VALPOI: Yet in another incident at Valpoi, one Sandeep Rathod, A 20-year-old youth from Bijapur-Karnataka was caught by Valpoi Police while he was driving a stolen motorcycle at Buimpal Satari in the early morning of Friday.
ASI Yeshwant R. Naik was on a patrolling round when they caught Rathod at Buimpal.  ASI Yeshwant was on his rounds along with only the Police driver Anil when they saw  Rathod at about 4 AM on the Motorycycle.  Getting suspicious of the rider, ASI Yeshwant stopped him at Buimpal. Rathod was riding the stolen bike bearing number GA04 – B2534.  ASI Yeshwant then himself took the Motorcycle to the Valpoi Police Station along with the accused.  They were followed closely by the police jeep driven by Anil.
Getting suspicious of the rider, the police asked him for the documents of the vehicle, but the accused started faltering. Upon thorough questioning he confessed that he stole the bike from Nagargao Satari about 5 Kms from Valpoi Town.


diogofichardo said...

Well done Valpoi police for the arrest of the thief. Make sure you have an air tight case when he is presented in court.

Dalia said...

Many Rathods in Goa, one is a Sarpanch of Sancoale, the pimp of Mauvin Godinho and this Rathod is a thief of Goa.

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