is a major or important issue in Goa ,he saunters off to New Delhi on Business.Rest of the time he just hibernates.
He is not prepared to stand up like a real man or Statesman and and face the issues.
Why does Goa need or elect a sissy like,who demonstrates him more female tendencies.
I do not think the Governor mr Siddhu has fared any better.He is independently appointed by the Indian President.However in this instance he seems to be biased.It seems like Siddu decided to remain on the side of the Freedom Fighters.
Freedom Fighters are not Diplomats.None of them have had trainig at the Institute of administrative services (IAS).
The current bunch of Freedom Fighters are more like Wild Monkeys come to to grab at Taxpayer funded Bananas.Their "Monkey Noises" did not have any impact on the majority of Goans.
Modern day Portugal is no longer under a Dictatorship.Neither is Goa.So I do not see why Karmali and his associated monkeys are making noises.Portugal is no longer a Colonising Power.Goa is also no longer under Colonial rule.
So I do not see what mileage Karmali has to gain.
If Kamat,Siddu and Karmali are not aware, they are sowing seeds of discord between new generations of young Goans and modern day Portuguese.
However it is heartening to know that the modern day youth of Goa ignore the FUDDY DUDDY rhetorics of Kamat,Siddu and Karmali.
During the recently concluded World Cup Football, all of Goa supported Portugal.
Every young Goan boy was wearing t-shirts of Portugal & Cristiano Ronaldo.
I doubt the youth of Goa will ever wear a T-shirt of Karmali,Kamat or Siddu.Their photos mat be see on Toilett Tissues
This is how I measure these 3 unimportant Goans.
I salute the Fisherman and folks of Khariwaddo & all Goans of good faith....Christians,Hindus & Muslims for representing and showing Goans the way forward in the Modern and shrinking world.

diogofichardo said...

@ P. Cruz, Goans are and always will be peaceful and hospitable breed. We are one of its kind in the world. The level of security was never required but it was the government policy to make a point, that the Portuguese were not welcome. I am sure it was a disappointment for many Goans that were not allowed in. The sooner the Indian Navy and commander Pillai vacate Goan occupied land the better it will be. I can count on the residents Of Khariawaddo Vasco and all Goans to give them a fitting send off.

Dalia said...

Great work by Niz Goenkars. Three Cheers to all who participated and shown real participation. There were many left out by the stupid people who took control on commands of the politicians. Thanks to Niz Goenkar for publishing this article like no one else.

Dalia said...

Goan Government should now bring out T-shirts of all the 40 Chors and give to the so called Freedom Fighters who were petty criminals in the Portuguese Era in Goa. They can wear it or use it instead of toilet paper. Well said N Fernandes.

The Chors of Goa only know to print their own posters and hang all ovr during elections. It is high time for goans to hang these politicians who are ruining Goa instead of doing development work.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

Goans from Kariawaddo saved the face of Goa. The Portuguese Navy definitely left with a happy heart and the love of Goans. Stupid acts of BJP has definitely got them out of our hearts completely. Me and my large family are never going to vote the scoundrels BJP ever at all. We are going to vote any good candidate or a Niz Goenkar candidate like Pausilip Dourado.

Oscar Fernandes said...

Unbelievable! what was supposed to be done by the Government of Goa, was done by ordinary citizens of Goa and the dirtbags like Cowmuth ran away to delhi afraid of the Filthy Frogs (so called freedom fighters) and communalist BJP. Governor Siddhu is not fit to be called a diplomat as he has only a peanut size brains never seen a Sikh like him. Is the Centre dozing in delhi?

Roy said...

Congratulations VASCO BOYS. It is time to radicalize and finish all those Freedom Fighters etc. Some of these chaps have Portuguese citizenship. They want to change names of roads etc when they cannot build them. VASCO BOYS SHOW THE WAY .....

susana said...

Goa is going to organize the Lusophone Games in 2013, countries like Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macau will participate. So are these bloody freedom fighters to interfere during the games. So Goans uprise. We should not mix politics with sports or culture. Lot of Goans from all over the world and specially many portuguese people will be down in Goa. So it's a shame for Goa if tere's any disturbance during the games.
The Commonwealth games has taken place and seems that there was no any bray or heehaw of that scum of freedom fighters

Mike Carvalho said...

What purification did the so called freedom fighters carry out at Khariwado? The "Sagres" was on a good will mission , and with such hate in their hearts what purification can they pray for? Rather let them carry out purification towards all the curruption, crime, pullution , garbage and filth all over the state, distruction of our beaches , and all the damage that has taken place after liberation. Last but not the least kudos again to the people of Khariawaddo Vasco and the Vascoites for the warm farewell to the sailors of "Sagres".

Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai said...

India’s wealth was plundered by the British Raj in colonial times, some auctioned and a lot adorns their museums whereas most of the wealth taken by the Portuguese has been returned. When the British are welcome to India anytime, then why do our freedom fighters target a Portuguese ship? Why, may I ask?
Also, when it comes to Portuguese names, our freedom fighter ‘babus’ readily get their perfectly pleated dhotis into a twist. In Goa, every Tom, Dick and Harry claims to be a freedom fighter.
A few days earlier, a news report stated of the cleansing ceremony by freedom fighters of the Arabian Sea waters, which they claim, was polluted by the ship’s arrival. If at all any cleansing was needed, it should have been done when our beaches had come under the tar ball attack.

Michael Lobo. Dubai said...

Konkani is our official Language and there cannot be another language as an official one. Goans all over the world should voice their comments and support only for Konkani. We'r been tested by non-Goans so that they can take full advantage of our soft nature. From now on we should be one and support each other for the sake of our Dear Land. Michael Lobo Dubai...

Nisha Pednekar said...

I have full faith in Sir Menino, who taught me good discipline as his student of Computers. I have read all the articles by Sir Menino and now I am hundred percent sure that what he is written is right and correct. I would rather believe in Sir Menino than the history of Goa taught to us in the schools and universities. There has to be a lot of truth in his writings. Though I was not even born that time, my father told me that every word on NIZ GOENKAR site concerning the Portuguese rule and Portuguese goodness is correct and upto mark. Now I believe what every commentator has to say here on this site. Sir Menino is my model and idol, as I see how selflessly he has dedicated himself to the cause of Goa. I will always pray for Sir Menino in my prayers and on our special Poojas. Shortly we are holding a Satya Narayan Pooja in our house and my special prayers will be for Sir Menino and NIZ GOENKAR to come up - your student Nisha

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