Many readers and commentators would have recently read and heard about the disgraceful actions and functioning of St.Mary’s Goan Sodality, Located in Dubai. For whatever intent and purpose, only known to its secretive Management, this organisation uses the Religious banner St Mary’s, uses the word Sodality which is to indicate it is a Church body and finally “Goan”.
Having read the views of several commentators and following further research into this organisation I am in a position to tell you more about them.
This came about following the plight of a poor Goan boy Jackson Coutinho, who was sadly taken seriously ill just a few days after his arrival in Dubai from Goa. Very sadly he has now passed away.
You may also recall that the Parish Priest Fr. Freddy was away on holiday. The Executive members of this Sodality, organised a fund raising appeal .The appeal was published in Newspapers in the Middle East, and picked – up by mainstream Newspapers and its regional Satellite Newspapers / Journals in India, Goa and The U.K. The article was written by Mr Praveen Viegas.
Praveen Viegas, as many Goans will know by now, is alleged to be the ex-mouthpiece of Mr Churchill Alemao`s, one of Goa`s biggest daylight thief.
Strangely, and definitely very suspiciously, no appeal was made through the St Marys Sodality`s Website, until their motives were questioned and exposed by Niz_Goenkar and other Journals. On the 5th October an article did appear on their website…but only requesting “Prayers”. The request for money was absent. Why? This appeal for funds was to be collected in the name of SMGS and not in the name of private individuals. I have heard the word LOGISTICS mentioned, but never LOGIC
Telephones Nos. were also published for the appeal. These belonged to Maria and Navita.
These 2 ladies perhaps thought they were going to become Saintly Samaritans and “Angels of Mercy”. However with hindsight, they discovered that their corrupt menfolk led them astray and brought them shame & disrepute. In their ever growing despair and fear of loss of their reputations, they brought in a notorious and foul mouthed loudmouth called Judy Viegas. Judy`s fiery reputation and “Steam Roller” attitude and arrogance, and belief that she is a very superior Goan Lady soon backfired on her, that she resorted to making an apology on Niz-Goenkar Blogsite. Her apology was as empty, as an empty vessel that is proverbially known to make only loud noises.
Cajetan Coelho, finally and after much back room discussion amongst his henchmen, made a brief and half-hearted apology.
However many would have thought the matter ended there. Oh No!!
I am now in a position to tell readers of Niz-GOENKAR that the original apology was written by another beefcake monster of St Mary’s Sodality called Jude Pereira .The email sent to Niz-Goenkar with the 2-3 sentence apology, was sent via Jude Pereira’s email on behalf of Cajetan Coelho. From this I can only surmise that Cajetan is unable to write or is semi-literate. His long silence would also indicate some literary handicap.
This guy called Jude Pereira fancies himself as some “BIG SHOT” or “Goan Sheikh”. He has acquired this arrogant attitude from his posting as the General Manager of an IT Solutions company called Nanjgel.
NANJGEL has its Head office in Belgium. I am sure they will be interested in the Character, extra-curricular activities and background of Jude Pereira, the cornered “RAT” and “SILLY BILLY” of SMGS.

This arrogant “numpty” Jude Pereira, is under the belief that he has substantial and” ALMIGHTY” powers to close down the Niz- Goenkar website. He has made threats to some of our staunch Niz Goenkar supporters and team members and  believes that we will succumb to him. Perhaps he has got his thinking from Digamber Kamat who believes he can shut down Facebook & Orkut.
This “Numpty” Jude Pereira, who is a resident of Miramar –Goa, must have also learnt some of his thuggery & Goondaism methods, from his confidante, neighbour and another fraudulent land grabbing thief of Goa, Babush Monseratte.
I hope Mr Jude Pereira knows the difference between a “WEBSITE” and a “BLOGSITE”. I now challenge this numpty Mr Jude Pereira to sue me for “Libel”. He should put his money where his mouth is and prove his almightiness.
My Lawyers and the Queens Counsel, along with the ROYAL COURT OF JUSTICE (LONDON) await his move. He should now demonstrate his General Managerial competencies.
The Niz-Goenkar site is a UK based Blogsite and comes under the Jurisdiction of the UK Law courts. So I await Jude to sue me in the UK.
I hope Fr. Freddy, the Parish Priest has been made aware of the antics of these St Marys Goan Sodality Board Members and sympathisers .In my opinion this house of God that should embrace all Goans, has chosen to only serve a few and exclude the many .
In the UK, Canada and East Africa, Goans of every denomination are included in all functions. There is no bias applied.
So the ball is now in the Court of Mr. Jude Pereira. He has a right to respond to this comment/ opinion.
If he is unable to do so within a reasonable time period, he should get off his “High Horse” and get back down to earth.
We Goans and Niz-Goenkars are not his paid servants and we have no intention to be subersevient to him, we will not buckle under threats and will continue to treat his numptiness with disdain.
So, Mr. Jude Pereira, G.M Of Nanjgel in Dubai , I await your move, or just get out of making useless and empty threats.


WWW said...

This organisation should be scraped as soon as possible.doesnt do any good for goans here in dubai.just greedy dogs.

Dalia said...

Woh! Woh Woh! Just got up and is this my breakfast? What am I reading? This N Fernandes is a real detective, does he belong to the famous Scotland Yard? I remember N Fernandes writing like the Sherlock Holmes about the mouse and now, this is the recent one on the Dubai gang. You must be a real detective. Let's see how far this war goes on.
Menino, thanks for being so bold.

Goa Dubai said...

Goan Soladity is a useless organisation in the name of goans.Do they do any useful things for the goan community?I'm here in dubai for the last 10years and sad to say,they dont. Why not scrap this organisation.

Unknown said...

Menino,send it to his company email. Let us see how good a GM (Goan Mafia)he is after his colleagues know about his extra curricular activities.

Marcel said...

Well written N. Fernandes! Bravo

diogofichardo said...

I thought the Dubai episode was put to rest with the half hearted apology from president St. Mary's Goan Community. Why has this person who calls himself Jude Pereira stirred a Honest Nest? Sending threats to founders and supporters of Niz Goenkars will not increase your popularity, but will keep you under the umbrella of investigation, it is your own doing.

dlp said...

N.Fernandes... What an article! What bravery!! What an exposure!!! A great piece of detective work. You should be with the Goa Police or at least train them how things are done in Scotland Yard and how they get the end-result. Then there won't be any acquittals in Goa.

All in all, a masterpiece. You got them where we want them. Thank you Niz Goenkar for publishing the article.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Good informative investigation. Goans all over the globe now know who is what, and who stands where. These scum of Goan society who cheat their own fellow brothers for the sake of 40 pieces of silver are no better than the 40 thieves of Goa.
Imagine someone making money at the cost of another who was dying.

franco said...

Unless and until they give all the money to the family of the late Jackson, his soul will never rest. This money collected on his behalf will be cursed money. No body will be able to live free without having any self-conscience.

