Goans awoke today to read in newspapers and watch on TV the shameful and disgraceful incident between Mickky and Jose Philip.
These 2 warring idiots are meant to lead by good and exemplary example.
This incident is WORSE THAN childish.
What sort of example is this to the Younger Goan generations?
It seems like Mickky got well "HUMMERED"....oops!.sorry correction "HAMMERED".
Both these Politicians belong to the same Party (NCP) a.k.a. (NATIONAL CROOKS PARTY).However looking at it from another angle, it seems like, it is a fragmented Party. Both these guys are looking for domination of both the Party and Turf.
Seems like Mickky is on his last legs. With the shame of a suicide, fraud, immigration scams, money
laundering cases against him, he is still looking for a reputation and doing anything to keep his position.
A lot of Goans were under the impression he was going to be in Delhi for a Month.
Should Mickky lose at the Elections, I can assure many readers, that his inflated ego will not be allowed to be dented, and having being pushed to the edge, will start committing, more very very fatal & serious crimes.
Mickky hates to lose. He is a Psychopath. I do not even believe if Mickky will understand the word Psychopath. His friends and even doctor will be too afraid to let him know that he is a Psychopath. Perhaps, to Mickky, "Psychopath” means Psychedelic Music of the sixties. Perhaps that is why he wore a bandana and earrings. In a BBC article he stated he played the bass Guitar. I am sure his Bass guitar was a piece of string tied to an old "tea chest/ box". I am sure many older Goans will remember this type of bass instrument.
Hopefully if Mickky can read English, than Niz-Goenkar will have done him a great favour & will be the only organisation that will tell him, the truth, that he is a raving Looney &”PSYCHOPATH”. Whether his is able of understanding that is another matter
In the morning and in Law Courts he states his Bank Accounts are frozen unfairly. His family is starving .By the evening and always notably at night he prowls around South Goa, dishing out laundered and extorted money, or gambling his way with it or paying for diseased prostitutes.
Jose Philip is no better. He too seems like a demented idiot and thug and an equivalent of Mickky Pacheco. He needs his brother and sister in the Municipality to allow him to pursue corrupt deals.
I do not believe this incident is over. It has only just begun. Both these guys know that the Goa Police are an ineffective bunch of Khaki clad, lathi holding imbeciles. They are well versed in dealing with Goa Police.
Mr Digu Kamat must be having a quiet laugh at these NCP idiots. However he should also remember he is also an” Impotent” Chief Minister.He just sits in a rocking chair in his veranda and rocks away.
Both these 2 MLA`s should be thrown out of the Legislature for bringing it into disrepute and disqualified. However, I doubt that will ever happen. Instead they will be given “MEDALS OF HONOUR” by Digu and felicitated on their Birthdays in all the Newspapers with grand advertisements.
This I am afraid is Goa Today. It is controlled by a bunch of thieving and extremely corrupt scoundrels. But do not lose hope. These in-fights between Politicians is a good omen. The more they kill each other the better.
Also remember Niz-Goenkar will fearlessly speak the truth about these inept Politicians. It is a gradual process and results are beginning to show.
Some in Dubai and in Goa too, are trying to close down the Niz- Goenkar site. There is nothing stopping us from starting another site. VIVA Niz-Goenkar


Trevor said...

You are absolutely correct!!!!! Goa is being run by thugs and theives!!!! Shame on the people that vote these people into office. They are a representation of you!!! If this is what the people of Goa want, selling their vote for a few 'favours', 'gifts', and 'alcohol'? Goa is going to go to the toilet! When are our people going to wake up???I urge our people to do the right thing, PLEASE!!!! stop this rubbish and please elect people with a good moral background and at lease some education PLEASE!!! Do it for the future generations of youth. We are loosing OUR Goa. This two clowns can rot in hell! As some said, Mickey is sick…sick in the head, and needs treatment. All his alcohol-dependants that surround him should be locked away!

diogofichardo said...

What good example has our Goan government set? Its ministers have desecrated Goa for their financial Gains. Moreover are in the process of recruiting family members to squeeze Goan wealth to its last drop. Their followers are nothing but tugs, that terrorise the innocent Goans, that oppose their wrong doing. Their branches have spread as far as Dubai. Goondagiri seem to be the norm in Goan politics because we have some uneducated ministers in power.

Andrew said...

