Before I venture into giving my reply to Arwin Mesquita on a comment that he sent here on Niz Goenkar, I would like to paste that comment here so that it would enable the readers to get the correct picture as to what I am replying to him. It would also help the readers analyse some of the Goan structure of a few self proclaimed Goans without the knowledge of the mother tongue of Goa KONKANI.
Dear All,
I prefer spending time with those working to save Goa on the Ground, But this has gone too far & at this stage right/wrong, it is not helping the cause of Goa/Goan unity. My views:
  1. Caji and the Goan Sodality team has given me the support to hold meetings on Goan Identity. Some thing rare amongst Goan Associations? Also I know that many in the group who are working selflessly and this will demotivate them and any others who want to do something for the Goan community.
  2. Jude has suggested so many ideas and also has offered tom work with me on the bigger picture for Goa & Goans and our Identity. His ideas/vision is very different from the average Goan thinking if just parties, dances & social events; Something rare in the Goan Mindset.
  3. For argument sake, say the critics have some grounds, do we really need to make a mountain out of a mole hill? There is so much disgustful much higher looting by many MLAs in Goa; let us focus our energies constructively there if we really have the courage to clean Goa?
  4. Activists in Goa are pleading for help/money or any kind of assistance. We have limited time to save Goa and lets spend our time wisely.
  5. I think we have to put this to rest Logically. Please see my suggestions below:
  • Those concerned can call Caji/Jude and have a meeting with people/representatives both opposing parties.
  • I offer to be present at this meeting
  • Those concerned must have simple bulleted summary document of Allegations.
  • Caji/Jude/Goan Sodality can answer to each of the allegations and the entire document will be put up on the Goan websites
  • I must reiterate that this has to be a civilised meeting with no abuses, name calling foul language etc. Also this will not be a debate, it will be more on proper clear clarifications of the allegations so that Caji/Jude/Goan Sodality can respond as best as they can.
Once the final document (Allegations & Answers) is posted on Goan Websites/Forum, then we have to leave it to the people to decide. After the latter the issue must be laid to rest and let’s do something more productive for our beautiful land Goa & our people. - Arwin Mesquita (UAE)
Dear Arwin
We appreciate the efforts that you are making to fight for Goa and Goans. We too are doing the same and you are most welcome to join us.
1) Now you have said that you prefer to spend time with those working to save Goa on the Ground.
  • To this let me answer: How do you know that we are not working on the ground? Do you think without our members working on the ground we would have been able to help the needy Goans (which sometimes involved lot of logistics) and expose the corrupt politicians and land sharks with documentary evidence?
2) You then say “but this has gone too far & at this stage right/wrong, it is not helping the cause of Goa/Goan unity.”
  • Can you please explain what has gone too far and is not helping Goa/Goan unity? As far as we know, our policies and stance have made more Goans aware of what is happening to Goa and more Goans, all over the world, are joining in our efforts to fight the corrupt and illiterate goonda politicians, land sharks and non-Goan policies of the Goa government.
3) Further, you say that Cajie and the Goan Sodality team has given me the support to hold meetings on Goan Identity.
  • My answer to this is: You had only one meeting NOT MEETINGS in St. Mary’s Church. Cajie and Goan Sodality didn’t support you much. In fact Cajie asked you in English why you were addressing the meeting in English when you are supposed to talk on Goan Identity. You answered him that you did not know Konkani as you were born and brought up in Kuwait and that you were making an attempt to learn Konkani. When someone from the audience questioned Cajie as to why Cajie was speaking in English, Cajie then switched over to Konkani. Nothing constructive came out from this meeting. In fact, you were bad-mouthed and were written off as saying ‘what this guy knows about Goa and Goans when he can’t even speak Konkani’.
4) You are saying that many in the group (which I assume is SMGC) will be demotivated and any others who want to do something for the Goan community.
  • To this I reply: How many members are there in the SMGC? Are you saying this because most people in Dubai doesn’t want to associate with SMGC and are now associating with Niz Goenkars? Is the SMGC feeling threatened about the rising popularity of Niz Goenkars in Dubai?
5) You said: Jude has suggested so many ideas …. Blah blah blah. And then add to say that his ideas/vision is very different from the average Goan thinking…. Something rare in the Goan mindset.
  • My reply is: Are you underestimating the intellect of a majority of Goans, including us?
6) This comment of yours is very interesting: “Do we really need to make a mountain out of a mole hill? There is so much disgustful much higher looting by many MLAs in Goa….
  • My reply is: What are you trying to imply here, and especially when you mean ‘MUCH HIGHER LOOTING’. With this statement of yours, can I infer that there is looting of some scale which is going on? And if so it has to be HIGH. If you know the English language then you will know what I mean. HIGH, HIGHER, HIGHEST.  So do you want to sweep under the carpet this ‘HIGH’ looting and are urging us to concentrate on the ‘HIGHER’ looting?
7) You say: Activists in Goa are pleading for help/money or any kind of assistance.
  • My reply is: How do you know that we are not of any assistance to these activists? If you check our posts on Naroa (Mehta scam) you will see our activists confronting the Naroa sarpanch. We are here and there, plus we are assisting many. Many other activities that we are doing are not open for public discussion due to the sensitive nature of such activities.
8) You say: I think we have to put this to rest logically
  • My reply is: I don’t know what you are talking about. We don’t have issues with any individual.
Your suggestions:
(A) You say Those concerned can call Cajie/Jude….. and have a meeting
  • My reply to this also is we have no issues with individuals. But if such individuals try to tarnish our image, threaten us and use political clout to try to silence the voice of Niz Goenkar, we won’t keep quiet. We will expose such people for working against the welfare of Goa and Goans.
(B) You say: “I offer to be present at this meeting”
  • My reply is: Are you offering your services out of your own free will or were you pushed into it by someone who is frightened of being exposed by Niz Goenkars?
(C) …. You are talking about allegations
  • My reply is: We have not alleged anyone of anything. We have documentary evidence and we have published it on the site. From our side it is all in black and white. If the party that you are representing have something against us let them forward that to you and we will answer it.
(D)… again you are talking about allegations…. Blah blah blah… and clarification about Cajie/Jude?
  • My reply is: Will this meeting be conducted in English or Konkani?  If it is in English, then Cajie will object to it, the same way that he had objected to you speaking in English when you had addressed the meeting on Goan Identity in St. Mary’s Church.
On a final note. Let me assure you that we have nothing against any individual be it Cajie/Jude or any one. We support you as one of us. But please refrain from insulting the intellect and the goodwill of Goans. Goans have endured enough of hypocrisy of the illiterate politicians who have sold Goa to the ghanttis. Goans have are on the verge of becoming a minority in Goa. Goa’s culture, especially the Luso-Indian culture (I hope you understand what I mean by this) is being diluted by the culture of the ghanttis. Even our church properties have been sold to non-Goan builders by some of our priests. The time has now come for Goans to say enough is enough. And through Niz Goenkar we will bring a change in the socio-political structure of Goa.
Viva Goa, Long Live Goan Unity, Goa for Goans
Mog asundi
Regards - Bebdo


Arwin Mesquita said...


