PANJIM: Three trafficked victims were rescued and two traffickers were arrested by the Panaji police on Saturday night. The traffickers were intercepted when they brought the girls to a customer opposite a popular hotel in the capital.
A police team led by PI Sandesh Chodankar laid a trap and through a decoy customer contacted an individual called Javed who is known to supply girls to prospective customers in the state.
Javed told the decoy customer that he can presently offer three girls from Mumbai. He also told the decoy customer over the phone that as he is out of station, the girls - aged between 20 and 25 - will be brought by his men Amjad Khan and Manoj Kumar in a car to the heart of the capital.
However, when they approached the area, a police team intercepted them and arrested the two traffickers. Police sources said that while Amjad is originally from Bhopal and Manoj from Delhi, both currently reside at Benaulim. They have been booked under Immoral Traffic Prevention Act. Police are now trying to trace Javed.  Meanwhile, the rescued girls, who claim to be from Mumbai, have been sent to the state protective home. (TNN)


Antoni said...

Al these guys who supply girls thru Goa should be castrated, knee capped and then left in the middle of the Arabian Sea. I'm sorry but my last trip to Goa, has got me very upset - goan girls in XI and XII std are in the same rcakcet for the money. Their pimps are all muslim guys (i am not sure if local or where?? Is it the same case in the other districts, i have seen only the Bardez - Mapusa area)

Dalia said...

Was the hafta not paid in advance? What went wrong with the Gua Pulis to act and detect the crime? Will the case stand it's day or already being settled?

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Antoni:::What you witnessed about this trade flourishing and expanding in Goa is truly disturbing and shocking.
I am sure Ravi Naik will come out and say it does not exist in Goa.

dlp said...

N.Fernandes... As far as these 40 chors are there, nothing of this sort exists in Goa. It is just the people's imagination running wild.

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