What a lovely comment Mr. Trevor. Pray tell me HOW is this going to change. Just look around this site - the contribution is limited to tirades against either the politicians or their supporters. Its nothing new. And please understand; its one thing to say elect good people - please show me the good people to elect. You have none. I've said it before too - no point in screaming from the sidelines. All that happens here is some lovely online commentary, name calling and nothing more. Please identify (a) good candidate(s) and support them towards getting elected. Else its pointless complaining. Regards, Andrew.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew::: I hope you will kindly allow me to dis-agree with you.
Historically many movements started this way.It grew from small to large.There will always be pessimisism.That is quite natural.when Gandhi led the "Quit India Movement" against the Imperial British / British Empire, it was not acheived in a day or a few weeks.It took a few years.Similarly apartheid in South Africa was stifled by the White regime for a long time.However the world changed and they eventually released Nelson Mandela and gave the Blacks the right to Vote & be elected to the Parliament.The Cold war between the Soviet Union and the West lasted for many years too.To day the Soviet Union has been broken up and made up of its proper Republics.The Berlin wall which divided East from West Germany also eventually collapsed and Germany is now one Nation.Yugoslavia as you know was eventually broken into its ethnic republics.
So all I can at this point in time, is to tell you to keep faith.Do not allow pessisimism to guide or rule your wishes.
What you and I may not acheive in our life time, will be acheived by our future generations.It is never an overnight success or achievement.
By sitting quietly, the Goa Politicians believe their actions are acceptable.By being critical and expressing our thoughts,however small, will give them something to think of and perhaps mend their ways.
Goa today has a larger and younger Educated class then it did many years ago.Kids in Goa today have access to the Internet and other forms of connectivity like Mobiles,Blackberrys etc.There are more TV channels then in the 60`s-80`s.
So I hope this will give you a little more optimism for the future.
Many of Goa`s Politicians today are not educated.What they have done is to use some ill-gotten money to assert some power.
These Current Goan Politicians get elected bcause they are flush with money to buy votes.To pay for these votes they plunder Goa`s wealth.The wealth that should belong to all Goans.However this plundered wealth goes to their family`s.
I am aware and have read somewhere Elections will be strictly monitored in future to ensure Money does not play an active part in Vote purchasing.Hopefully this will allow an equal playing field.This is when hope fully the Educated Politicians,with limited funds, will be able to stand & compete.
Bribery and corruption in all Government offices is Goa`s biggest and most cancerous "CURSE".It eats in to all that is meant to be good .It is embedded (stuck) in all levels of adminstration.
I hope this comment will allow you to still have some optimism for the future.Your pessimism is quite normal and natural.Rest assured We all feel this way.
I also hope you are aware that many coments here are getting through to the Politicians.It was getting to them and irritating them.It was giving them sleepless nights.
when it was on O`Heraldo.That is why they pressurised and threatned O`Heraldo to shut it down.I must admit some of the comments had obscene language.But O`Heraldo could have easily moderated these.
Recently another bunch of corrupt idiots in Dubai threatned to close down Niz-Goenkar.They "roped in" or brought in a so called "High Flying" General Manager of an IT solutions Company in Dubai to threaten to close down Niz_goenkar.
Personally, I have no fear of this Dubai IT clown.I have exposed him as best as I can and now await to see how smart he is.I am awaiting his response.
Niz-Goenkars are not his servants to carry out his whims.He can continue with his dominance over those ST Marys Goan Sodality rogues.
I am reserving my ammunition for the moment.
Take care and keep you hopes high.

dlp said...

Thank you N.Fernandes for your comment and a thorough information and explanation on the current situation. There will be plenty Andrews coming and going without a logical solution. We, since Niz Goenkar started, have already seen plenty of changes taking place on the Goan political scene. This Andrew doesn't understand that screaming from the sidelines can get you on the main ground. Our online commentary, name calling and whatever else has already given us results. Mr. Andrew, if you are so concerned, about Goa, please identify a good candidate(s) yourslef and we will support him/them towards getting elected. That is the aim of Niz Goenkar. If you can join our cause, it's fine otherwise go to sleep, think deep and hard on what's going on here, and then comment again. Don't try to put a division amongst the supporters of Niz Goenkars. Nyt! Nyt!!

Unknown said...

Good going me Niz Goenkars,but a mere 29 followers will not bring in a revolution. Please join the movement and strengthen it with your presence.

dlp said...

Edgar... I have seen you more than, not only once, but repeatedly requesting to join the Niz Goenkar followers. Most of the commentators are already there, but I also want others who follow this blog to follow, or get their friends know about this blog. Thank you so much Edgar for being part of Niz Goenkar. God Bless you.

Andrew said...

