With no efforts to penalize the son of the former IGP Mr.K. D. Singh or recover from him the damages caused while unauthorizedly driving his father’s official Toyota Innova vehicle last year, there seems to be a different yardstick for a police driver involved in an accident in discharge of his official duties.
Police Driver Vinod Malvankar who was driving a Police van from Goa Medical College to Vasco’s Sada Jail met with an accident at Agacaim on 27th August 2003. There was absolutely no damage to the police vehicle. A scooterist collided with the police van and later succumbed to his injuries.
The Agacaim police promptly charge sheeted the police driver for rash and negligent driving. On 9th July 2007, the Additional Sessions Judge, Panaji acquitted the police driver while ruling that he was not driving rash or negligently. A police departmental inquiry also in its report dated 24th June 2009 held that the charge of rash and negligent driving against the police driver could not be proved.
In spite of all this the Goa Police by an order dated 23rd April 2010 directed that Rs 1,10,000/- be recovered from Police Driver Malvankar in 60 instalments towards payment of compensation awarded by the Motor Vehicles Tribunal to the accident victim’s family. From May 2010 the police have been deducting Rs 1833 monthly from his salary.
For a police driver whose month gross salary is just Rs 13892/- and having no nexus with the drug Lords, the unjust monthly deduction of Rs 1833/- has been devastating. His only fault is that he is not the IGP or his son.


Sandesh Gaonkar said...

All scoundrels are in the police department like Chandrakant Salgaonkar etc. The poor driver must be having a hard time. He should complain to the court which acquitted him and make all police personnel involved in unjustly punishing the driver pay the amount and not the innocent.

Felix Mascarenhas said...

Aires bab this is nothing new. Every kind of criminal offences are committed by the police officers of the rank of DySP and above and go off free without any punishment, by pushing the punishment on the constables and head constables. People who praise Allan D'Sa should know that this man too is a rogue and crook and corrupt in disguise of a good man. Vast opposite of what his father a good doctor was.

Dalia said...

Police force in Goa is corrupt at it's core. All corruption in Goa starts from the police department. People think that police are above the law and shower them with their requests or think that they will harass them. The mechanism of law in Goa is just without guidelines. A police constable has got n understanding of IPC sections, their applications. They simply write any case as NC without even applying their mind. Do not talk about Allan D'sa and others who today became SP was after publicity, would call the press and advertise himself as Super Cop. Corrupt at the heart and now pretending to be holy saint, after the illness of his family. PI's like Dalal-vi and his masters who are now DySP for whom he is the colelction agent. Pity, for a driver to pay that penalty and the IGP's son could go scott free.

dlp said...

Yes... the police think that they are the law. What they say and do is right. Nobody can question them. They are in the pockets of the IGP playing golf with their balls. You scratch my balls and I scratch yours. What a lovely game. All concerned are happy. Pockets happy and balls are happy too! What a Yamoooohhh!!!

aggybaba said...

Reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm. All animals are equal. (Some are more equal than others) Please read it, if you can get hold of a copy.

Anonymous said...

We are now under Indian rule.....what can we do? Indians have a different set of values than most Goans. Unfortunately this system as also put the crooks and criminals with no values in charge....the great social experiment. We would be so much happier if we were independent.

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