PANJIM: Goa’s most wanted drug lord Yaniv Benaim alias Atala is not a wanted person back in his country and is currently roaming freely without even Interpol looking out for him, sources said. An Israeli journalist, who is in Goa for a holiday said, on condition of anonymity, that it is a wrong notion spread by Goa Police that Atala is wanted in 16 cases.
“In fact, he might be booked in past for some minor two or three cases, which did not attract his arrest,” he stated.  Atala had reportedly missed compulsory military service in Israel after he went out from the country. “He was living life of a king in Goa. For him, life in Goa was cheap. He could enjoy everything at throw away price,” the journalist stated adding that since now he is back in Israel; he is finding it as an expensive place. “He wants to leave Israel and go somewhere else,” he added.
Shockingly, he stated that Interpol representative in Israel does not even know that he is wanted by Indian police. “If they knew, they would have got him in and informed Indian government,” he said.
Atala, which became household name in Goa after media exposed his links with policemen, was wanted by media in Israel for short time when he landed back in his town. “There were dozen of camerapersons who were camping outside his house to catch his glimpse on the camera. But he remained in the house till the air got cleared,” he said.
The alleged drug peddler was arrested from a shack at Pernem on March 11 for his links with Goa police. This resulted in the suspension and arrest of seven police officials, who are currently on bail. Narcotics and Drugs Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Court at Mapuca had released Atala on conditional bail in June.
Atala suddenly disappeared since July-mid which was informed to the police when he failed to respond summons issued by Crime Branch and Mapuca Court.
While, a non-bailable warrant is already pending against him, Goa police had informed media that they have issued red-corner notice to trace his whereabouts and arrest him from anywhere in the world. Atala was seen in Israel lately, which was not even known to Goa police until a national news channel released the video-footage.
While, police spokesperson Superintendent of (Special Branch) Police Atmaram Deshpande failed to respond to phone calls by media, Crime Branch DySP C S Salgaoncar who has been accused by the opposition leader Manohar Parrikar of sabotaging the investigation in the police drug nexus however declined to speak when inquired on the matter.
"Investigating Officer will not speak anything on the case..." was all tthat Salgaoncar said. It may be recalled that Crime Branch is probing into the alleged drug mafia and police nexus since its expose in February 2010 with Salgaoncar being the chief in the probe.
The opposition leader also accused the police of deliberate delays in the investigation at the instance of the home minister, whose son has been named in the drug nexus. The Home Minister has also refused to hand over the case to an independent investigating agency and is strongly supported by Chief Minister Digamber Kamat. - (HD)


diogofichardo said...

One has to throw caution to the wind in believing the journalist from Israel, he could have been paid by our Goan Drug Dealers to spread rumours. Israel has one of the best intelligence in the world, and do not harbour criminals wanted in another country specially drug dealers. I doubt Atala's body left Goa, drug kingpins do not spare each other.

Shyam Sawant said...

Israel is the most intelligent country in the world. If the our Goan buffoons say that Israel does not know that Atala is wanted in India then the Goan Buffoons are idiots of the first class. That Atala is wanted in Goa, the whole world knows and the most Intelligent Country that keeps the records on its intelligence of the world does not know it makes me laugh. Who are they fooling with their rubbish news? They are only showing how ignorant they are the buffoons as they are they are very intelligent and Israel is dump. What a Joke!

Trevor said...

He has the full consent of the Home Minister. Everyone know that! is useless talking about this story, India is a corrupt country...politicians rule like Mafia. The PM of India was elected into office to clean up corruption; they have yet to get to the bottom of the shameful CW Games fiasco. The whole system is corrupt to the core!!! The poor people in India will always suffer....had it been a 'white man' doing this, they would be an uproar but when it is our own we are mum.
Where are the so called 'freedom fighters'?....they only come out to denigrate the Portuguese and destroy name plates. And look at the huge legacy the Portuguese left us with the only city in India, Panjim, that is planned so well that any new visitor can find they way around. And I might add a very beautiful city when observed from across the bay. Of course after 'liberation' slums have grown around it with ugly ill- built ghetto h-rises. Soon I would imagine it won’t be long before it goes the way of Vaso. The politicians of Goa are uneducated and illiterate and do not have a vision for Goa. They are too busy filling their pockets and grooming these children to take on this family business. So much for Indian democracy!

dlp said...