I have not interest in arguing your points. I have stated mine, you have stated yours and I leave it to Goans decide. I must state that you seem to be adding words to my post to complicate/confuse the situation

My view is to address this and my suggestion (as indicted earlier) is simple:
(1) Civilised Meeting in person(no alias names),
(2) Drafting the concerned points
(3) Get a response from your opposite party
(4) Publicise the issues vs. response
(5) Let then Goans make up their minds. (PS I am not the judge here)

If you want want to do this lets proceed, else lets use our time constructively


dlp said...

Bebdo... An itemized and fitting reply to Arwin's comments (whoever he is).

Peace Maker said...

Guys! Guys! This is precisely what the politicans and enemies of Goa want to see, US fighting amongst ourselves on this open forum. THIS WOULD BE MUCH TO THE DELIGHT OF THE POLITICANS AND LOOTERS OF GOA ! Please STOP targeting each other on this open forum, SMGC included. Settle your differences behind closed doors !!! Unfortunately it is this very attitude of pulling each other down that has brought us Goans to the the disgraceful situation we are in. Every person of Goan Origin who holds close to his heart and feels for it is GOAN and NO ONE can take that away from him/her.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

What battle is this Arwin fighting, when the first thing and a major thing is he does not know our mother tongue Konkani. How can he say he is a Goan who when he does not know the language of Goa? I remember the song of Alfred Rose whose songs I love to listen, sang about the Goan boy who was asked to sing in his language and he did not know Konkani and was publicly insulted by the other foreign groups saying "Then you must be a bastard" such an Insult. I do not consider those who do not know Konkani as Goans.

Joe Rebello said...

Arwin God alone knows if your parents are really Goan in the first place. You don't know the basic thing of Goa i.e. the Mother tongue and so why are you wagging your rubbish English tongue there? Just shut up and go to sleep. You had no balls to talk to Churchill. You only talk behind, a coward that you are. When Churchill fired you on the stage you were shivering in your pants and you have a big mouth to talk. Since you are a mixed Goan who does not know our language I can rightly say "must be a B..@#$&*)@d. Get your feeling off or tell your parents to not to think you and they are British or Americans. Crow can never be a peacock if he wears the latters feathers.

Shyam Sawant said...

This Arwin is not even ashamed of himself. Above all he does not know Konkani and by what rights does he call himself a Goan? A real Goan will always speak Konkani. He is also siding the crooks and telling us to unite. First learn fluent Konkani to read, write and speak and then come to give lectures here. Yours is an invalid lecture

Jane De Sa said...

I have seen Arwin Mesquita's writings in Goacom. But before this I never knew that this man was a hypocrite who without any knowledge of Konkani calls himself a Goan. We do not need Goans like him to help us. If you want to do something for Goa first learn our language and then come to do something.

Suhas said...

I am a Goa Hit Rakhan Manch member and was shocked to know this boaster Arwin Mesquita who boasts so much does not even know Konkani. So by what right is he fighting for Goa? Again it is observed that he seems to be siding the corrupt people of Dubai from SMGC whatever the organisatin is. Fellows like Arwin should not be allowed to enter into Goa. It is high to mark up guys like him

N.Fernandes (London) said...

I am not sure, what is the motive of SMGS (St Marys Goan SODALITY) or as they have recently changed their name to St Marys Goan COMMUNITY (SMGC), to hire or request your services to mediate between them and Niz Goenkar (NG).
NG is an open forum ,where Goans and all its well wishers and opponents too, can express their views and thoughts openly on all subjects that directly or indirectly impact on Goan Citizens, wherever the may live.
SMGC is a localised body that caters to the communal needs of the "SELECT FEW" or mainly "ELITE" Goan community of Dubai.
"Publicily", SMGS claims to be an open and welcome to all Goans, organisation.
"Privately", it is a shrewd organisation that has now become known to serve only a certain class of Goans and exclude the underclass.
Quite honestly an organisation such as this cannot be relied on to represent all Goans.
SMGC is still basically a Church organisation.It trades under the name ST MARYS.The change of name from Sodality to Community was only done following the NG comments.I get a dinstinct impression that even the Local Parish Priest felt that SMG calling it self a Sodality was not in the best of the Church.Their activities and motives under the guise of "St Mary`s" were being questioned.
You also have not been told the full and complete story of all that has transpired and exchanged between NG & SMCS/c.
Any NG commentator, contribitor or reader will conclude that the SMGS/c is doing nothing more than save their skins,backsides,profits and badly damaged reputations and hence are now relying on you to assist.
CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME-So I would advise you to first help SMGS/c to get their own house in order before they are seen as a credible organisation that wants to bring Goans together and work towards a better future for Goa.
In a seperate comment.later, I will explain to you why NG and SMGS are not compatible.

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

The Goa Hit Rakhan Manch should take a note of this type of Goans, who say they do not know konkani and yet boast of their deeds. Some sort of action in Goa should be demanded against such guys whoever he or she may be. Please put this proposal in your next meeting dear GHRM.

pio antao said...

This website seems to getting away from its objectives. "This site has been developed with a dedication for the cause of my Motherland GOA" . What we seem to be doing is targeting our fellow goans. Arwin has been writing about our Goan identity much before you guys had even woken up. He is a True Goan. Its not his fault if he was brought up in Kuwait and does not know the language.Is knowing Konkani a measure of being a Goan? What about all the Ghanntis in Goa who speak fluent Konkani, are they Goans then? Why is it then that our Goans prefer putting our children in English medium private schools? Let us stop targeting individuals and get to the crux of the problem that is saving Goa. Let us not be like the proverbial crabs that keep on pulling our own down.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

This comment posted on Sunday 31st Oct.

To Arwin:I appreciate the role you are "hoping" to play in resolving issues with NG & SMGS/C.
However prior to putting yourself forward, I would like you to thoroughly...and I mean very throughly read all the comments here on the SMGS/C (Sodality /Community).
From my personal point of view,you are being taken for a ride by SMGS and being mis-led.
I hope you will consider the proverb"FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE WISE MEN FEAR TO TREAD).
You are being lulled in by SMGS,by a false promise and pretence.
I am a little pressed for time just now. But I will make a fuller comment to- morrow.
If you wish to preserve any reputation or respect you still have left of yourself, I would ask you to seriously consider your offer of mediatition in this matter.
Please remember, this Niz-Goenkar site is a "no nonsense" forum and it does not take or hold "prisoners" .
So please expect, that your offer and request for mediation will be met with judicious and severe comments.

Bebdo said...

@ Arwin.. please can you point out where I have added words to your posts "to complicate/confuse the situation"? I have taken your points verbatim (In case if you don't know the meaning of it here it is: Definition of VERBATIM
: in the exact words : word for word)

Alcantro Carneiro said...

@Pio Antao are you not ashamed to say even ghanttis talk fluent Konkani whereas your hero Arwin being a Goan does not even know Konkani? Yes this site has been developed for the cause of the motherland by the editor and is doing so selflessly. This is not targetting and even if it is I should say, you check all the articles on SMGC and Jude carefully. Jude started all this nonsence with THREATENING to SHUT DOWN THE SITE and other consequences. So you expect a good site or the members to take threats lying down just like that? If you are a crumb eater of Jude et al, leave all that and correct them not to threaten others who are also Goans and who are fighting for a cleaner Goa. Ask them to unite with them instead of threatening. Next time before you write a comment read carefully all the articles and come up on the forum.