Anthony Gracias said...

Well done Mr. N. Fernandes. Great detective work, from London, and boldly written too. Niz Goenkars will not be cowed down by their threats.

Anonymous said...

I have known the in and out of this place for over 2 decades and nothing seem special about Dubai except, that every Indian, Pakistani and other non-arab community is viewed as a socioeconomic class donkeys regardless of their standing. Having traveled North America to Europe, Persia and several Arab nations and seen racism all over but nothing like Arab racism which, ascends to unimaginable heights. The power of money is shoved right up the dumb arab arses hence, it makes it difficult for them to make the next move and that is where, some of our Goans take pride to emulate them.

Once upon a time and still is that such Goan clubs littered in Uganda, Kenya, Mumbai, UK or Canada strictly organizing dance parties and Inter-village soccer tournaments. Goan Clubs are in abundance in other Gulf countries too, so why not in the commercial city of Dubai. Goan community which is just a handful, often meet and greet only on weekends at holy masses and festive occasions in Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or Abu Dhabi. Some of these Goans pride themselves to be part of these clubs just for fun and games and others for sheer status, to gain public notoriety like that of Cajetan Carvalho. During my presence in the country, I have never heard of the word APPEAL or SUPPORT for a cause come in from a Goan Club. Unlike NIZGOENKAR’s appeal for funds, for a dying youngster in Dubai, from across oceans. Most of these Goans are to themselves and have a reputation of being very selfish, self centered and to shy away in the event of an appeal ever made for a person in distress. Like our famed Indian High Commision in Dubai, the Church does not play any part in external activities of these clubs and is a dumb representative of the Indians in an Arab land and are out both making money.

The place is made to look like the Wonderland of the Middle East by the Arab’s borrowed world media. Jobs are not easy to come by and changing companies is beyond your grasp. Genuinely speaking, Goans in here live by the day and make the most of , if they survive the month they contribute their hard earned savings back home. There are always the Wild Card entries that take the place of some the likes of, Mr. Jude Pereira, G.M in Dubai for Retards who are so consumed with the mentality of the ignorant Arabs that they think they can run down anyone in sight. The 45-50 dc heat has taken its toll on such individuals and they are to be left alone in the wilderness.

We are NIZGOENKAR’s are here and multiplying by the minute for a reason, to force the corrupt and the evil into submission..

Trevor said...

Thanks for your bravery in exposing these people, Mr N Fernandes. It is only removing the 'dirt' within ourselves we can move forward and bring about change for the betterment of Goa and the Goan people! Thanks to the hard working folks in making this forum to exist for us to ‘clean house’ and remind our people what our ‘values’ are. The Herald chickened out and don’t have the backbone to stand up to the corrupt politicians of Goa. Thanks to the contributors of news to this website, as they tell the true story of what is going on in Goa, unlike the Herald that does not want to offend its politicians friends – SHAME on you Herald!!! Journalism is supposed to be about bringing the TRUTH to the people. It is high time we get our act together as we people waiting to grab our beautiful Goa!

Bosco said...

Well well well.Pity Fernandes had to write this piece from UK.Having lived in Dubai for many years I did go for a few of this Goan sodality meetings.What discouraged me most was, this was a church group indulging more in activities like partying, events and picnics than liturgical services and spritual well being of Goans.All in the name of St Mary's church.Their party pictures are all over facebook today for everyone to see.Something the GS president cant control I guess.Fact no two is, this group is very tightly controlled.Though Cajitan is the president ,Maria and Simon runs the show , this Manmohan- Sonia type of relation has been going on for years.Members of the GS has no say in anything.A very few core people make all the decisions in private meetings.many prominent goans who were members earlier has left them in frustration.Fact number three is quite interesting ,that is now that all these facts have come to light ,including the ones by Niz Goenkars ,out of shame they have named the sodality to St Marys Goan community.Please dont be misled by the name.they are the same people.Fact number four is this Jude is not a member of the Goan Sodality but a strong suporter.fact number five is the parish priest of St marys is not fully in the know of all their activities.It is nice to see Niz Goenkars organization is not only growing at a fast pace in Dubai and getting stronger but they are keeping an eye on other groups like Goan Welfare Society,Global Goans and this church group.

Jetroy F. Dias said...

My Dear Goans All Over, What I have noticed in most of the Comments is that we are very good at Critics, I feel we should be part of the solution then being part of the problem, My Dear WWW just by scraping the organization will it serves any purpose. Let’s not forget that the organization represents all Goan’s in Dubai, so u are calling the people in Goan’s Dubai as useless, including you. Goa Dubai, Who is ‘they’ referred to here did u do any good to your fellow goan brother? And lastly to NIZ GOENKARS, You People are Very like the Goan Mentality, If Someone Falls in the Pit, You Will Put Stones in the pit to burry instead of helping it out, or someone is helping it out then your will push that person also in the pit. As Far as money is concern, well there will be lots money to be settle of the hospital and its hard to judge anybody by his past or with whom he or she is associated, regarding arrogance of a person well is abundance in all goans. So please before blindly blaming anyone please meet the concern Person and clarify. Jetroy F. Dias You Can Contact Me at

dlp said...

This Jetroy F. Dias seems to be the future generation Jude or Coelho in the making. Like WWW said, if this organization was scrapped in the first place, all these controversies would not have come up. And for your information Mr. JFD, Goa Dubai did not call Goans in Dubai useless. What he referred to is people like you and the SMGS who are worse than useless.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Jetroy F Dias::Thanks for commenting here.It is always nice to hear the inner views and thoughts of anyone.I hope this Niz-Goenkar site / platform will allow you to comment to the best of you ability as you have done now and in the future.But also please expect and accept, not everyone here will agree with you.There is a lot of good debate that takes place on this site and some people are very passionate.
I Hope you will allow me to kindly discount some of you views.
Firstly ** WWW** has made a valid point.If the St Marys Goan Sodality is only there to serve a few wealthy Goans or those that are inclined towards greed than it must be disbanded.It gives Goans a bad name amongst other communities.Goans in the UK do not have sucha prejudice or bias.In The Uk it is "one for all and all for one".The SMGS is "all for us and none for you".
*Goa Dubai* has expressed a similar view and sentimement.
If you had the opportunity to read other Goan commentators from Dubai, they have all said something similar.They are excluded and made to feel low-grade either because of their caste, class, finiancial status or profession.
I disagree with you that Goans are well known to cover with stones any Goan that falls in the pit and then also throw in any other Goan helper if they come to assist the first one in the pit.I am not quite sure where you have got this " BIBLICAL TYPE OF PARABLE" from.
Niz-Goenkars put their best foot forward to assist Jackson.Many individuals, like Saturino did it with his own money and time.Both in Goa and Dubai too.SMGS were in total dis-array (out of joint).They were running Helter Skelter when their motives were questioned.One did not know what the other did.
I gather by the way you have written your comment ,that you have strong sympathies and affilations with the SMGS.
I did not understand the last part of your comment as it was not making much readable sense.
Finally if the SMGS will not dis-band, they can always change some of their practices.If you are a member of this organisation ...please help them.Show them the light....and also tell them not to threaten to close down Niz-Goenkar.They are playing with fire or a "HORNETS / BEES NEST".

dlp said...

