CURCHOREM: Hectic activities are in progress for the forthcoming Curchorem-Cacora Municipal Council elections. It may be recalled that in the last CCMC election, Wards 3, 6, 9 and 12 were reserved for women, from where Abhita Khandekar vice chairperson, Rukmini Fatto Desai, Beaty Pereira and Aliza Fenandes were elected respectively.
However, as these wards will be for general category this election, only Abhita Khandekar has decided to contest from her Ward 3, though it is not reserved for women, while others will be replaced by their husbands.
Baburao Fatto Desai and Rosha Pereira will contest from Wards 6 and 9 respectively, while Joaquim Fernandes is expected to contest from Ward 12.
This election, Wards 1, 4, 7 and 10 will be reserved for women. Casius Fernandes, late Albert Fernandes, Maruti Naik and Devu Naik were elected from these wards.
This time, Casius will be replaced by his mother Fransisca. In the past, she was elected from Ward 1 and had even become vice chairperson.
Late Albert’s wife will contest the election, but whether she will contest from Ward 4 or Ward 12 is yet to be decided. CCMC Chairperson Maruti Naik has decided to field his wife Anita from Ward 7, but whether he will contest from Ward 4 or 12 is yet to be decided. Devu Naik has decided to field his daughter-in-law Isha Pravin Naik from his Ward 10.
Except for three sitting councillors, the rest have decided to contest from their own wards, Pradip (Ward 2) Abhita Khandekar (Ward 3), Nitin Kakodkar (Ward 5) and Paresh Bhende (Ward 11). Chairperson Maruti Naik will shift to Ward 8, Abhay Khandekar (Ward 12) and Devu Naik is yet to decide.
Another problem which troubles the sitting councillors is that the government has not yet declared wards, which will be reserved for SC, ST and BC. Some councillors said the government has not yet conducted survey of the wards in respect of SC, ST and BC communities.
Though people belonging to OBC are spread in many wards, SC on ST are limited to only two-three wards. If the government declares the wards which have no SC or ST people, then they have threatened to approach the court (HD)


Dalia said...

Read carefully, the family tree begins here. The whole family knows how rich they can become even by becoming councillors. Ha-tu on this corrupt system. Hope people will not elect either one of them but change the chors. What a shame on Goa? Everyone wants family rule. In one case, mother plus the daughter-in-law want to contest in different wards. Corruption is the means of survival in politics.

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