Dear Mr. DLP or whoever it is you are. This is India and this is Goa. I have read all your previous posts and the less said about them the better. I just read another stupid recent post about the Intelligence Bureau being told to open dossiers on the founders of NizGoenkar. This kind of stupid fictional reporting is what will lead to divisions - cause it is based on ignorance. So Mr. DLP I would suggest you continue with what you do best - "scream from the sidelines"; cause for me its best to steer clear of the likes of you since you absolutely refuse to come to grips with your incompetence. @ Mr. N Fernandes - I agree with what you've written. Just that it isn't anything new. Lets face it. In the present circumstances, the absence of good candidates is understood. I have a suggestion. Instead of coming up with silly poems and name calling - why don't we increase our comments wrt topics of importance and decision making matters. For eg. the recent post on Ticket machines to be installed to ease commuters woes. We can then discuss and deliberate on matters such as these, attempt to come up with possible solutions, address pros and cons of the move. Would you agree that such an attempt on this site would lead to better understanding and awareness amongst the NGs here? So that if given a chance in the decision making role they can really benefit from the advice of so many NGs all over? Regards, Andrew


Dear Mr. Andrew,

There is a help link right on top to help you on how to upload your comments using any name that you like. This is the second time I have done for you manually. I cannot sit and do this work for anybody using the name "ANONYMOUS" "ANON" OR "ANONYM" you can use a suffix or prefix to it, but next time your comments as "ANONYMOUS" will be rejected automatically as it is now programmed to do so. So kindly follow the steps which are really very easy to, inorder to post your comments withouth using "ANONYMOUS" Sorry for that and hope your will use our helpline to post the comments as required.


WhoMI said...

I agree with Andrew about naming a few candidates that Niz Goenkar feels can contest the elections and we have to come up with these names fast and make them known to all with their profile. If not it is going to be the same lunatics contesting and we will have to vote for one among them. We need to get a few of our own ready and build a strong backing for them to contest and win. I for one would like to propose Mr. Amilcar Alvares from Neura or Rashid Sousa from Margao. These two help a lot of people without having any vested interests. I have seen these two on numerous occassions fighting for the poor and less fortunate and never advertise these good deeds done.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew::Thank you for your polite comment.
The issue I have commenting seriously about ticket machines and other gimmicks is they do not solve the true hopes and desires of Goans.
If you speak to any Goan anywhere in the world, their first issue is with the rogues that sit in the Legislature.
Goans all over want decent jobs, and a good future for their kids.
They are sick of the current rogues who are more interested in filling up their coffers and bank balances.
Goans are more interested in how to fill their bellys.Ticket machines or election gimmicks are not a great issue.
I hope that answers tou comment.
To WhoMI:Welcome to Niz-Goenkar.As you may know it is a new site.As soon as it gets a larger following, I am sure more diligient electable names will be proposed.
You have just named 2. I am sure others will comment on the 2 you have mentioned.
I trust your juddgement is in the interest of all Goans.

Andrew said...

@ Mr. N. Fernandes: Most certainly screaming on NizGoenkar about the current rogues that sit in the Legislature is not going to solve the "true hopes and desires" of Goans either. At best, one would feel content at venting out ones frustration.
To be able to fill belly's and get decent jobs, we Goans need to be a little more proactive and ambitious. Speak to any True Goan in Goa and you will find the answer. I have yet to meet a well qualified Goan who had to leave Goa citing "lack of jobs". Yes, we do not have as much purchasing power or job options as the rest of India; but what we have is the blissful contentment of residing in our homeland. As for the other qualified and competent (skilled) Goans who work outside Goa or India - they understand that for their qualifications they need to move outside, perhaps gain experience and return to set up entrepreneurial ventures.
The idea behind initiating proper debates on subjects is merely to debate the pros and cons. Such a discussion is focused and results in positive channeling of energy and acumen.

Trevor said...

@Andrew. I appreciate the spirited discussions and dialog. We can agree to disagree at times. N Fernandes and DLP are trying to sound the alarm. I do not profess to know the answers, and am willing to be corrected. I do know that we are in a serious crisis as our homeland is being taken away from us and it pains me tremendously. I was fortunate at one time to have traveled to a few places around the world and the reason I say that is to intimate that we were truly blessed with a paradise on earth - Goa. So many rich nations would die to have a piece of our paradise. I agree, we need to find real solutions to getting our people to vote for good candidates. I applaud Dr Rebello for coming forward and stating who the good candidates are. This forum can give others out there to state who these good candidates are, as one commenter stated. I appeal to more of our fellow Goans in Goa to write in with this kind of information. We need to change things around, as in less than 50 years it is so shocking how much our Goa has been sold to outsiders. I realize we are part of India now, but I feel Vaso is the future of all of Goa, if things don't change in Goa. I love to be in Goa to fight this battle but sadly I cannot. Even though I have two degrees from western institutions I will never be hired in Goa. And I am not trying to brag but to say that I would love to contribute to my home but I am not wanted, as are so many fellow Goans. All government jobs go to non-Goans and sometimes as stated non-christians. And this goes back to whom we elect into office. Too many of the christian MLAs are crooks and criminals who are looking out only at their self interest. Tragically our people are selling their vote for a few favours and gifts including alcohol. We are in a serious crisis, I don't see how young Goan couples can purchase a property in Goa and keep our culture going. Everyone has grandiose ideas on Tourism with building of marinas and aquariums, but what good is it, if our people cannot fish and buy land to keep our culture going. Right now only non-Goans can afford to buy land in Goa.....We are systematically being removed from our land and we don't even know it. We need to elect leaders that have a vision for the survival of our Goan people and culture in Goa. This is our ONE and ONLY home. Please provide your input as we need all ideas. I hope that good people in Goa will rise to the challenge and save our homeland, and us, as a people.