N.Fernandes... The way this Jetroy writes, you have answered to his comments precisely. As far as the last part of his comments are concerned, "Quote" 'As Far as money is concern, well there will be lots money to be settle of the hospital and its hard to judge anybody by his past or with whom he or she is associated' "Unquote" Why is he interested about the money or the hospital bills?? What does he know about anybody's past or with whom he or she is associated with? I know a lot better and have much more information thaa this idiot. Looks like he is also the shareholder of the collection and just barking up the wrong tree to save the skeletons he is hiding in his separate cupboard. Niz Goenkar is really stirring up a hornet's nest or a beehive. We had just opened one unintentionally and the rest, to save themselves, are opening themselves. Viva Niz Goenkar. We don't have to dig much now. The guilty are afraid and they are opening up!!!

Bebdo said...

@ Jetroy F. Dias...Pls read what Bosco has written above.
I too know many people in Dubai who are good Goans and Niz Goenkars unlike you and the bread crumb eaters of the illiterate-goonda politicians of Goa.
Let me tell you. The Goan Sodality was founded by one Peter from St.Estevam with the help of the former parish priest of St. Mary's. Peter left the association after some time and now Cajetan has taken over with Simon as his Entertainment Secretary.
Can you pls ask Cajetan why is he not holding elections to elect the new committee of SMGC? His term is over and why is he still holding on to the post with the help of Simon and the other lackeys?
Simon has his finger in every pie and is after cheap publicity.
I challenge the Goan Sodality to cite a single case where they have helped the poor Goans in Dubai.
The only thing that they are good are doing is organising picnics, football matches, dances and art competitions. By the way if you notice the pictures of the art competition organised by the SMGC, you will see Simon's daughter prominently featured in them.
These guys are only after cheap publicity and are entertaining only themselves,their friends and their family members in the name of all Goans.
We, Niz Goenkars, have helped many Goans working in the Jebel Ali and staying in labour camps in Dubai. But we have never sort publicity. They only know as Niz Goenkars.They don't even know our names.
So pls before writing something on the blog, think twice of what you have done for the cause of Goa and Goans.

Unknown said...

Hello all.
I am in Dubai for past four years.
What I want to say among Goan Community in Dubai St Mary's Goan Sodality is the only Goan Organization in Dubai that brings Goans together every year on several occaions. Goans like to critisize, but never want to come forward and bring Goans together. I appreciate the work of St Mary's Goan Sodality for the good work. Whatever it may be, organisation invites all Dubai Goans together the families together. I like their good work and I join their functions: Familily Day Celebration, Picnic, St Francis Feast, Christmas Tree Celebration..And this is the only time to meet the Goans of various Talukas & Villages.
Mr Fernandes Londonkar Fr Freddy D'souza was a spiritual director for this organisation, now he is no more in Dubai transferred to Bahrain now they have another Goan Priest. Mr Fernandes Londonkar your have hurt us Dubaikar. You are not a good Goykar.

Best regards
Peter Fernandes

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Peter,
I have never intended to hurt or insult all Goan`s in Dubai.I am sorry you feel this way.
I am aware there is a new Parish Priest for St Marys.I am sorry if I got the name incorrect.
I am quite sure that the SMGS brings Goans together.However if you read some comments from the people in Dubai, it is clear that they exclude many Goans...mostly Batchelors or those whose wives or children are not accompanying them.
This SMGS may have started with good intentions and aspirations.However they have now become an organisation run by people with questionable backgrounds.
This SMGS from what I have read in many comments is now reserved exclusively for Goans of a certain status.
You might wish to explain to me why they asked Mr Jude Pereira the GM of Nanjgel and a sponsor of SMGS functions to abuse and threaten Niz-GOENKAR to shut down their blogsite.
Obviously this Judep has got a little too large for his own boots and decided using his Position, that he can threaten Niz-Goenkar as it has upset some of its Core members like Cajetan,Navita and Maria, Judy and Praveen.Simon Varella.
He strode on his White Horse like a knight and thought he had some immense powers to knock Niz-Goenkar down.
I too come from a previledged family,background and environment.However my purpose on earth is to help as best as I can those less fortunate than me.This Judep is just the opposite.He seems to think he can use his position to control and dis-member Niz-GOENKAR and make all Goans his servants / subjects / followers.
Perhaps you need to question his motives.But I doubt you will, as he is seen as as sitting on a Pedestal.
There are far more Goans out there in this world with much superior Jobs / positions than this JudeP.They do not behave like him.
Perhaps you also need to question SMGS.
I have read about them and can only say, they do not represent Goans of all shades.They feel superior and elevated to a higher human form.
You will need to speak to a few Goans in Dubai and surrounding areas to get a full picture of the SMGS.And just in case, they are now called SMG Community.I am more inclined to believe they are not a Church community but a commercial enterprise.
Currently there is an Andrew who has replaced Jude as a spokeperson.He too is trying to close down Niz-Goenkar.If you meet him tell him not to bother or waste his time.
Niz-GOENKAR Is a rainbow of all Goans.However we are aware of the "DARKSTARS", in Goa and Dubai, that come to throw a shadow over us.
Once again I have not intended to offend all Goans in Dubai.I am sorry if you felt this way.
My criticism was for the SMGC.
I hope this comment will go someway in helping you understand my stance better.

Ivan from Dubai said...

Niz Goenkars, specially bebdo and N. Fernandes, I have confirmed that this Andrew is none other than Jude himself. This scumbag Jude is another spineless nuisance in Dubai. Writing in the name of Andrew can get him nowhere. I am sure that he is involved in bigger rackets along with SMGC and is afraid of getting exposed. He here is defending his cronies of SMGC. I challenge Jude to face me if he has guts and I will expose everything that I have learnt about him from Panjim, Miramar and Tonca.

Ivan from Dubai said...

SMGC has closed down the comments because they knew they would get a bashing from Goans in Dubai and elsewhere. These hypocrites offered a Mass for Jackson just to show the world that they are really sad about it. The ground reality is something else. Cajetan anounced if anybody wanted to check the collection accounts could do so and that the remaining money will be sent ot his family in Goa. This they did only to avoid Niz Goenkar of whom they are scared as they would be exposed if they try to pocket the money. They would have pocketed the money themselves were it not for Niz Goenkar and jude is a master crook in that field

Bebdo said...

