PANJIM Oct 27: Vasco police have registered an FIR against Jose Philip and 87 others for rioting, causing hurt and non cognizable offence registered on NCP legislature Micky Pacheco in yesterday s brawl.  Former tourism minister Micky Pacheco was allegedly beaten up by Jose Philip supporters when he was allegedly distributing money at a hotel in Vasco.
The day after the ugly scuffle between two NCP legislatures the NCP office bearers called an emergency meeting in the capital on Wednesday to take stock of the incident that happened at Vasco which involved NCP Party President Juse Philip and NCP Party MLA Micky Pacheco .
The members deliberated on the serious incident that took place at Vasco on the inputs they had from Newspaper reports and other sources and took serious note of the same. The Party President Jose Philip D’souza and Micky Pacheco were asked to explain and to put forward their views. After hearing both the sides, the committee decided to place all the facts before the High Command with a request to take suitable and corrective action so that such incident may not be repeated. (DG)


N.Fernandes (London) said...

I doubt anything will happen to these 2 scumbags.They are obviously large contributors to the NCP Partys Finances.
They will probably get pat on the back, and a Medal for the fighting and giving the NCP some free advertising.
They will also probably get some Boxing Gloves this Christmas or for Diwali.

diogofichardo said...

It is just a case of formalities by the police; these guys were on the phone within hours inviting each other for Christmas dinners and wives/mistresses birthdays.

Trevor said...

This is what is called Indian 'democrasy'????

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