Andrew said...

@ Trevor - Thank you and I appreciate your honest statements. Trevor, I reiterate - education is the key. Your knowledge and experience of Western systems will surely contribute immensely to formulate ideas here. We can initiate discussions under relevant subject threads as I've mentioned before.
I have to mention. I do not know why you feel you cannot work in Goa / or India for that matter. This is our country and our state. It is our home. It is where we will always get respect. Please believe in yourself - maybe you will just will yourself to come home. :)

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew:: Once again Thanks for your comment.
Pardon me...but I think you are being very selfish and extremely short-sighted on issues concerning Goa.I have mentioned this trait of your on another comment.

You are one of the lucky Goans that was previledged to get a Job , through whatever means, in Goa it self.
To suggest that there are many jobs in Goa if one is sufficiently qualified is one of your myths.It is definetely not the reality on the ground.I am shocked that you think this way.
Jobs in Goa as far as I know are given to family and friends or an inner circle.And more than often for a bribe.Try telling me or for that matter anyone else here on this site that you are not aware of Jobs for Bribes.Perhaps you come from an ancient land owning class or some upper caste of people that, regardless of your educational qualifications or merit...you will get a job.It is on the "silver spoon" on the day you were born.
many jobs in Goa are tantamount to slavery or bondage.Additionally it is not at it best, a decent living wage.

Personally I think you need to get a reality check.You seem to be living in some sort of Blissful Cocoon and coming out to spin some silky yarns.
Please do not tell me this does not happen in Goa.
Perhaps you only hang around with people that are your own caste, own class or finiancially and upwardly mobile.
I will not buy your view that there are plenty of jobs in Goa.Please keep this silly view of yours to yourslef and amongst you tribe.
You must be living in a "Bubble" with an elitist group of friends.
Once again you seem to take a dim view of Niz-Goenkar.
I am not sure if I should give you any of my time, to reply or discuss with you anything.Yiu are too pessismistic and negative.
I have met people like you.We call them cowards and appeasers and in simplistic terms dim-wits.
The current Goa government is obviously servicing you well.You are the one of the few that are content and benefiting from it.
You are under the impression that Niz-Goenkar is purely ineffective and it is all "HUFFING & Puffing.You are sadly mistaken.
Niz_Goenkar has been very instrumental in bringing into the open many issues that affect and afflict peoples lives.For certain it is not a driverless runaway Train.Niz-Goenkar has never proclaimed anywhere it will bring change overnight or guarantee results immediately.
Many people here are learning new things every day.I hope you are one of them too.
If you are not aware , Niz-Goenkar has been ruffling feathers in Goa.If you are not aware of this then welcome.
I am a decent,diplomatic and honest guy.I will contribute to Niz-Goenkar as best as as I have been bestowed with.
However if you want to take me on and play , silly games and with fire...I am ready.
Please do not under any circumstances question my intergrity and those of contributors here.
Your views are welcome...but remember there will be people that will disagree.

Please view Niz-Goenkar as a platform or stage where Goans can discuss various issues.Every little input from commentators gives readers of the present and future something the can use for their personal development and with much hope to bring about a better Goa.
best of luck again.And Rome was not built in a day.

Andrew said...