Peter pls ask some Goans who are in Dubai for more than 30 years how many Goan organisations were/are there. There was the Goa Association which was run very professionally by Noel de Souza and Salvador. It has now become defunt and Cajie wants the funds of Goa Association.
Since you are in Dubai only for the past four years, pls also enlighten yourself the role played by many Goan organisations in Dubai. For the past so many years the inter-village Goan football tournament is held in Dubai. Football is one thing which unites all Goans. You pls go to this tournament and see for yourself how many Goans come to watch the football matches.
Another thing, don't forget about the social which is organised by the people of St.Stephen every year. Not only people from St. Stephen come for the social but hundreds others from other villages of Goa also attend it. And this has been going on for nearly 30 years.
I don't doubt your intentions, but most Goans in Dubai don't want to associate themselves with the SMGC.
Mog asundi

Peter Fernandes said...

Vachtoleano rag dhorcho noi kiteak Niz Goykaranchi bhas Konkani dekun hanv Konknint boroitam ani sozmotam je
NIZ GOENKAR vachtat te Goykar vachun sozmotolet mhomm, ani adim fuddench vachtoleank Deu Borem korum mhonntam.
Havem att vorsam Saudi desant sarlea uprant Dubaint paulear char vorsam zalim, ani jem Dubaint havem Goykaram
Modem deklam tench haum boroitam, ani vachtoleank dista haum chuklam mhonn, zalear mhaka bhogsumcho.
Az passun havem St Mary’s Goan Sodality bhair khoich dusri sonvsta vavurtoli dekonk na na mhonn aikonk na.
Poile suvater ek vichar amchea Goykar bhavna modem ekvott kiteak ghodun hadunk zaina? Kaibore sogott Goykar ami
Movall Kalzache, dusreachi dukh-sukh volkon ghetole tor kiteak amchean hatik hath diun fudem paul marunk zaina?
Kiteak nossai, kiteak kritika. Mhaka ho boroilo lekh bilkul audonk na, boroitolo Niz Goykar?
Are papya, jem St Mary’s Goan Sodality-n Jackson Coutinho passot kelam tem tust korpa sarkem. Tani Dubai rautoleam
Goykarancho sohokar maglo, Goykaruch noi ponn Goykar noi te passun tache khobrek gele ani zata te baxen aplo taka
Sohokar dilo. Az Jackson amchea modem uronk nam, Devan tachea churchure korun Aplea Ghora vhelo, Tachea Otmeak
Sasnachem Sukh favo zaumchem. Anik dusreo Goemcheo Vavurtoleo sounto asleo zalear khoim nhidloleo? Durean kel’lo
Vhaur tumchean pollounk zalo na haka Niz Goemkar mhonnpacho?
St Marys Goan Sodality, Goykaranchi ekuch Sonvsta vavurta ti havem deklea ani hi Sonvsta zo vhaur korta to boro vhaur
Niz Goenkar acher uzvadak eil’lo lekh kaim zanak Goychea politicianak misoll korta, kiteak? Upkar korun osli dusmankai
Pois dourat. Goykarponn rakat re. Ho lekh boroun tumi zaiteam zanachim monam kodu keleant tem bilkul sarkhem na.
Amche Munglurcheam bhavamcheo zaiteo Sonvsta assat ani kaibore ekvottan te vavurta te polloun egdom borem dista.
Tanchea borea vaurachi khobor DAIZI WORLD porgott korta tem zonn eka Goykaran vach’chem.
Vorsak char panch Goykaranche Konknint Tiatr Dubaint pollounk mell’ta thoim passun ekvott na zaun uzoteo dusmankaeo.
Kitem zalam amcheam Goyemkaranchea ekvottak?
Goykar mhojea bhava Goykar mhoje bhoni
Eka hatan Talli vazona
Talli vazpak dusroi hath zai..
Eklean chuk kelear taka mellon ghe
Ani tachi chukh sudrai ponn masikamcher kritika kiteak?
Kritika kelear tum Niz Goykar?
Dubai aslole bhavank toxe bhoinank
Vell chodd molacho
Offisachea toxem Ghorchea vaurant
Torui St Marys Goan Sodalitik aplo vell ditat
Tumchea hatak xokti ani penant xaai
Assa mhon kiteim boroinakak.
Niz Goykar zalear fuddem sorat
Hatik hath diat ani Konknint uloyat.
Ani Niz Goykarponn dakoiat.

Tumcho Mogall
Peter Fernandes

Jeetu said...

@ Peter, you keep Concani aside as this is an English blog. There is a Concani section you can use it there.

Arwin Mesquita said...

Dear All,

I prefer spending time with those working to save Goa on the Ground, But this has gone too far & at this stage right/wrong, it is not helping the cause of Goa/Goan unity. My views:

(1) Caji & the Goan Sodality team has given me the support to hold meetings on Goan Identity. Some thing rare amongst Goan Associations? Also I know that many in the group who are working selflessly and this will demotivate them and any others who want to do something for the Goan community.

(2) Jude has suggested so many ideas and also has offered tom work with me on the bigger picture for Goa & Goans and our Identity. His ideas/vision is very different from the average Goan thinking if just parties, dances & social events; Something rare in the Goan Mindset.

(3) For argument sake, say the critics have some grounds, do we really need to make a mountain out of a mole hill? There is so much disgustful much higher looting by many MLAs in Goa; let us focus our energies constructively there if we really have the courage to clean Goa?

(4) Activists in Goa are pleading for help/money or any kind of assistance. We have limited time to save Goa and lets spend our time wisely.

(5) I think we have to put this to rest Logically. Please see my suggestions below:
(A) Those concerned can call Caji/Jude and have a meeting with people/representatives both opposing parties.
(B) I offer to be present at this meeting
(C) Those concerned must have simple bulleted summary document of Allegations.
(E) Caji/Jude/Goan Sodality can answer to each of the allegations and the entire document will be put up on the Goan websites
(D) I must reiterate that this has to be a civilised meeting with no abuses, name calling foul language etc. Also this will not be a debate, it will be more on proper clear clarifications of the allegations so that Caji/Jude/Goan Sodality can respond as best as they can.

Once the final document (Allegations & Answers) is posted on Goan Websites/Forum, then we have to leave it to the people to decide. After the latter the issue must be laid to rest and lets do something more productive for our beautiful land Goa & our people.

Arwin Mesquita (UAE)

Dalia said...

Arwin, can you clarify one point to me personally by yourself on this blog, under this same heading....Why did Chorchill hit at you with a threat of registering a molestation case when you come down to Goa? What was your reaction? Did you loose your tongue at that moment? Where was your Goan Soda at that moment in Dubai to defend you and give a fitting reply to Chorchill? Were you in hiding or the Sodality was not existing?

If you could provide some solid evidence on this, I think you are the best judge on the issue of making peace with both factions. Also clarify, you being in Dubai makes you a greater GOAN than those outside Dubai?

You can't save Goa by being with the destroyers of Goa or being cowed down by them. I know that your voice was lost after Chorchill's threat.

