FREEDOM FIGHTER'S WARNING by Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim

Received by email
History cannot be wished away by deleting names that connect with the distant past. History is a continuum, whether one likes it or not. The culture of centuries in respect of names, dress, food, festivals, etiquette, laws etc. have become a part of our life and culture.
The distinct identity of Goa as compared with the rest of India is the fusion of cultures of east and the west, which makes Goa attractive on the world stage. Do we throw away the baby with the bath water?
The freedom fighters are now imitating the oppressive procedures of the colonial powers they revolted against. The great freedom fighters of India never sought or accepted pensions or perks. Once pensions were announced even those who were jailed for smuggling goods across the state were registered as ‘freedom fighters’. We would appreciate the body of freedom fighters acting as the formidable watch dog, now, fighting against corruption and nepotism instead of making common cause with selfish legislators.


Anonymous the VIII said...

STOP calling this breed as Freedom fighters.
The nearest they can get to their identification is 'a politician's pet dog'.
My apologise to the actual dogs, as they have more love and faithfulness in them.

Dalia said...

Anonymous the VIII described all in one sentence. I have more respect to the dogs than these political swines who dance to the tunes of he politicians.

diogofichardo said...

Where is the freedom when Goan Citizens are made to run from pillar to post to get any paper work done? To be employed one has to pay by hafta or immoral favours. Why are these fake fighters not fighting now? they should be call a bunch of traitors.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

I do not see any freedom in the lives of the Goans. We have been re-occupation of Goa and for the worst. Naguesh Karmali is nothing but an ex convict during the Portuguese rule. He was out there for just namesake. I can really say the Portuguese were good and did good for the Goans by trying to keep our Goan identity.

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