Antoni said...

Its sad to see so much in fighting just because Arwin does not speak konkani, i m sure like many of us "born in the gulf to goan parents" he was never compelled to learn konkani - i never knew konkani too, till i did my studies in Guirim and then on to Xaviers and still am not very good at it, but i m not ashamed why should i be? - The point is he brings a different view point and before u give him a chance u shoot him down.
I don't know much of the differences in Dubai between the groups, but i am sure its the same in every goan community all over the world.
If Niz Goenkar says we don't need people like, so then what is the criteria for one to be called Niz Goenkar - has to be born and brought up in Goa, then thousand of the Goans born abroad dont stand a chance.
U have said we are (becoming) a minority in Goa, now u want to push the rest of the diaspora out. This is just the attitude we dont need if we want to win this cause. (or do we want to win)

Roshan Raikar said...

How many on this forum / blogsite can give a speech in Konkani? Stop being hypocritical. We are not here to fight the language issue. We already fought that and failed miserably. Will Bebdo stop alienating Goekars in the middleast. This is just the opposite of what we want to happen.We should try to clean the corrupt system in Goa. Viva Goa

Kaushik said...

It is disgraceful to learn from the mouth of one Goan who says even outsiders speak fluent Goan language and a real Goan does not. I am from Delhi but speak my language fluently. My parents made sure that I spoke my language first. This man who is justifying by admitting himself that non Goans speak the Goan language and a Goan does not is a laughing matter.


Dear Mr. Antoni,

Please be sure that you read the comments well. Niz Goenkar did not say that I do not need anybody. It is the commentators just like you who are putting their views. So please do not try to accuse Niz Goenkar of that. You can refer to the comments and the commentators but PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ACCUSING ME IN SUCH A MATTER. I put up all the comments pro or against but that does not mean that you should accuse me for the comments written by others. For me all are Goans and I love every Goan even if he happens to be my enemy. - If you have some grudge my email IDs are on the site you are most welcome to contact me - Menino de Valpoi for Niz Goenkar

Aziz Ahmed said...

I am glad that most of you agree that Konkani is a must to be a Goan. I came 7 years back from Belgaum to Goa, I have a thriving chicken business in Panjim and also a ration card and above that I speak fluent konkani. My childern too are learning Konkani in school. I am more Goan than some of those writing here.

Bebdo said...

Guys ... nowhere have I said that those who don't speak Konkani are not Goans. As far as I am concerned anyone with Goan roots is a Goan. I have only pointed out how Arwin was insulted by Caji when he addressed he meeting in English and asked him to speak in Konkani.
Pls don't try to bring in the language issue here. For me all Goans of Goan ancestry are Goans, irrespective of what language they speak at home.
I myself can speak fluent Konkani, but my written Konkani is average. Language is a tool of communication to unite the Goan diaspora. If some of you have noticed on this forum, I have written earlier in Kokani, Portuguese and English. The more languages one knows the better.

Arwin Mesquita said...

If "Measure of Konkani" is true indicator of being a Goan rather vs. Anti-Goan then perhaps the so many Goan MLA's in Goa fluent in Konkani are True Goans today and are not at all involved in selling of Goa & Its identity. So then what are we fighting against? Surely the knowledge of Konkani is paramount for Goan Identity and Goans who do not know it should learn it ASAP; but that does not mean that these people views should be discredited and are actually many times much better the specific Konkani Fluent people who are actually working against Goa.
-So much comments but these "courageous" guys are not willing to meet or disclose their identities as I proposed.
-Bebdo, FYI Caji never asked me why I am speaking in English when I was talking about Goan Identity; why are you spreading false information. You can call me a coward if it makes you happy but its not me, but actually you who is hiding behind a alias name!!

dlp said...

Mr. Pio Antao… Of course you are right. Because ghanttis speak fluent Konkani that does not make them Goans, in the same sense that because Arwin speaks English does not make him a Britisher. But these ghanttis, although they speak fluent Konkani, they are fluent in their original mother tongue and when they group together, they speak their own language. Only when they have to deal with Goans they will speak Konkani. Look at Keralites, wherever they may be born and brought up, they will utter their first word in Malayalam and they are not ashamed to say I am a Malayali and I speak Malayalam. The same way you cannot go and brag that you are a Goan but you don’t know Konkani. What a shame and disgrace. I am not blaming Arwin. His parents are to be blamed for this. Just listen to one of Alfred Rose’s old song titled “Cumnidadin Sobonam” and you will know exactly what I am referring to.

dlp said...

Antoni... why were you or Arwin not compelled to learn Konkani? Because your parents or close relatives were ashamed to speak in Konkani? My children and even my grandchildren are born outside India but all of them speak fluent Konkani and I am proud of it. Even my two year old niece who is born in the Gulf but nit yet been to Goa, speaks Konkani.
Roshan Raikar... For your information Bebdo is not trying to alienate Gulf Goans. In fact he is trying to bring Goans together by pointing out mistakes of some who want to alienate themselves from other Goans and want to be a part only of the rich culture. I love to read his articles. They are an eye opener and a learning lesson for all Goans including me.

Andrew said...

@ pio antao, Antoni, and Roshan Raikar. Good comments. But unfortunately you guys will be at the receiving end. Here is why.
Definition of a NizGoenkar - Come to the blogsite. Make some noise. Most importantly support the likes of the author and his merry bunch.
(a). If you are a Ghantti (sorry boys those who are) you better not be here. (b). If you are a true blooded Goan living on Goan soil - your only chance of survival here is to add to the NOISE above. (c). If your a goan settled abroad - again - add to the noise, if you want to be here.
Apart from taking part in the noise - your contribution is welcome especially to the wonderful RESEARCH network out here. I believe it is called NGIB. You will be amazed at this network!!! Trust me - I have posted as a Nizgoenkar supporting NOISE (I have btw even posted as one of the heroes on this forum and been praised), posted anonymously, and posted as Andrew. Guess what our brilliant network does? They have found out that I am some Jude chap of the SMGC (in the recent past these NG saviours have decided that what happens with SMGC in Dubai affects us Goans in Goa). Prior to this I was some Andrew F from Dubai, and I also was with the Goa Intelligence. NGIB unearthed my identity (breaking news they called it) and then set about doing the usual Goan bravado (pls read about how Churchill limped and came back from Dubai or some stupid article like that). Valor!!!
Modus operandi is simple. Its either that you are with them in making noise or you are (a) Ghantti, (b) Traitor, (c) Politicians chamcha, (d) SMGC, (e) anti NG. And then their approach to saving Goa is making noise.
These btw are the same bunch who came up with gems like "theory of offence", "IB to open dossiers" (thank god the article title changed). I have even seen one leading light denounce mining activities and reporting of Dempo subsidiaries - yet then supporting Mr. Dempo as President of GFA!!!! Now, they can't stomach the fact that their incompetence and ignorance has been proved, so the next logical step is to resort to cheap personal attacks.
I don't blame them. I understand they are a breakaway Tiatr group. So they have to make noise. Ask them to air their views on a sensible topic in a sensible manner and they turn you down. No effect they say. Then there are those who rush to their aid to increase site traffic and noise (as will be evident should this post see the light of day - and responses will come a dime a dozen).
So moral of the story is - PLEASE MAKE NOISE. Just say viva goa blah blah blah. You will be a hero here. Now just watch the amount of research and insults that will follow as to my identity. Its a good thing that sensible, knowledgeable goans now have proof of the ignorance of this lot that claim to be interested in saving Goa. People who can't understand stuff mentioned above - how on earth will they even contribute to making Goa a better place?
ANd now let the fireworks begin :) !!!!! Cmon NGIB you can do it. Viva Goa, Viva Niz Goenkara, Goa for the NOISE MAKERS ONLY!!!