Bebdo said...

Dear Arwin
We appreciate the efforts that you are making to fight for Goa and Goans. We too are doing the same and you are most welcome to join us.
Now you have said that you prefer to spend time with those working to save Goa on the Ground. To this let me answer: How do you know that we are not working on the ground? Do you think without our members working on the ground we would have been able to help the needy Goans (which sometimes involved lot of logistics) and expose the corrupt politicians and land sharks with documentary evidence?
You then say “but this has gone too far & at this stage right/wrong, it is not helping the cause of Goa/Goan unity.” Can you please explain what has gone too far and is not helping Goa/Goan unity? As far as we know, our policies and stance have made more Goans aware of what is happening to Goa and more Goans, all over the world, are joining in our efforts to fight the corrupt and illiterate goonda politicians, land sharks and non-Goan policies of the Goa government.
Further, you say that
(1) Caji& the Goan Sodality team has given me the support to hold meetings on Goan Identiy.
My answer to this is: You had only one meeting NOT MEETINGS in St. Mary’s Church. Cajie and Goan Sodality didn’t support you much. In fact Cajie asked you in English why you were addressing the meeting in English when you are supposed to talk on Goan Identity. You answered to him by saying that you don’t know Konkani as you were born and raised in Kuwait and that you were making an attempt to learn Konkani. When someone from the audience questioned Cajie as to why Cajie was speaking in English, Cajie then switched over to Konkani. Nothing constructive came out from this meeting. In fact, you were bad-mouthed and was written off as saying ‘what this guy knows about Goa and Goans when he can’t even speak Konkani’.
You are saying that many in the group (which I assume is SMGC) will be demotivated and any others who want to do something for the Goan community.
To this I reply: How many members are there in the SMGC? Are you saying this because most people in Dubai doesn’t want to associate with SMGC and are now associating with Niz Goenkars? Is the SMGC feeling threatened about the rising popularity of Niz Goenkars in Dubai?


Bebdo said...

Part 2 -
(2) You said: Jude has suggested so many ideas …. Blah blah blah. And then add to say that his ideas/vision is very different from the average Goan thinking…. Something rare in the Goan mindset.
My reply is: Are you underestimating the intellect of a majority of Goans, including us?
(3) This comment of yours is very interesting: “Do we really need to make a mountain out of a mole hill? There is so much disgustful much higher looting by many MLAs in Goa….
My reply is: What are you trying to imply here, and especially when you mean ‘MUCH HIGHER LOOTING’. With this statement of yours, can I infer that there is looting of some scale which is going on? And if so it has to be HIGH. If you know the English language then you will know what I mean. HIGH, HIGHER, HIGHEST.
So do you want to sweep under the carpet this ‘HIGH’ looting and is urging us to concentrate on the ‘HIGHER’ looting?
(4) You say: Activists in Goa are pleading for help/money or any kind of assistance.
My reply is: How do you know that we are not of any assistance to these activists? If you check our posts on Naroa (Mehta scam) you will see our activists confronting the Narao sarpanch. We are here and there, plus we are assisting many. Many other activities that we are doing are not open for public discussion due to the sensitive nature of such activities.
(5) You say: I think we have to put this to rest logically
My reply is: I don’t know what you are talking about. We don’t have issues with any individual.
Your suggestions:
(A) Those concerned can call Cajie/Jude….. and have a meeting
My reply to this also is we have no issues with individuals. But if such individuals try to tarnish our image, threaten us and use political clout to try to silence the voice of Niz Goenkar, we won’t keep quiet. We will expose such people for working against the welfare of Goa and Goans.(B) You say: “I offer to be present at this meeting”
My reply is: Are you offering your services out of your own free will or were you pushed into it by someone who is frightened of being exposed by Niz Goenkars?
(C) …. You are talking about allegations
My reply is: We have not alleged anyone of anything. We have documentary evidence and we have published it on the site. From our side it is all in black and white. If the party that you are representing have something against us, let them forward that to you and we will answer it.
(D)… again you are talking about allegations…. Blah blah blah… and clarification about Cajie/Jude?
My reply is: Will this meeting be conducted in English or Konkani?
If it is in English, then Cajie will object to it, the same way that he had objected to you speaking in English when you had addressed the meeting on Goan Identity in St. Mary’s Church.
On a final note. Let me assure you that we have nothing against any individual be it Cajie/Jude or any one. We support you as one of us. But please refrain from insulting the intellect and the goodwill of Goans. Goans have endured enough of hypocrisy of the illiterate-goonda politicians who have sold Goa to the ghanttis. Goans have are on the verge of becoming a minority in Goa. Goa’s culture, especially the Luso-Indian culture (I hope you understand what I mean by this) is being diluted by the culture of the ghanttis. Even our church properties have been sold to non-Goan builders by some of our priests. The time has now come for Goans to say enough is enough. And through Niz Goenkar we will bring a change in the socio-political structure of Goa.
Viva Goa, Long Live Goan Unity, Goa for Goans
Mog asundi

Chandrakant Kankonkar said...

What battle is this Arwin fighting, when the first thing and a major thing is he does not know our mother tongue Konkani. How can he say he is a Goan who when he does not know the language of Goa? I remember the song of Alfred Rose whose songs I love to listen, sang about the Goan boy who was asked to sing in his language and he did not know Konkani and was publicly insulted by the other foreign groups saying "Then you must be a bastard" such an Insult. I do not consider those who do not know Konkani as Goans.

Bebdo said...

@ Peter Fernandes... Poodle please don't use the name of Peter Fernandes. Peter Fernandes from St. Estevam is an educated guy who studied in Dempo commerce and did his MCom from Goa University. Peter Fernandes from St. Estevam who founded the Goan Sodality along with Jerry and Fr. Freddy will not write in pidgin English as he is an educated guy, unlike you the poodle.
And Peter Fernandes from St. Estevam, although he is originally from Majorda, is too decent a guy to speak bad about Niz Goenkar. He is too decent that is the reason why he has distanced himself from SMGC. When he founded SMGC, he did so with good intention and he didn't have any malafide intention unlike some people.
So poodle please stick to your excellent Konkani which you leart while giving Sunday Bible classes in Konkani.
We know who you are. So please don't use the name of Peter Fernandes of St. Estevam.

Benjamin D'souza said...

My children were born and brought up in Kuwait. But they talk fluent Konkani. They read, write and speak fluent Konkani, both Devnagiri and Roman script. I think this Arwin Mesquita who ever he is should show this comment of mine to his parents

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Arwin:I appreciate the role you are "hoping" to play in resolving issues with NG & SMGS/C.
However prior to putting yourself forward, I would like you to thoroughly...and I mean very throughly read all the comments here on the SMGS/C (Sodality /Community).
From my personal point of view,you are being taken for a ride by SMGS and being mis-led.
I hope you will consider the proverb"FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE WISE MEN FEAR TO TREAD).
You are being lulled in by SMGS,by a false promise and pretence.
I am a little pressed for time just now. But I will make a fuller comment to- morrow.
If you wish to preserve any reputation or respect you still have left of yourself, I would ask you to seriously consider your offer of mediatition in this matter.
Please remember, this Niz-Goenkar site is a "no nonsense" forum and it does not take or hold "prisoners" .
So please expect, that your offer and request for mediation will be met with judicious and severe comments.

diogofichardo said...

