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Naguesh Karmali, so-called freedom fighter seems to have gone insane demanding the government remove the names of persons of Portuguese origin from the roads etc. We Goans do not require any dictation from persons like Karmali on what to do and what not to do.
Freedom fighters like Karmali and Co should feel grateful to the Portuguese. Only because the Portuguese ruled Goa, these so-called freedom fighters are receiving a monthly dole of pension and other best facilities which government employees do not get even after putting more than 35 years service in the government departments. There are so many other issues like corruption, CRZ, Mopa, widening roads by destroying our houses, temples, chapels, ghumtis etc.
I would congratulate Naguesh if he were to fight these issues affecting us, instead of demanding for the removal of names of Portuguese origin from roads etc. Let Naguesh Karmili and others get lost! The government should keep them out of golden jubilee celebrations, if they going to create problems for its smooth functioning.


Ek Goenkar said...

Naguesh Karmali days are numbered in this world.I suggest he should spend time asking forgiveness with the Lord. Otherwise he will come back again in this world like a donkey. that is as per their relegious belief.
At the moment he behaves like one. Yes he should be evergrateful for the Portuguese for his monthly income from freedom fighter's pension or else he would be begging or looting the Goans.

Anonymous the VIII said...

To Mr. Marcus Alemao,
Nagesh Karmali and Co.; do you think they are Freedom Fighters? Forget the word 'Fighters', it is not in their dictionary; their dictionary only describes "kutro". Do they know the meaning of Freedom?
This only goes to show that they are the ones who might have been in jail during the Portuguese Regime for some crimes committed. They have used this "jailed" status and the corrupt practices, to get themselves registered as Freedom Fighters.
Do you expect such people to fight corruption? When they themselves have taken advantage of corruption to get for themselves,their families and their ilk monetary and other benefits at the cost of the public Exchequer?
Let Nagesh Karmali and his band of so called Freedom Fighters put in writing to all Goans why they were in Jail. Or whether they really were.
No genuine Freedom Fighter who I know of have taken government "doles"; they have clearly said: "We did not fight for freedom to get paid for it".
These were the REAL Freedom Fighters. And sadly, most of them are dead.

RDM said...

Marcos, Perfectly said ! This old cronie Naguesh like many of the other 'so called' freedom fighters or cronies (rather old foggies) have joined the bandwagon of the communal forces in goa ( reade BJP) and belong to the clan of the rotten political establishment. As you rightly pointed out , if they were freedom fighters in the true sense they would have united with other goans fighting for freedon from the 'locust' governments that we are used to seeing in Goa rather than waste everyone else's time on portuguese names of places in Goa which are only names and no more than that.

diogofichardo said...

From peacefull law abiding Goa before liberaiion, we have been liberated into corruption, murder, rapes and drug dealing together with pockets of slums all over Goa. Naguesh Karmli should take our corrupt ministers and drown into Mandovi river rather than removing road manes.

Dalia said...

We are yet to get freedom. The name freedom for people like Naguesh Karmali is to obtain doles and pension. Ask him to free us from these 40 Alibaba's. That will be called freedom or take us back to the Salazar regime. People like Naguesh Karmali must have been petty criminals who later claimed to be Freedom Fighters to have free doles.

Bebdo said...

Why are this so-called freedom fighters not fighting against the present rulers of Goa who are not only corrupt but worse than common criminals. Can Karmali raise his finger against them? Even Salazar would have been better than the present day dictators of Goa who are ruling the people by dadagiri and money power. There is no rule of law in Goa. During the Portuguese time, one policeman was enough to maintain law and order.
Now the police themselves have become robbers in Goa.
Please Karmali bab, fight the present government in Goa and get rid of them. Or were you in Aguada jail for some sort of robbery?

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

I do not see any freedom in the lives of the Goans. We have been re-occupation of Goa and for the worst. Naguesh Karmali is nothing but an ex convict during the Portuguese rule. He was out there for just namesake. I can really say the Portuguese were good and did good for the Goans by trying to keep our Goan identity. I would like to ask Karmali has he done anything concrete to help Goa and Goans? All he has done is invited the Indians to invade and occupy Goa to make his selfish ends meet. Such freedom fighters sooner they die the better and must die very horrible deaths.

Marcel said...

Ask the Goa Government to remove the names of the non-goans from the electrol rolls

dlp said...

This Karmali must be hand in gloves with the Cowmuth and Company of 40 chors. Let him sit on the roadside with a coconut shell (kotti) and beg for his dole with his pole dingling down under.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Courtest outlook India:::

Portuguese navy's decorated sailing ship, NRP Sagres will be touching Goan shores on November 12, amidst warning given by freedom fighters against any celebrations to mark completion of 500 years of arrival of Vasco-da-Gama in Goa.

"The tallest ship of the Portuguese Navy, NRP Sagres is visiting Goa as a part of its 2010 circumnavigation of the world," Portugal's Consul General in Goa Dr Antonio Sabido Costa said.

The ship and its crew will be received in Mormugao port by Rear Admiral Sudhir Pillai, flag officer commander of Goa. It will be docked there from November 12 to November 16.

Costa said that the visit of the ship is to mark "the arrival of the Portuguese to the Orient and Extreme Orient, 500 years ago."

The freedom fighters in the state have warned the state government or any organisation against hosting any such celebration to mark arrival of Vasco-da-Gama in Goa.

Portuguese explorer Vasco-da-Gama was the first one to touch the land for trade. Later the Portuguese had captured this part of India and made it as their colony, which got liberated on December 19, 1961 by the Indian Army.

Meanwhile, the organisation of freedom fighters, who were jailed and even martyred during the liberation struggle have strongly objected to any celebration commemorating arrival of Vasco-da-Gama.

"We will protest. Let the state government put us behind bars and celebrate the occasion," said Naguesh Karmali, President, All Goa Freedom Fighters association.

Without referring to arrival of the ship, he said that no celebration would be allowed. Freedom fighters have decided that neither the state government nor any other institution will be allowed to celebrate the year.

Karmali, who was imprisoned during liberation struggle, said that the entire Portuguese rule was marked with oppression, harassment and torture.

"How can anyone celebrate the arrival of oppressors?" he questioned.

Freedom fighters have also demanded that names of Portuguese nationals given to various roads should be scrapped before December 19, 2010.

Karmali said that the roads are named after Portuguese leaders, who had unleashed terror on Goans.

The association has also taken strong objection to corporation of city of Panaji's recent move to name renovated garden as Garcia de Orte.

Filed On: Nov 10, 2010 12:19 IST , Edited On: Nov 10, 2010 12:19 IST

Xavier said...

Who the hell are these so called fredoom fighters? what good have they done for Goa? their properties & accounts need to be checked first. see the state of Goa TODAY is burning with coruption, drugs, murders, robbers, etc. the portuguese did a lot for Goa & left a great stamp which clearly identifies Goa from the rest of India, thats why everone is rushing to Goa to buy plots & BUILD big plush houses. these so called freedom fighters are sick in their mind as do do no know the world has become a smaller place, we breath the same air & we belong to the same planet. VIVA to Portugal

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