Unknown said...

Ok guys chill out.
Why are we crucifying some one who does not speak konkani. If speaking konkani is the criteria to be called a Goan then why are we cribbing about the ghanttis who speak konkani fluently.
Look at it in this way.If you were born abroad and your parents did not talk to you in konkani and teach you konkani would you be able to talk? I don't think so. There are a lot of parents who do not let their children talk in konkani in Goa itself. I have met people who try to converse in english when the only words they can utter are yes and no. Come on guys lets not hold create a language gap here. Every body has a right to speak out and do what he can for our cause.
My cousin in Portugal knows about this site and follows it very closely and she does not speak konkani but believe me you she loves Goa more than her European home. She has pushed this link to all her Goan friends and has even penned a few comments which a few of you have appreciated.So lets cut the infighting and work towards a common goal. Kaushik you were the fortunate one that your parents taught you your mother tongue.Let me tell you this though that wisdom and age come hand in hand but in some cases age comes alone.

As for targetting a non Konkani speaking Goan as per Goa Hit Rakhan Manch, there are a lot of Goans who don't speak english or any other languages and are in various parts of the world. Do you think they should be persecuted because of that by the locals there???


Dear all commentators and readers,

I think the issue of Language does not come here and should not in the first place as it goes out of topic. What is important is we are Goans and should be united as Goans. Someone rightly said that we should not be pulling down each other. Though we should make sure that we do know Konkani, it should not be brought between the fight against the Corrupts and crooks of Goa. What Arwin said in one of his articles and myself too said that time is running out for Goa and Goans. We have to unite by keeping aside our internal small small fights. That is the only way to succeed in getting Goa back to its Glorious days. I would really like to request all the commentators to kindly stop bringing this Language issue in our fight against the corrupt. Goa is on sale and we need every Goan who is interested in saving Goa. Just because one does not speak Konkani, it is not reason to say that he/she does not love Goa. So I pray to all let the language issue be stopped here right away and let us get on with the work of saving Goa for our future generation. Thank You - Menino de Valpoi

Peace Maker said...

Pio Antao, Antoni, Roshan Raikar and the very true NIZ GOENKAR ( Menino) , Hats off to you guys for speaking sense and being real patriotic goans. It is unfortunate that this site meant to propagate Goan Unity and Brother hood is being used to pull each other down. If one does not agree with a few regular critics on this blog , one gets targetted with abusive and foul language, real CHEAP Stuff!! C'Mon guys grow up ! I thought this forum was different from the regular goan crab story. Unfortunately it appears to be the same. SHAME ON US !!! We may never succeed at this rate. Let me repeat -Every person of Goan Origin who holds Goa close to his heart and feels for it is GOAN and NO ONE can take that away from him/her. Niz Goenkar please publish this one for sure.

Bebdo said...

@Arwin ... Excuse me, I think you are either suffering from selective amnesia or lying through your teeth when you say "-Bebdo, FYI Caji never asked me why I am speaking in English when I was talking about Goan Identity; why are you spreading false information."
I was present for the meeting whe Cajie questioned you on English/Konkani issue. And there are witnesses to it.
So please don't try to pull wool over the eyes of Goans by saying that Cajie never questioned you on your language skill.

diogofichardo said...

The issue here is not of the language spoken it is more to the fact that A few Dubai elite Goans who class themselves superior to the not so well off Dubai Goans or so it seems.. They thought they were speaking for the 90% not so well offGoans, when they segregated Dubai Goans to the outside Dubai Goans. Having confronted them on these and other issues threats were made to shut down Niz Goenkars. Did they except by making threats to Niz Goenkars and its followers that all will keep Quiet? Think again. Goans all over the world are for the better of Goa. Either we unite or fall prey to our current corrupt system in Goa. Mog asum.

Antoni said...

I stand corrected, my comment was not directed to you personally - but to the comments on NG site. Is Niz Goenkar a person, a group of Goans or the collective of all Goans ???
Be assured i have no grudge against u, why should i ? most of the corruption was exposed by this blog, what got my attention was the Naroa issue. thats where i asked you to add google earth image to better understand the impact area.

@ dlp - If you think my parents or relatives were ashamed to speak in konkani, then that is u'r opinion, my parents still speak konkani so do all my relatives (and a the few still alive speak portuguese) In fact it was my dad who said i was Goan first and then an indian and i teach the same to my children. They will learn when their time comes. BTW many of the malyali kids of today can not speak a word of their mother tongue.

I want a Goa i saw, as i was growing up for my kids. The same way my grandparents kept it for me i wish to do the same for the next generations.

Lily Gracias said...

Hi everybody, I think there are many other topics on this blog that need to be discussed. You are all sitting with one topic only and are clashing with each other, This Goan sister of yours is requesting all of you to read the other topics which are more important and let us discuss on them. Let us not waste our precious time with silly things.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Andrew:::
I see you have once again popped -up to spit out some of your diatribe and claptrap.
If you are expecting some sort of accolade /hand claps here, please do not bother.
You are accusing people here, of being critical or insulting to one another.Are you not doing the very same thing.
This is an open forum and a site that will provoke debate.In that proccess, the subject /topic being discussed will be explained by examples.
You yourself have been insulting and provocative. You have not been rational at all times.However you seem to think that you can export and feed a view, and in return, expect it to be swallowed by everyone without question.
Yes I quite agree with you, that views here are noisy.The commentators are noise makers. It is all noise,noise ,noise.When you yourself make such silly noises , how do you wish us to interpet it as? It is time you learn to distinguish good noise from bad noise.

You seem to have a strange penchant for sarcasm and, to mock situations.
I have a very simple advise to give you.
If you cannot stand the heat in the should bloody hell get out of it.
Additionally if this site is too noisy for you...just stay away from the din.
Your so called lectures may be best served elsewhere.

dlp said...

Didn't I tell you that I would flush him out and he would come back open his silly and lying mouth? Lies, lies,, lies. He seems to be an expert at that.

Anonymous the VIII said...

