No one sided match is entertaining. So the closely fought Goa Football Association elections were thrilling in every aspect. Sriniwas Dempo is a very mature, charismatic and balanced person who will be an invaluable asset and will give the game the much needed professional lift.
 However, there has to be a mechanism in place so that Sriniwas Dempo can team up with Peter Vaz to take Goan Football to greater heights. Tonito Botelho whose knowledge, expertise and contribution to the game knows no bounds is another asset Goan football cannot afford to be without. We need to be vigilant to ensure that politicians and persons who have done damage to the game are shown their place. Politicians also infect the sports bodies with political rot. Sriniwas Dempo will have to ensure that they do not stifle or remote control him. Sports is one arena that definitely has to be above Politics. And we all know on what grounds! With politics comes corruption, and we have seen it all.
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diogofichardo said...

The entire sports body of Goa needs a face lift, Government funding is required, Not interference. Politicians should not be made chief guests to any of the sporting activates in Goa. Goan football certainly needs a lot of development to reclaim its former Glory. If Sriniwas Dempo is the answer so be it.

dlp said...

Politics and sports do not, and should not, go hand in hand. Some of our Goan politicians think that because they have a football team of their own means they are the benefectors of the game. It's all money power and that's exactly where Goa has lost its identity of being one of India's best footballing State. If Mr. Srinivas Dempo formulates his agenda well with the help, if needed, of the likes of Peter Vaz, Tonito Botelho, etc. as Mr. Aires has suggested, Goan football will reach where it truly deserve. Numero Uno!

Bebdo said...

I fully support Baba Srinivas Dempo to take over the affairs of GFA. The Dempos have always supported and promoted football in Goa. I know Baba would do a very good job and he is a Niz Goenkar.
The present committee of GFA is run by Joking Alemao and his chamchas. Get rid of these chor politicians from GFA.
Baba Srinivas you have our support. Pls on behalf of Niz Goenkar clear the mess in GFA.
Personally, I would appeal to all Niz Goenkars to support Srinivas Dempo.
Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkar

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