It seems there are mediators for hire in Dubai, or its one person impersonating in many names. Whoever they impersonate seems Niz Goenkars are upfront with information who they are. There are almost 90% of Goans in Dubai who disassociate with this St Mary's crowd, who class themselves the elite of the Goans. It's time to set their feet on solid ground.

dlp said...

Yes. Niz Goenkar is always one step ahead because we investigate meticulously. These people make fools of themselves because they have no trust amongst themselves and act individually, unlike Niz Goenkar. The end-result is they get kicked in their backsides with their own boots. For example, this poodle had apologized to Niz Goenkars earlier and had vanished from the scene, but like they say "Old habits die hard", she is back. If she did not want to be caught, she should have dictated the message to someone else who knows to write better Konkani and asked him/her to type it. By writing it herself, she has shown that she IS the poodle. Just compare the spellings of the old message and this message. Even a child will tell this is one and the same person. If she is so daring, why use someone else's name? Everyone has a right to comment here but don't impersonate someone else and don't tarnish the image of decent people. Got it Poodle???

Jetroy F. Dias said...

First of all I Like to remind you all the commentators that the St. Mary’s Goan Sodality Group , is a Roman Catholic Group affiliated to the St. Mary’s Church, Dubai, which is a umbrella Organisation for all the Catholic Goan’s residing in the jurisdiction of the St. Mary Catholic Church Dubai. So all are the honorary member’s of the same and if someone what’s to be an active member they are welcome regardless of caste, creed and social status. And to My Knowledge they are doing a fine job, taking out time out of their busy Schedule. Well it is also has a spiritual Director, so all my dear Catholic Niz Goankar, if your have any concern’s about the functioning of the said Organisation, Your are invited to become the active member and raise your concern’s in the General body meeting, instead of shouting from the corner stone’s and from the benches of the bars.
It seems like you people are like dogs in contention of a common bone the ‘limelight’ blaming the other of hogging limelight. Well there is no harm, as in modern day’s one has to highlight the work done by an organisation so as to reach the message far and wide to the masses, Very much like the Obituary Advertisement published in the herald about the death of Late Mr. Jackson Coutinho.

I Believe you People and Happy that Niz Goankar are working quietly for the betterment of goans in dubai, Goa and worldwide. So also the St. Mary’s Goan Sodality Group, is quietly performing their Duties without interfering in the works of others Specially the Niz Goankars. So why are you’ll becoming road blocks for them.

Well Regarding the Critics about me, I Don’t understand why all the commentators become so frustrated if some thing is written against you’ll, as far as my integrity is concern, i don’t need to take a character certificate from you people specially people who doesn’t have a guts to own what they say by coming out of the masks of acrimony they are using. At least you should appreciate that I am not a coward like you.

To dlp
Why are you so frustrated, what was the comment made by me, why did it hurt you so much. I Feel reality is always bitter, as you always as said in your comments, that you meticulously investigate the matter, what was your investigation tells you about me. And what are your sources. Faceless person who might be sitting in the meeting like a Judas, and then despise. If you had found out any irregularities, why didn’t you raise the same in the general body? Don’t judge others, first judge your self where you stand.

T o Bebdo,
Let me tell u that the ‘Goa Association’ is a social organisation which I feel is not existing, and the funds are with somebody and may be the fight is going on in between the people whom you have named. So also the other organisations your have name are social organisations, where as St. Marys Goan Sodality Group is a organisation of the St. Marys Church. If you fell the incumbent managing committe is not fit, put your request for the next general body and force a election. Because as you have early said that you had arranged 200 odd group of goans to boos Mr. Churchill Alemalo, for you it will be very easy to put forward the motion and get it passed, as you have a force of 200 odd followers. I Appreciate your other blogs regarding the happening in goa.

Regarding Mr. Arvin Misquita
Well He has the guts to hold Mr. Churchill by the Horns, and he does not need the help of any organisation as he is a movement in it self, well regarding his knowledge about Konkani, The Indian Constitution give him all the right to fight for the betterment of goa unlike all the traitors who have disown goa to Portugal and other countries and become citizens there. Regarding the comment by MR Chandrakant. All those goan origin People who have the Portuguese citizenship know Portuguese? So what should they be called?

jetroy F. Dias said...

Now this month another drama is being organised, incidentally this time the chief guest is poised to be Mr Micky Pachaco, so what’s the Plan Mr. Bebdo? He is following what Churchill is doing, from Football team, Gold rings, etc and now being the Chief Guest at Drama’s in dubai.

Regarding all the Big time building activities happening in goa is only because of the so called traitors who have disown goa and embraced other citizenship and sold their properties to all this sharks.

To N Fernandes London
My Dear Friend, I Suppose you Should understand What is a church organisation, I Should not explain You again, Tell your Friends to attend the General and Sort the differences, Its not about Caji or jude here its about goa and catholic goans residing in the jurisdiction of St. Mary’s Church Dubai. Well if they feel there is muck, tell them to go knee deep into it and clean it, Not just Sit on the Edge of the banks cry out loud. And it would be better to understand if all these people behind the musk who are shouting on top of their voices come out in the open. Because everybody is a loin in it own den. If they cannot participate in teh St. Marys Sodality Group, Then they should Keep their mouth Shut and stop demanding the Scraping of the organisation, because as per the goan catholic at St. Marys Church, they are doing a commendable job, of organisation the Family day, Get-together, picnic, St Frances Xavier’s Feast. Etc. Why I Feel is fare enough in their capacity, one cannot keep happy everyone.

Lastly I Like to Point out one Incident which happened for theGoan Football Tournment at AL Naseer Ground at the final, All goan Ladies Were Instructed to wear the scaf over their head as it was irian custums, Well Fine if one using their premises one has to follow their rules. Well I don’t know who the organisers were, but this greedy organises left the authority of monitoring the violators of the head scuff rule to a Arab security who was badly manhandling the goans ladies and girls, and the organisers were busy engross in their money minting activities instead of monitoring they themselves.

Jetroy F. Dias

franco said...

Here comes out another truth about the Drama. Keep it up Jetroy, everyone has the right to invite whomsoever they wish as chief guest, but since you have chosen Mickey Mouse, please ensure that he does not come in eye contact with your wife or if you have a 14 or 15 year old daughter. This is my sincere advise to you and all Dubaikars lest you repent later on when the milk is spilt.

Bebdo said...