To Aziz Ahmed,
For a chicken vendor from Belgaum, you write very good English. Did you learn that in Belgaum or Goa?
Next tiatr I will employ you, I guess that is your stage name.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Following the request by Arwin to resolve the issue between SMGS/C and NG and I am expressing my personal opinion on the request.
For the moment the issue I have, is the article I wrote, and the comments that followed were directly connected to SMG "Sodality" .Now called SMG "Community".
This name change came about only recently and following the furore of the Jackson case and the way it was handled by SMGS (NOT SMGC).
The SMGS and even with its new name is still a Church Community.It is not a "APOLITICAL COMMUNITY".
1.Having no interest in politics
2.Having no political relevance or function
So, as much as I respect Arwins request to bridge the divide between NG & SMGS,I personally feel we should not mix the SMGS with Niz-Goenkar as they are 2 different types or organisation.
SMGS /C should be focussed on Church,Social Services,Familys and inter Community types of events...not Political or Politically active events.
SMGS/c is a family oriented community.It gathers Goans (not all regretably from comments I have read) to social events.
Goans at these events will have their own personal Political affilations.
Mixing Goans of differing political loyalties is a sure recipe for fireworks. There will be more questions asked than answers found.
There are 2 dogmas involved here...the church vs free speech /opinions.
Experience has taught, and told many of us, never to mix RELIGION with POLITICS.It is a deadly concoction and combustion..
Niz-Goenkar has no issues with honest members of SMGS/c per se.The issue we had, was the way it`s Mangement handled the Jackson case and the way they operated their organisation...where many ordinary Goans in Dubai felt excluded, left out and unwanted.It also wished to exclude Goans around the world when they expressed a desire to assist Jackson
I think Arwin should advise Jude and Cajetan that their Political activities are diagonally opposed to their Church activities.
My personal opinion is that Niz-Goenkar should remain an independent and neutral organisation from SMGS`s political activities.
SMGS members are free to independently comment on Niz-Goenkar.They should under no circumstances comment on behalf of SMGS or draw the Church in , and they should also avoid commenting covertly as Judep has done.
If Cajetan was just" half decent" he would have contacted Niz-Goenkar to resolve the initial Jackson furore.His silence and pride was a deadly mistake.Then getting people like Judy and Jude to threaten NG became even more deadlier.
I can assure Arwin, Niz-Goenkars will happily assist his cause to Save Goa.
This is what the site and its commentators have been doing all this while.SMGC can join in too....but not on their terms.
Part to follow...............

N.Fernandes (London) said...

...........PART 2
As far as I am concerned...SMGS is a dead "POLITICAL DUCK".Anything of any Political significance to resolve issues affecting Goa is not going to be trusted and is unwanted.
For some readers /commentators I would like to tell you that the core members of St. Marys Goan Sodality have been using subterfuge & covert methods to derail the NG criticisms against them.
Here is an explanation of subterfuge for a more precise meaning.
1. sub•ter•fuge
1. Deceit used in order to achieve one's goal.
2. A statement or action resorted to in order to deceive.
The SMGS Executive felt that their respect amongst their Dubai Community was called into question.A lot of information, from very reliable sources, was sent to NG about their operations.
Here I am stating a few that have been alleged.
It is a backdoor profit making organisation
Some of its members have been using false names to comment on NG.
Judy Viegas as “Peter” and Jude Pereira as “Andrew”.
Jude Pereira who is a GM of Nanjgel IT solutions has arranged to BLOCK a particular Comment topic of NG, within a locality in Dubai.This is now being investigated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Dubai (UAE).
The comment section of SMGC was also closed down .
Now that these RATS of SMGC have been smoked out of their holes, and in desperation,they have requested Arwin to assist in regaining their hurt pride and reputations.
Other information on the SMGS is being withheld for the moment.
I do not believe Arwin`s attempt to bridge SMGS & NG will work.
NG will continue to operate in the best way possible to bring some urgent change in Goa. It is not something that can be achieved overnight.
Currently, NG is making inroads into bringing change.It has been noticed as a Force by Political circles in Goa. SMGS is hardly going to make a difference.
Its members mentioned by Arwin, such Cajie and Jude can continue to make any change in Goa based on their own Political ulterior motives.
2 clandestine, suberversive ,secret and crookish SMGS members will contribute nothing to Goa…It may help elevate their social standing and Bank Balances.
This is my personal view and I am quite sure commentators will correct any mis-givings on my part.I welcome negative comments as it offers me an insight into your views.

Peace said...

Arwin & Bebdo - PEACE !! SANTIKAI !! Language do determine where we are coming from but not always. How many Indians know Hindi to be Indians. Many Goans have now got Portuguese passports but how many of them know to speak in Portuguese. Circumstances sometimes put you in this situation. Not that people people do not love their motherland. So Arwin do what you can to contribute to Goa & Goans. And bebdo you do require a big measure(peg) so go and have and remember me. You are doing a fine job. We are all greatful to both of you. Let's be united and fight. MOG ASSUM.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Readers & commentators:::Ref ARWINS MEDIATION
Just a few things I forgot to mention to my earlier 2 comments
During the Jackson saga/ furore,many comments were made about SMGS here in Niz GOENKAR.
This was disliked by by SMGS.
Some Niz-Goenkar members then received very abusive calls from Judy Viegas and Jude Pereira.
Judy subsequently apologised in a comment for her bad behaviour and the foul language she used.
Jude Pereira was then invited by Cajetan Coehlo, and in a phone call to a Niz_Goenkar member threatned to close the site down.
When Jude Pereira was exposed, he was alleged to be using the name Andrew seeking information and finding ways to de-rail the comments made by Ng and close it down.When he discovered he would not succeed, he requested the Dubai TRA to block aspects of a comment.
He is back today as Andrew again,to spit out verbal garbage.Many of you will see it here.
He has no end to his deception and diatribe to save his dirty skin.
If anyone is expecting this Andrew aka Jude can contribute to Goan causes beware.I hope Arwin too will be cautious, and not be sucked into Judes methods of using his employment position to threaten Goans and Goan causes and NG.
as I have said to you ...more will be exposed in due course.
Information has been coming about his false accounting practices and mis-appropriation of Company hospitality and expenses Money
As Andrew (Judep) awaits noises,noises,noises from commentators...I am sure we await his noise in anticipation.

Bebdo said...

@N.Fernandes, dlp and others
Proverbs 23:9 Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words.
Proverbs 26:4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you will be like him yourself.
On a diagonally opposite angle... remember Karl Marx "Religion is the opium of the masses".

Bebdo said...

I have this to say. Kindly make time and read this excellent book called THE ART OF WAR written by SUN TZU in the 6th century BC and is followed even today by all the top political strategists all over the world.
As we are working against the illiterate politicians, Goondas and mafias (real estate, crime and drugs) in Goa, we need to have our strategies and plan in order.

An excerpt from the book THE ART OF WAR by SUN TZU is as follows. PLEASE READ IT.
Here it is:
All warfare is based on deception.

19. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.

20. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

21. If he is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him.

22. If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.

23. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them.

24. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

25. These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand.


Believe me guys, people who beat their chests in the public by saying, I will do this and I will do that, will end up doing nothing. This is politics and Niz Goenkar is fighting for a socio-political change in Goa. Remember, one swallow doesn't make a summer.

dlp said...

I am not worried about Arwin or Bebdo. Their debate is quite interesting, just like we used to have in school. I enjoy it. Quite fascinating too. One shameless figure here is this Andrew. He will take shit from everyone and eat it too and disappear once he is full. But the problem is when he is hungry he will come back again for more. He is become used to it. And he is a real nuisance and a pest. Ratol Baba, you have business coming your way.

dlp said...