@ Mr. N. Fernandes - Thanks for making a mountain out of a molehill. Clearly, if the likes of you are of the "mainstays" or "spokespersons" of NG, I would prefer to cease commenting. I am amazed - what need was there to bring up caste? Or class? The problem with people like you is that you are afflicted by such a crab mentality that you refuse to accept or believe that a Goan can be decently employed in Goa. Another is this myopic mentality with Govt jobs. Mister, till now I've only worked with private companies; and I am sure you will have a problem too. Yes, I belong to the "upper castes". But no, if you condescend to return from your beloved London - I will take you to my home. "Elitists" my friend - do not have the respect of people. And whether you like it or not; even without money my family has respect. But sadly, guys like you refuse to see talented Goans rise. I am disgusted that you had to raise caste and class issues. It shows your definition of a GOAN. Make up your mind about which battle you are fighting for heavens sake. In any case, I will not respond to your posts henceforth. Good luck.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

I think Andrew as he claims to be an educated persons does not practically appear to be so. I have been observing his comments. He has no manners to address to the people. If an uneducated person talks like that it is understood. But a hightly educated person behaves like this is beyond imagination. An educated person should not behave like this to counter the uneducated ones. I wish this man Andrew approaches more rationally.

N.FErnandes (LOndon) said...

To Andrew:::Once thanks for your mocking comment I couldn`t care less if you reply or not to my comments in future.
You have been sent and paid by some RABID Political dog to come on the NG site and try an throw it off course.That is quite clear from the way you write.Alternatively there are a few SMGS nutcases in Dubai, roped you in to bring salvation to them.You are anti NG.You seem to be petty in picking faults on everyone here.Bebdo,DLP,Chandrakant and myself.That is what some Goa Politician has asked / instructed you to do.You may be able to write...but the moral of your story is all jibberish.
You are like one of those green coconuts that fall from a tree ,with a big hole in it that was eaten by squirrells.In time they turn brown.I Think the konkani word is "BONDO".
NG commentators have not been as foolish as you, to believe that there will be results over night.NG supporters exist all over the world.There is a bigger following in Goa.We who live outside of Goa are here to express our solidarity and share ideas.
You indicates your lack of reality and your senses have taken leave.

To suggest that the caste or class or elitists "do not exist" in Goa is farcical.
You say you are a Privately employed Lecturer.I doubt that.Perhaps your lectures may go down well and receive acccolades in the migrant slums of Moti Dongor, just around the corner from where you perch.
You should stop kidding fooling yourself that the caste system has been completely eradicated.It is still a scourge and instrumental in getting a good job in Goa for many.Upper castes to a great extent do not need qualifications or talents.They just rely and get spoon fed by their their connections and inner circle.
I am in Goa often,read online Goa newspapers or, can pick a telephone and conduct some research and so I do not need you to pop up on this forum to lecture me, that this is still not practised.I sincerly hope you are meeting real human beings and not brainwashed by politicians.
Please refer to a recent incident where some of "your type" beloved MLA`s Mr JP D`sousa took exception of Mickky interfering in the election of JP D`souzas family members being elected to the Vasco Municipal seats.What about the Drug Baron Ravi Naik who wants his son Roy in Mayem. Or What about that rogue Churchill who wants his big lipped daughter Valanka elected in Benaulim.What about the Ranes.What about the land thief and grabber Monserattes...wife and husband.What about Mauvin Godinho and his family, who are creating a little fiefdom in Cansaulim.What about your own backyard rogue KAmat supporting his cousin (brother).
I doubt this explaination will placate /educate you any better that \I attempted inan earlier comment to you.Your brains are unlikely to absorb this fact.It may work when you come out of your little bubble or detach your self from you fantasy.

Having read your comments I once again conclude that you are, a godchild of a politician.He has
asked you to come here to disturb the free flow of information and comments that have been creating havoc in Goas political circles.They are I am told, having sleepless nights.

Here is you bizzare and ridiculous comment to TREVOR:::Andrew said...
@ Trevor - Thank you and I appreciate your honest statements. Trevor, I reiterate - education is the key. Your knowledge and experience of Western systems will surely contribute immensely to formulate ideas here. We can initiate discussions under relevant subject threads as I've mentioned before.
I have to mention. I do not know why you feel you cannot work in Goa / or India for that matter. This is our country and our state. It is our home. It is where we will always get respect. Please believe in yourself - maybe you will just will yourself to come home. :).

I am also very pleased that you will not respond to my posts henceforth.I can explain this quite simply

Shyam Sawant said...

ANDREW A professor lecturer? My foot. you seem to be more of a ruffian than a lecturer. Do educated people behave like this? This shows that you are a mentally retarted man in Goa. It also shows you are a jealous person.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Shyam::: I totally agree with you.This Andrew is no Lecturer.
I have never come across any Lecturer with his behaviour.Lecturers are meant to part education in whatever field.They should be examples to the recepients of their Lectures.
This guys Lectures on Goa have a few "nuts & Bolts missing".
I am not in the habit of being insulting.I have been kind and diplomatic to this Andrew.But I do not believe he understands these words...so I have had to approach him slightly differently.
I doubt he can be educated in good etiquettes.

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