@Jetroy... pls grow up. Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs. First get it in your thick head what is the meaning of "Sodality". If you want a full course in theology and the foundation of the Catholic church I can give it to you for free. Right from Paul, the lost Christians, Acts of Thomas, Confessions by Saint Augustine the Bishop of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, the concordate, Vatican II....
And if that is not sufficient for your bird-brain, then I can also enlighten you how the papacy was formed and why the present Pope Benedict had to apologise for the SINS committed by the clergy. Grow up boy, grow up.
Just because you go to church and listen to the readings from the gospel and the sermons of the priest doesn't make a good Catholic. Learn the foundation of Catholicsm.
Again I am telling you learn the meaning of the word "Sodality" first and in what context it is used. If not ask a learned priest about it.

Jetroy F. Dias said...

My Dear Friend,

I feel ashamed to call you by your mask name, as no one become drunkards by default, I Hope you Will come back to the main stream like the Prodigal Son.
And as far as the need for me to grow up which is argued by, there is no need for me to grow up, but I feel there is a urgent need for your come out of you intoxication, and as far as the meaning of Solidity is concern Its Just the banner title of the organisation, which also apply for the so called Niz Goankars, as most of you are not even Citizens of India, So Don’t try to teach me Meanings. It seem like your are a run away child from the Seminary? Well if you are well verse with theology and the formation of Vatican, etc so as to teach me than you should know better that you need not cry over the sins of others, as everyone will pay for their individually misleads at the time of judgment if you believe in the roman Catholic Church . And just to remind you that no one here in this world are perfect, there are mistakes committed everywhere, so also in by the clergy for which the Pope his holiness put up a brave front to apology and rectify the mistakes and avoid further damages, unlike you people didn't dismantle the fabric of the Church. Well I am not saying that I a good or bad catholic, because I leave the judgment on the almighty.

AS far as the comment made by you about my brain so as to understand the worldly things, I thank God for what every he has given to be, be it a birds brain or human, I accept it as the gift my the almighty and I deserve it, and is enough to counter all the negative happening around.
Jetroy F. Dias

Dalia said...

does Jetroy belong to the high flying coub of Jet Airways? His noame sounds so. Jetroy, before you open up your mouth, please make sure that you make some sense of what you say. You can defend yourself and others but with enough evidence. Get to the root of the problem between NG and Dubai Goenkars (a few) and look where all went wrong. Being in Dubai does not make one a blue blooded Goenkar. As Bebdo pointed, learn the meaning of Sodality and check for their activities. Sodality is not just for picnics and entertainment. Or you just change the name to Sodality for Entertainment.

Goan Executional in Dubai said...

@Jethroy Dias, You are confusing yourself with the word "SOLIDITY" and "SODALITY". In your above comment you have used the Solidity instead of Sodality, which proves that you are a POPOT (parrot) reader who just reads a few sentences and sits to write a comment. I searched the dictionary but failed to find the word SOLIDITY now this word can only mean is "Strength" if at all it exists on some dictionary. So like a monkey do not yep out any rubbish and come on the blog. First learn English properly and then come here.

Jetroy F. Dias said...

I feel pity on you people, you change so many names just to reply my comments, well accept my mistake and do consider my self as a popot (Parrot) reader as you say,but not a hypocrite and coward like you who comments under disguise. So a also I accept my English is not that great as I am a Goankar, not a British(Indian) dog, and to be a Goankar one need not know polish English, but what I can read and write is enough for the goans to understand. and Give fitting Reply

Bebdo said...

@ Jetroy
Sodality cannot be just a banner for an organisation, just like Niz Goenkar.

My first lesson for you in theology hence is on the meaning and origin of SODALITY.

In Christian theology, a sodality is a form of the "Universal Church" expressed in specialized, task-oriented form as opposed to the Christian church in its local, diocesan form (which is termed modality).

The sodalities of the Church are pious associations and are included among the confraternities and archconfraternities. But, the Catholic Encyclopedia:Sodality writes that it would not be possible to give a definition making a clear distinction between the sodalities and other confraternities. Confraternities and sodalities had their beginnings after the rise of the confraternities of prayer in the early Middle Ages (around 400-1000 AD), and developed rapidly from the end of the 12th Century.

The British historian and social writer, William Lecky (1880), notes that around 1200 AD:

"Christianity for the first time made charity a rudimentary virtue, giving it a leading place in the moral type, and in the exhortation of its teachers. Besides its general influence in stimulating the affections, it effected a complete revolution in this sphere, by regarding the poor as the special representatives of the Christian Founder, and thus making the love of Christ, rather than the love of man the principle of charity . . . . . A vast organization of charity, presided over by Bishops, and actively directed by the deacons, soon ramified over Christendom, till the bond of charity became the bond of unity, and the most distant sections of the Christian Church corresponded by the interchange of mercy.”

The quote above reflects the start of organized charitable work in the Christian world in the Middle Ages. It was a major break in theological thinking and it was brokered by the Catholic Church. Prior to this acts of charity were usually small and adhoc, and aimed at specific needy members of the community. Thus, the Catholic Church became involved and motivated for intervention on religious grounds. Various organisations sprang up that were aimed at helping and evangelising the poor and supporting other groups within the Catholic Church. These organisations were the first sodalities that were aimed at good deeds and charitable work.

During the Middle Ages many of these pious associations placed themselves under the special protection of the Blessed Virgin and chose her as their patron. The main object and duty of these societies were, above all, the practice of piety and works of charity.

By the end of the Middle Ages (around 1400AD) the Church experienced a crisis and lost power and influence. Two hundred years later in the 16th Century, the Church rose to renewed prosperity and the many new religious congregations and associations gave birth to numerous new confraternities and sodalities which worked with great success are, today, often still effective Catholic Encyclopedia:Sodality.

The situation becomes even more confused when certain sodalities are sanctioned and accepted by the Church. While others, especially the newer more evangelical ones, are struggling to find their place and a champion within the Catholic Church.


Dalia said...

Jetroy, you smell like stale fish on this blog. Your points are noted and checked for their meaning. It does not make any sense, you just consume precious space of this blog. I wish, each writer and reader ifnore this Jetboy from Dubai.

To my personal assessment, this jetroy is just a little pomerian barking from the gallery. If Jetroy can make some sense, then I ask him or her again to look into the actual root cause of this ongoing brushing.

Getting Mickey Mouse or Chorchill will not make you guys greater than what you are. It only shows that people like you and others are just puppets of the politicians and are used on living on crumbs. For people like you, a little crumb from these immoral politician is greater than the bread. You can also order some Ratol tubes from Ratol Baba to brush your own teeth along with the mouse when he comes to Dubai. If you have a female member of your family who can attract the eye of the mouse, be assured that you will never be the Jetroy but a jetlagged poor chap. Your mentality speaks of a sick mind. Your writing also speaks about your own confusion with your mind. This forum is for people who can write, understand and debate but my friend, you seem to be on the other side of the cliff.