Bebdo... You are a genius man. Come on, let's have a peg and celebrate. Cheers!!! Maybe then you can continue from Para 26 if need be. Viva Niz Goenkars!!!

Oswald Pacheco said...

What does this Arwin think of himself by saying that Jude is the most intelligent man in this world? What does this A...h....le think by calling other Goans dull and average Goans. What vistion does this stupid Jude Pereira has? Arwin mind what you are saying for other Goans and this I am going to save and keep. You are trying to degrade us the other Goans and say that you are fighting for Goa and goans?

Bebdo said...

@ Oswald Pereira... Arwin is a paper tiger. He only knows to write letters to the editor and use the work of Parrikar (who is based in the US and is one of us)to highlight the damage being done to done.What skeletons has he unearthed of these looters of Goa. And when one of them castigates him he goes and apologies.
From his writing, I can make out that he is not a man of letters, but another politician in the making.
It doen't look like he is from Colva and from the Mesquita family whom I know (Green House and their progeny especially Ted and Synora Mesquita). Ted is a real Niz Goenkar.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Oswald and True /ALL Goans:::I am not sure if Bebdo has got Oswalds surname wrong in error.(no problem-just asking).
Here is a small dissection of Arwins statement...
"2.Jude has suggested so many ideas and also has offered tom work with me on the bigger picture for Goa & Goans and our Identity. His ideas/vision is very different from the average Goan thinking if just parties, dances & social events; Something rare in the Goan Mindset."
I think this statement of Arwin is a little shortsighted.
Goans or any other race / or ethnic group cannot just: live,breathe and sleep POLITICS.We are social human beings.There is nothing wrong with parties,dances & social events.
There is nothing wrong with the the Goan "mindset".All they ask and want is a decent standard of living and a fair and equitable society and secure future.
Arwins view that, other than Jude Pereira, other Goans are less visionary and have no ideas is plain stupid and and insult.
To me personally and perhaps to a few others here, Judes behaviour recently, with threats to close down Niz Goenkar, to preserve his reputation and ego and use his Position as a General Manager to suppress dissent is the work of a Dictator and an imbecile.
More analysis to follow in due course.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Arwin:Would you please explain to us the contradiction of the 2 statements below from the St Marys Goan Community website.It will explain a dilema many have with the Management of SMGS.You may say it is nit picking.I state it is the main problem NG has with the core team rogues of SMGS.

1. Further more Cajetan also stressed that if anybody wants to view the statement of accounts they are most welcome to do so.

2.Finally Fr. Frank Gomes thanked all those gathered for the Eucharistic service and asked to pray for Jackson and his family. He thanked all those who have contributed for this cause and also thanked the Core Team Members of St. Mary’s Goan Community for all the support and help extended to Jackson ’s family.** He also declared the amount that was collected as of 27th October 2010** and said the amount will be sent to Jackson ’s parents shortly after all the formalities are completed.

Why could the amount to date (27th Oct) not be listed on the website?
I guess SMGS Management are aware not everyone will pop around to the local Parish to see the books.
what a weird bunch of SMGS Core Team and administrators!!
Everey other Goan Organisation around the world publicly declares the donations received.Why conceal the amount.
Well I for sure, will not be bothering to fly from London to see the books.
More to follow in due course.

Arwin Mesquita said...

Bebdo refer you comment, please can you and the witnessess come to the meeting I proposed and help take the Wool out?

Bebdo: "I was present for the meeting whe Cajie questioned you on English/Konkani issue. And there are witnesses to it.
So please don't try to pull wool over the eyes of Goans by saying that Cajie never questioned you on your language skill"

Arwin Mesquita said...

Bebdo ref your comment below; well then I guess that makes you a Anonymous Paper Tiger; in which case I rather be a Paper Tiger!!!

Bebdo': "@ Oswald Pereira... Arwin is a paper tiger."

A True Goan said...

N.Fernandes - Did you gave any money for late.Jackson's recovery to SMGC? If not just shut up and mind your all are gandu Goenkars..and not Niz Goenkars...only knows to pull down fellow Goenkars instead of solving problems and giving suggestions how to grow Goans unity.

Dalia said...

I happened to post one question to Arwin earlier that was never replied. I ask him again. Arwin, why were you mum on Churchills threats? You only bark on the paper? I know that you were threatened with a molestation case when you come down to Goa. Are you still in hiding from this Churchill or tryink to take advantage of the situation through your chamchas to make peace with the dukor?

Joe Rebello said...

@ A True Goan, this is where you people fail to understand the situation created by SMGC. How can N. Fernandes contribute when the SMGC (Cajetan) sent and email saying that the money from Goans outside Dubai is not acceptable. This proves that you have not read all the articles on Jackson but just by reading some comment you are posting yours here. Hope this answers your question which I am answering instead of N. Fernandes.

Unknown said...

Me thinks the whole purpose is lost as we are just arguing among ourselves like little children.I for one give a damn as to who is fighting for my cause. let him be of any colour nationality or even dumb for that matter.
what matters most is that we bring in a change and do it fast. John Pereira

WISE ONE said...

Hello everybody, I am writing this comment to request all of you to stop this internal fighting and do the good work you people have set out to do. Do not ask me my name or do not try to call me names. Just all of you sit down and think deeply and carry on with the good work that you Niz Goenkars have set out to do. I am with you. Please also do not ask me any questions.

Pratab Dessai said...

@Sandesh Gaonkar,
If you and your Organisation (The Goa Hit Rakhan Manchhas) has ball's then try and stop Mr. Arvin Misquita and the people like him.
I'll make sure he publishes the dates of his travel to you. It’s an open challenge; if you has the guts accept it. Otherwise stop barking.

Roses are red Violets are blue said...

Niz Goenkars, especially Bebdo, Dalia and N. Fernandes... please stop preaching to fools. They will never understand. Concentrate your energies on what you guys and gals are best at. Leave those Dubai nincompoos alone. They are brain-washed into believing anything without reasoning as they are like the frogs in a well. They have yet to see the world.

dlp said...

Thank you Wise One. You are really wise and makes a lot of sense in what you have just said. Thank you also for being with us. We need people like you to support and carry on the work that Niz Goenkar has started. Cheers!

A True Goan said...

Joe Rebello -SMGC is answerable only to people of Dubai & rest of UAE emirates regarding funds collect for late Jackson help. Due to miscommunication & hurriedness on the part of SMGC in their initial appeal & some rude behaviour by few members of SMGC, Niz Goenkars should not try to put further divisions within Goans instead should take the opportunity forwarded by Arwin (even though Arwin made mistake of meeting Chorchill the dukhar who is in forefront to destroy Goa due to his unlimited greediness) and sort out differences between Niz Goenkars & some SMGC members thereby to work all together to expose corrupt politicians & bureaucrats looting Goa. FIGHTING AMOUNG US IS USELESS THEN THE BIGGEST TASK OF FIGHTING DAY & NIGHT ELECTED THIEFS OF GOA.Menino de Valpoi you should come forward and solve the differences between NIZ GOENKARS & SMGC with the help of Arwin.Bebdea you are doing very good work on this forum so pls don't get exited lets sorth out differences with SMGC people and fight to Save Goa only Goa.