Shyam... These buffoons are a bunch of jokers. What else can they do, other than jokes? At least if these jokes could make us laugh it would have been worth it. But the jokes they make are sick jokes. They are making us laugh for different reasons. For their ignorance. They think they are very smart and everyone else is a fool. Like Diogo says, Atala's body might still be buried in one of these buffoons' backyard and they are creating this news just to divert attention.

RDM said...

Trevor, Echo your comment about the so called Freedom Fighters . Where the hell are they ? The truth is that these freedom fighters have joined the bandwagon of our disgraceful politicians - trying to divert the attention of the goan people from the real ills that we need freedom from. If they were indeed serious about their status as freedom fighters they would have been working towards achieving freedom from the current serious problems facing Goa rather than worry about a name ( Read : Garcia de Orta )that in reality changes NOTHING. Its only a name !

N.Fernandes (LONDON)) said...

This ATALA story is getting more mysterious day by day.

Theory 1:Assuming Atala arrived at an airport in Israel, he would have had to present a passport at immigration to enter Israel.If he was an army defector ,he would have been picked up at the airport and transported to the Israeli Military Police for interrogation.
If he was on an Israeli "WANTED" list he would have been carted off to prison for breaking his bail conditions.
As every commentator has stated, Israel is a very pananoid Nation and a very highly "security conscious" Nation.Everyone entering Israel is thoroghly investigated.Also unlike Goa Police, bribery in this instance would be severly punished.
Some Goans that went there on a pilgrimage, quite recently (2009) were refused permission even though they were entering legally.
Theory 2:Assuming Atala entered through a Land route,he would have had to travel through hostile Arab Countries.If he was caught by Arab security he would be again taken serously as being an Israeli SPY.This would have caused an International furore.If ordinary Arabs got hold of him ,Atala would be taken hostage and used as a bargaining chil to release Palestinian held in Israel.
Theory 3:This is the most likely and plausible route taken by ATALA.He would have been shipped by Goa`s corrupt Police and Chief Ravi Naik,to Israel, to a remote place on the beach
to enter Israel.
Theory 4:Goa Police and an Israeli Newspaper sated that Atala crossed into Nepal and then entered Israel.If he flew from Nepal to Israel...again he would have been questioned at immigration in Israel.
So all in all the mystery deepens.
My personal view is the the extremely Corrupt Goa POlice were heavily involved in Atala`s disapperance from Goa/India.It was a "HOT POTATO" and getting too hot to handle.I am sure huge amounts of money were exchanged between RAVI NAIK/ ROY NAIK and ATALA and Goa Police.
One just needs to wink at the Goa Police and the deal is done.Winking is commonly used in all Goa`s Government offices and by its officials to close a deal.Nodding of the head is another sign of acknowledgement that a deal is in the offing.
The Israeli journalist has given much more detail of how the Goa Police were operating & running the drug business and cartels.Do I believe it...Oh! Yes.
IT is not out of the scope of Goa Police to have assisted ATALA and then transferred the |Burden to Indias |Interpol agency...the CBI.
There is a RED Corner Notice for ATALA.

Present family name: BENAIM
Forename: YANIV
Date of birth: 20 September 1975 (35 years old)
Place of birth: Israel
Language spoken: English, Hebrew
Nationality: Israel
Height: 1.76 meter <-> 69 inches
Weight: 62 kg <-> 137 pounds
Colour of eyes: BROWN
Colour of hair: BLACK

Given the correct resources I am sure Niz-Goenkars could easily solve this case.

Dalia said...

I think that this is just a fiasco created by the destroyers of Atala to give a wrong signal to the people and forget the issue. Atala could be killed and buried deep down but the controversy will remain and haunt Ravi Hasish Naik and the Crime Branch as they failed miserably in this case to get the culprits on hook. The inefficiency and incompetence of the Gua Pulis is the result of all this saga.

victor said...

How much money might have changed hands behind allowing Atala to free the country? Who are all those who shared the loot? Is it not a shame on the concerned minister and the police?

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