VALPOI: Thieves struck at Brahma Carambolim, in Satari Taluka on Thursday night and stole cash from the Brahmadev Seva Samiti before making their get away. Sandeep P. Kelkar, the president of the BSS of Brahma Carambolim Satari lodged complaint at the Valpoi police station against some unknown culprits who broke open the main door of the temple and decamped with the cash from the donations box.
Mr. Sandeep in his complaint said that the theft might have occurred on Thursday night and was noticed only the following day at about 10:00 hrs by the sweeper who found the main door of the temple open.
The Valpoi police conducted the panchanama a collected evidence whatever they could get from the scene of offence. They also attached a broken lock and an empty cash box which was found lying a few metres from the actual place of is placing.
The committee of BSS has requested the Valpoi PI Shivram Vaigankar to intensify patrolling at Brahma Carambolim as a security measure to the Brahmadev Temple.


vishwas said...

Is this not a shame for police and the home minister who are supposed to guard the life and property of the common man?
May be there is no shame left anymore as such incidents have become very common!
These agencies forget that it is the common man who feeds them and their families! Or may be the police force is busy looking after the politicians and their notorious kids- with no time left to guard the common man and his property!

diogofichardo said...

It is a shame on those that do not protect or respect a house of worship. Have the Government and guardians of the law asleep while the House of God is being Robbed?

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