N.Fernandes (London) or (LONDONKAR) said...

To True Goan:::
Thank you for you comment & question.
Please contact Cajie and his "Core Team".They will give you the correct and precise answer to your question and amounts.
It is very obvious from your comment you are not a "BRIGHT SPARK".
Thanks for calling commentators here "GANDU GOANS".The fact that you have a left a comment without any proposition to solve problems or give suggestions also proves that you are a "GANDU GOAN".
So, welcome to your part, of the the "GANDU GOAN" site.
Also since you state that Niz-Goenkars "only knows to bring down fellow Goans, I must agree with you.
The Goans we are bringing down are those that are rogues,corrupt,selfish and just plain stupid and just do not understand much, like you.

**To Joe Rebello:::Thanks for replying to "TRUE Goan".Perhaps when SMGS publish the names and amount of donations, we will see "True Goan`s" contribution and generosity.


Dear Mr. True Goan, I can respond to you on this only through email. - Menino de Valpoi

Goan Saviour said...

Well said Mr. N. Fernandes / Londonkar: I am fully with you. I am telling you - please go ahead and use RTI to expose SMGC and its misdeeds. Just like you are going to use RTI to expose Goa govt v/s Nizgoenkar. We are with you. Viva Londonkar!!! Beware - true Goan - we will use Interpol, MI5, MI6, and even 007 if required. Don't mess with us!!!

Unknown said...

Can we just stop replying to one another and just comment on the article and give our comments. everyone has the right to comment and let's respect the person's opinion.

Do not try to put others down because of their typo errors and incorrect english.

If someone does not see your point of view it is okay. He will probably see the light tomorrow or you might agree with his in due time.Stop this juvenile behaviour and lets get serious if we have to be taken seriously.

Lets not lose our main goal by our holier than thou attitude.

GOAN said...




This is my personal appeal to all my Goans. I would like to sincerely request all my Goan Brothers and Sisters on the commenting section, this is not going to get us anywhere in our main cause. So kindly stop fighting among each other. Put your energy in UNITY of Goans and stand as one to save Goa from the clutches of the devils back at home. GOA IS GETTING SOLD OUT. The day is very close when the Goans will be searching shelter and building huts to live after being thrown out of our own houses by the Devils of Goa who are out to sell our land, houses etc. Please I plead with you all to stop this. Let us sort out our differences later on. Once Goa is safe and the Goans are safe there will be lot of time to carry on with these fights. Right the main topics are getting neglected. But are these fights going to give us anything good? - Menino de Valpoi

RENEGADE said...


RENEGADE said...

sorry for the CAPs on my above comments. just wanted to stress my point. Sorry woulld like to continue but not if we are going to make the currupt rulers of our beloved land smile by down playing our very own goans.

Da Silva said...

This diversion is created by the stubbornness of this group so called Dubai SMGC. They were wrong from the beginning. Instead of admitting their mistake and amending their profile, by declaring the amount collected and settling the matter they go on irritating Niz Goenkar. Some of the commentators are requesting Niz Goenkar to have a meeting with SMGC. Why should Niz Goenkar conduct a meeting with this group, which was exposed by Niz Goanker in the first place? They were wrong, They are wrong and if they have any self respect they or their hunch men should stop commenting on this forum. FULL STOP.

Bebdo said...

To all Niz Goenkar members:
Stop the divisonary tactics of some guys here, especially the lackeys of some politicians. DON'T REPLY TO THEM.
They are trying to pit us against each other. Let's deal with them through covert means. Don't spell out your plans here.
Just stop from being provoked.

Bullet said...

I am afraid i have to agree that a section of the regular critics on this blog are just making a lot of noise aimlessly with no purpose in mind ( fare from doing anything god for Goa). Anyone who does not agree with these crazy guys gets abused with badwords. After having had a go at Arwin on the language issue ( who in my opinion is doing his little bit for Goa) they then turned to class politics- elite, etc with regarsd SMGC. You bunch are more than obsessed with SMGC.Do you bunch of guys suffer from an inferiority complex? The more you write the more it shows. Listen to Niz Goenkar and STOP the nonsense and go to bed. You are settling your childish disputes here which is not doing Goa or anyone any good and is nt the right place anyway. Only much bedlam! All the best !

Goan Saviour said...

I agree with Bebdo. Dear Niz Goenkar members - please use the Alpha Omega Code for further discussion and response through covert means. Those unfamiliar with the code - please read the Art of War or request Bebdo for a copy. Viva Niz Goenkara!!!

Arwin Mesquita said...

Dalia on you question below: Your question has no relevance to the subject we are discussing.If you think that I am trying to take advantage of the situation, then please feel free to take charge yourself and resolve the issue, instead of just trying to aggravate the situation. Arwin

Dalia said...
I happened to post one question to Arwin earlier that was never replied. I ask him again. Arwin, why were you mum on Churchills threats? You only bark on the paper? I know that you were threatened with a molestation case when you come down to Goa. Are you still in hiding from this Churchill or tryink to take advantage of the situation through your chamchas to make peace with the dukor?

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Renegade:You do not need to read any more of my comments or admise my english.No one has forced you in any case.Just skip them.
I cannot express the views of hundreds of people ...just my own.Just like you just did.
Finally I do not need your permission to comment on Niz Goenkar or the amount of space I use....nor do I need you advice to comment elswhere.
You are obviously a creature of envy and I have no doubt that you are unable to accept the truth.
Lets hope the MASTERS, who have asked and instigated you to comment here today ,in a ficticious name are happy with your delivery.

Praveen said...

My dear Goenkars and fellow ghantis.There is never a fire without smoke.Though lot of accusations are true , there are many made up by Niz goenkar and goan is true that konkani is our basis of identity.It is also true that people like Arwin are shouting like empty vessels on the internet 'iam fighting for goa,i am fighting for goa blah,blah, without doing anything themselves.internet is such a medium that any ghanti can write what he wants.

Goan sodality had refused to hold that one meeting Arwin is saying.It was only at the behest of Benedict of radiogoa that they finaly agreed to do it.Benedict who is a silent worker has since left the GS due to rampant curuption in the organization.

These meetings wont help.Let them come out with the truth and clear themselves.

Let Arwin know that Niz Goenkars are working on the Ground, both in Dubai and Goa unlike him , hiding behind a computer.

Arwin Mesquita said...

Last request on my proposal to those concerned.

If you want to resolve the issue (or get a response to your points) then please let's agree to our civilised meeting in Dubai, as per the points mentioned in my proposal. IF NOT, then surely, we must have better/constructive things to do with our limited time; at least I do and in which case, I really have no interest in pursuing further with this subject.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Renegade and Bullet:

Your comments here today and me in particular goes to show that you are not Niz Goenkars ...but puppets of Jude,Judy and SMGS .
I dare you leave your real names and emails here.Mine is on this site.
you can also adress me personally on fernandesn72"TO PROVE YOU ARE MAN ENOUGH.Insults welcome too inthe best language you can muster.

Lucas D'costa from Margao said...

