PORVORIM: NCP state president Jose Philip D' Souza and Former Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco are moving together to strengthen NCP in the state. D'souza and Pacheco on tuesday together inaugurated NCP office in Porvorim. D' Souza said that they have decided to strengthen the party in Goa and this is just the begining.
NCP Office at Porvorim
NCP had announced their plan to strengthen their party in all 40 constituencies during the Mapuca convention. NCP opened their office in Porvorim on Tuesday. NCP president Jose Philip D’Souza and former Tourism minister Mickky Pacheco together inaugurated NCP office in Porvorim.
“This is the beginning” said Mr. D’Souza. He also quoted that the final decision on the coalition in the next elections will be finalised by the NCP and Congress high command in Delhi.
Mr. D’Souza said that the decisions taken by the high command pertaining to this coalition has been duly complied by them in Goa till today.


Dalia said...

Good idea to strenghten your pockets rather than strenghtening Goa. Keep it up Monkey Mouse and the LIC agent of the Ghantis from Vasco. What else will you people do? Hide your sins behind the curtain of the politics and party.

N.Fernandes said...

Hi Dalia:::As I said there is a new "political Fashion parade"taking place in Goa.It is called "opening offices".Also remember the human bullfighting season has only just begun.Also remember that the first lesson Mickky was taught when he was made to take up Tailoring, was how to stitch "POCKETS" of all shapes and sizes.Also I agree with you...when a fusion of a Monkey & a Mouse takes place ...the result is a "MICKKY".

Anonymous said...

The power hungry rouges of Goa....the thieves of Goa getting ready to LOOT......people in Goa, please we need NEW leadership! All around the world people are waking up to take control of their home from these old rouges....We need educated people please....Education has to mean something! If they are honest educated people out there please come forward, we need a new beginning. The Ratol-baba will transfer another 2 million dollars for this campaign for him and his wife # 2 or 3 or 4? If people in Goa have any dignity they would not elect people like this. Please don't let me loose hope you, people of Goa.

Valente Pereira said...

Yes the USD 2 Million that Mickey Pacheco recently withdrew from the US to get him out of all his mess and pay to get support will go a long way in the corrupt practices to strengthen his Team!

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