PANJIM: In its second meeting on the eve of Diwali, the Goa Bachao Abhiyan, along with the Tivim Bachao Manch, gave a call to the villagers of Tivim to strengthen its hands to fight for notification of eco-sensitive zones and restriction of 50 FAR (floor area ratio) pending finalisation of the Regional Plan 2021.
At the meeting, the villagers decided to call upon their MLA and ask him whether he will support the demand for notification of eco-sensitive zones marked in the draft RP 2021. GBA has vowed in its village meetings it will call upon people to put pressure on their respective MLAs.
The meeting was attended by local farmers like Uday Malvankar and Communidade member Mathew D’Souza, Savio D’Souza of TBM, Goa Foundation’s Claude Alvares, Ganv Ghor Rakhon Manch Convenor Geraldine Fernandes, script writer Venita Coelho and other village leaders.
The meeting raked up the issue of the cricket stadium with Malvankar pointing out how 1.3 lakh square metres of eco-sensitive land was acquired by the Government for a private party for the dubious project. The matter is in the High Court which has ruled for a stay order.
Dr Claude Alvares said people were winning with support of the law and as far as the cricket stadium was concerned the ancillary projects had already been withdrawn from the plan as per affidavits in the HC. He called the people to join the GBA campaign to get the RP finalised.
Mathew D’Souza asserted Communidade land was being appropriated for projects that have no benefits for the people. He urged the people to remain vigilant so that the control of land remains with the local people.
Geraldine Fernandes, who hails from Tivim, stated people strongly supported the demand made by GBA for changes in the law for participatory planning and urged the people to rally together to achieve the four demands. Venita Coelho emphasized the need for a proper development plan to ensure food security, water supply and the one which protected land for the locals.
Joint Secretary GBA Miguel Braganza stated that GBA was reaching the people to help them decide whether the kind of development envisaged by the Government benefited them or not. He pointed out that the football ground at Duler, Mapusa, where they played regularly was now a stadium and one has to pay Rs 500 as entry fee to use the ground.
Convenor GBA, Dr Sabina Martins, said people have to rally hard yet again for notification of eco-sensitive zones and restrict haphazard constructions to save Goa from being sold out. (HD)


Dalia said...

Niz Goenkars from Mapusa have already pledged support and there was a meeting held at Porvorim attended by the Core Group on Niz Goenkars. Niz Goenkars will surely be attending in big numbers for all activities concerned to save Goa from these chamaleons of power. The corrupt government of Digu Cowmuth has done nothing good for Goa rather than looting of wealth and diverting the money to foreign banks. What majority of the people don't like should not be implemented. We do not live in the Hitlers regime but in a perfect democracy and the decision of the people should be final and not those of the corrupt politicians who are ruining Goa every single day.

diogofichardo said...

Tivim is one of the most beautiful places in Bardez. It is about time all Goans get together to save Goa from Land sharks and developers. Why don't these builders develop Rajastan, there a lot of land there for free.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Tivim and surrounding villages have a lot of its original villagers living in the UK.
Many UK Goans from Tivim still have interests,family, houses, land etc Tivim.
I hope they will voice their concerns on the issues affecting their village.
Please feel free to voice your concerns here on Niz- Goenkar, so it can evaluate your concerns and apply appropriate pressure on the theiving authorities of Goa.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Diogo:: Rajastan....and plenty of desert too.
Dont forget many deserts also have plenty of oil.Perhaps those theiving Mlas of Goa may want to live there.They need to know it is called "BLACK GOLD".

Dalia said...

As long as Dr. Oscar steer the GBA, it will be difficult even for the main commitee to steer it like him. The GBA is aplenty of tyrants planted by Congress party. Monster Rat was the architect in diluting the powers of GBA followed by Cowmuth, Narvenkar not forgetting the land sharks. It was high time that Dr. Oscar, at the height of his popularity changed the whole political system and then get on to RPI with true Niz Goenkars, the fight today with the chors was not necessary. However, not much is lost except that GBA's motives are a bit diluted. If it becomes powerful again with the stronger motives, I believe, it will be a force to recon.

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