@ Arwin Mesquita, I have been reading all these comments in two or three blogs. So I went through all the articles about Jackson (RIP). Arwin seems to be on the wrong end of the rope as all the problems are created by the SMGC of Dubai. They are the root cause and are badly exposed by Niz Goenkar. When the truth is in front of all why should Niz Goenkars attend any meeting with SMGC? What interests has Arwin got in this? Arwin has not gone to the depths of the issue. If at all someone must to something is the SMGC they must renovate themselves and not Niz Goenkar. I feel that Arwin is here completely out of tune and that may damage your reputation Arwin.

N,Fernandes (London) said...

To Arwin::
Your Ref:Last request on my proposal to those concerned.
**I stress this is purely my personal opinion**.
Lucas D`Costa - Margao (well done), has put his comment and view in the simplest and best way.Lucas has kindly and dutifully taken a lot of trouble to read all the comments and has then commented most fairly and commendably.
**Arwin:-Niz-Goenkar has nothing to apologise for. Neither has it any need to compromise with the corrupt and devious Management of SMGC.
Niz Goenkars are happy to let this matter pass and be buried.However SMGC has been unable to come to terms with their own failings.They are unable to swallow their hurt pride.
To regain their lost reputations, they are constantly looking for newer methods of provoking and taunting Niz-Goenkars.They have now resorted to using fake names and identities to comment here and provoke the matter further.

Perhaps you may be more successsful if you would advise SMGC to correct its methods.
Please remember...Niz-Goenkar is a far larger and much more effective organisation in bringing Goans together for worthy causes, than SMGC ever will.It embraces all levels of Goan society.
SMGC and its bunch of brutes, cowards and self serving idiots, are hardly ever going to acheive 0.0001% of what Niz Goenkar will acheive.
Most Goans now view them (SMGC MANAGEMENT) as corrupt, a money making machine and not in tune or embracing all Goans.
You will now see the provocative comments of SMGC cronies to this comment addressed to you personally, now.

With this, I will leave you to consider your better options and wish you the best of luck.

Unknown said...

Are we really making any difference by all the comments above?

I'm sorry to say that after so much of pleading some cannot keep their yak yak to themselves or write only pertaining to the topic. I have noticed that a select few like to get personal.At this rate we will lose readership and followers because this forum is being used to settle personal scores.

I will fight for Goa in my own way and definately never ever comment on this forum again. I guess the people we were trying to fight have succeeded in their plans by creating the internal disturbance required. I'm sorry to say but Mr. N Fernandes you have helped them a lot by putting your tut mutt in everyone's opinion and creating a rift. Don't let a few claps turn into slaps for you are a good guy I guess but you just dont know when to STOP IT.

Adios amigos and hope we succeed in our plans to help Goa in own way.

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

@Edgar It looks like everything is come under control after A HUMBLE APPEAL by Mr. Menino de Valpoi, who humbled himself to get the place in order. And is this what you are giving him in return by saying you won't be back on this forum? you are the one who used to urge people to be followers. Sometimes in such debates it happens like that but I can see that the place is falling in place at least out of respect for Mr. Menino. You are a staunch supporter of Niz Goenkars and I hope you will not go away like you said.

A Goan in Qatar said...

Dear Readers, I am noticing this debate is continuing endlessly. I have already said this before and am also saying it again.

Not to go any further with is debate, I would like to suggest one last alternative solution for this debacle issue.

1 As this Association is affiliated to the St. Mary’s Church, Dubai, and seeing the seriousness in the issue of money collection, I would request some of the Niz Goenkar members to kindly approach the higher Church authorities i.e. the Bishop of the Middleeast, H.E. Rev. Paul Hinder, who is stationed in Dubai and apprise him on this issue to solve the problem. Because this is absolutely a Church matter and the money collection is to some extend related to the Church body. This Arwin has nothing to do with this sort of misconceptions and let the Bishop, who is the head of the Middleeast Churches decide whether to continue giving them the name of St. Mary ….. or to change the name to another Goan organization befitting their egos.

2. As for closing or blocking this blog to some extend in the UAE area is a serious offense against the Arab laws, and someone who has done is in serious dilemma. Be aware.

I hope this suggestion will be well taken care of. Thanks. VIVA GOA & VIVA GOENKAR.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Edgar:: I do agree partially with what you say and recommend.
I can assure this topic will soon come to a close.I hope.
Many Niz-Goenkar`s were happy to close this topic and bury the hatchet.However SMGS/C started it again,with threats to close down NG.When that did not succeed or materialise,they recruited Arwin.I am wondering who will they ask next to mediate...Churchill, Mickky,Digu Kamat,Emir of Dubai,Barack Obama???.
They are not prepared to accept the error of their ways.
All I have done is to defend what I believe to be the truth.
The problem with SMGC and its few supporters (mainly DUPLICATE fakes)is they are not prepared to make "RIGHT WHAT IS WRONG".They prefer instead to make "WRONG WHAT IS RIGHT".
This is the work of uneducated idiots.
I am not concerned or bothered by their personal insults or envy towards me.Every one can see that I have been polite from my comments.The simple and honest truth is hurting them.
I can assure , that it is only a few members of SMGS ( as 1 member has 3-4 identities) that are demonstrating cowardly and nonsensical behaviour .
But thanks for expressing your opinion.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Goan in Qatar::
I appreciate you concern for this topic seeming endless.
I hope also you will allow me to just verify some details.
Niz-Goenkar has absolutely no issues / grudge with ordinary members of SMGC.They are innocent.
Niz-Goenkar also has absolutely no issues with St Marys Church or its affilates.
It is purely the "CROOKED " management of SMGC.They are finding endless devious means to stop comments about them, from this NG site.
I am not sure if yiu are aware. By the Parish Priest of St MArys, on his return from vacation, was highly displeased about SMGC Management.
Due to that they have changed their name to "Community" recently now.
I fully agree with your view, that they (the Management) should be stopped from using and tarnishing the Church Name in view of all the corrupt revelations about them .Many of the revelations have come from their own members.
I am aware Edgar earlier was unhappy for me to continually make comments.But I hope you will understand why I did so.It is not to criticise you at all...but purely to allow you to evaluate another dimension of this story.
I can also assure you, this topic, will soon be coming to an end.

Alcantro Carneiro said...

@Praveen one small correction should be made in your comment. You have said "Though lot of accusations are true , there are many made up by Niz goenkar and goan sodality" I am sure that Niz Goenkar has not made up anything. Niz Goenkar has with proves put up something that SMGC is not ready to accept. But I still suggest let us stop this infighting and carry on with out good work. said...

"But I still suggest let us stop this infighting and carry on with our good work"
Dear Alcantro: I love your suggestion !!!!
May God bless us to carry on with our good work for Goans always !!!!

motch said...

hould be made in your comment. You have said "Though lot of accusations are true , there are many made up by Niz goenkar and goan sodality" I am sure that Niz Goenkar has not made up anything. Niz Goenkar has with proves put up something that SMGC is not ready to accept. But I s

Neil said...

Hey guys just look how easy it is to divide us Goans...of course Konkani is the bedrock of our identity,I for example could not speak konkani but once the consciousness of my true identity seeped in i made it a point to learn Konkani,one word at a time and today i can speak Konkani with some degree of fluency..Lets all just take a deep breath and ponder over the futility of putting down one of our own.
Viva Goa!

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