My cousin Soares sitting beside me at Cafe Praca asked me to convey to you the following: Para um apetite bom es não é pão duro. O homem sábio não pendura o seu conhecimento num gancho. Um homem sábio muda a sua mente, um idiota nunca.

Hope you will get the meaning in private and at least change your attitude.


Come on kids....stop the play now and go and do your studies.....your holidays are over now...


Kids go to school.....your time is up and holidays are over....


Bebdo said...

@ Dalia ... I would like to add to what your cousin Soares had to say to Jetroy Dias...
De pequenino se torce o pepino



This is my personal appeal to all my Goans. I would like to sincerely request all my Goan Brothers and Sisters on the commenting section, this is not going to get us anywhere in our main cause. So kindly stop fighting among each other. Put your energy in UNITY of Goans and stand as one to save Goa from the clutches of the devils back at home. GOA IS GETTING SOLD OUT. The day is very close when the Goans will be searching shelter and building huts to live after being thrown out of our own houses by the Devils of Goa who are out to sell our land, houses etc. Please I plead with you all to stop this. Let us sort out our differences later on. Once Goa is safe and the Goans are safe there will be lot of time to carry on with these fights. Right the main topics are getting neglected. But are these fights going to give us anything good? - Menino de Valpoi

Jetroy F. Dias said...

@ Dalia.
I didn’t how much you understand English or Konkani. But I can definitely come to a conclusion that how much u love goa or Portugal. So having Hidden agendas and talking behind the mask speak volumes about your intensions, I can understand your concern and frustration for me not aligning with your ideology. There is a saying in Hindi "its easy to flow with the tide, but needs courage to swim across it" Well you might be wise enough to ply behind the mask otherwise you very well know you will be exposed.

Secondly I feel you use to feed on crumbs, that how you feel everybody does the same.

Who is a pomerian barking from the gallery here, sneak into one self, you don’t even have the courage to put forth the question what you are discussing here in front of the SMGS/C. forget about shedding your musk.

Goan Saviour said...

Dear Jetroy,
Kindly understand that your views will not be understood unless you use the Alpha Omega Code. Please don't mind - the code is currently only for the genuine saviors of Goa.

Da Silva said...

This diversion is created by the stubbornness of this group so called Dubai SMGC. They were wrong from the beginning. Instead of admitting their mistake and amending their profile, by declaring the amount collected and settling the matter they go on irritating Niz Goenkar. Some of the commentators are requesting Niz Goenkar to have a meeting with SMGC. Why should Niz Goenkar conduct a meeting with this group, which was exposed by Niz Goanker in the first place? They were wrong, They are wrong and if they have any self respect they or their hunch men should stop commenting on this forum. FULL STOP.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Jetroy F Dias:::Thank you for your comment.It is rather vague and not well is full of holes in it and I will fill some of them for you..
I am adequately educated and fully understand all aspects of the Church.So,thanks anyway, I do not need your personal tutorial on Church organisations.
Before you keep on dragging your heavy theories and baggage around,please allow me to unburden some of it.
Niz-goenkar,nor me, personally have or bear any grudge with any Goan in Dubai or the UAE.I do not believe anyone here has any ill-feeling to ordinary members of SMGC.They have no finiancial agenda and have no blame.
I appreciate you are a faithfull,loyal and diehard supporter of SMGC.However you need to look at the functioning of SMGC`s management with a balanced and rational view.
As a Construction Consultant, you need to build ,using some ground rules,facts and logic.
Niz Goenkar`s (NG) issue was with SMGS Management.Notably Cajie, Maria and Navita initially.It was never with ordinary members like you.As you know it arose out of the sad Jackson case.
Subsequently Judy Viegas came along and started abusing NG.She was very very,unlady like and believed her husband Praveen Viegas (who has been hiding), was a reincarnation of a Messiah and in turn she had begotten supernatural powers.
Subsequently Cajie along with some of his human mouthpieces contacted NG by telephone and threaten to close the site down due to adverse publicty.
NG had a right to expose SMGS`s exclusivity in helping Jackson in the Name of Goans.
Jude Pereira, the GM of Nanjgel who fancies himself as a "BIG SHOT" and "BIG GUN" of Goans in Dubai thought he could use some of his powers to silence NG and shut it down.This Jude needs to learn that Goans are not his employees /servants and are not under any contract to him.His "dadagiri" will work well in the poor migrant slums of GOA.
When he realised he would get no where , he along with the Core members of SMGS decided to use ARWIN.
Arwin from what I have learnt recently, is a Politically controversial figure too.
NG have not recruited anyone to defend its position or arbitrate with SMGS.It relies on the views and "vox populi" of its commentators.
Recently there has been a lot of phantom commentators from Dubai,who are actually core members of SMGS.
Jude and Judy have both been commenting in ficticious names.
NG has been able to unmask these people.
I appreciate you, for using your own name.That is very honest,honourable and commendable.
NG was about to forgive and forget the incident with SMGS until Jude came along and threatned to close it down.This is why this whole incident has resurfaced...but this time with more venom and skull duggery.
Parts of NG comments were blocked in a certain locality of Dubai (WHY?).This is being investigated.
The SMGS comment page is also suspended(WHY?).What and why is it in fear.?
Before you keep on commenting, with irrelevant theories, I would suggest you sit down and question the SMGS Management.They caused this situation...NG just responded vehemently.
I hope this comment of mine will go some way in giving you a better perspective and understanding of the events that led to all this.
NG is a site that welcomes all Goans of all backgrounds all around the world.You may wish to look at the exclusivity of SMGS.
Please also advise Jude and Judy to control their excessive stupidity and learn some good etiquettes.
I wish you all the best.

Goan Saviour said...

Jetroy: Let me tell you. As we speak - NGIB is seriously investigating you. Rest assured that we will expose and prove that you are a SMGC member or anti-NG. This is our duty and responsibility as Niz Goenkars. Just like Jude and Judy have been exposed.
Guys, SMGC's hold supposedly runs deep - they have managed to selectively block NG. Mr. Fernandes - could you kindly use your contacts at MI5, MI6, Interpol or even 007 URGENTLY. Our information network is being blocked. Rumours have it that the Alpha Omega code has been broken and the Art of War is breaking sales records. Bookings on now!!!!

A Goan in Qatar said...

Dear Readers, I am noticing this debate is continuing day by day. This Jetroy is just a mouth piece for the SMSC/S. Also Andrew came and started with his notations of Noise from the Niz Goenkars. If he does not like to listen to such debate, I would suggest him to filter his ears and not to interfere on this site.

Not to go any further with is debate, I would like to suggest one last alternative solution for this debacle issue.

1 As this Association is affiliated to the St. Mary’s Church, Dubai, and seeing the seriousness in the issue of money collection, I would request some of the Niz Goenkar members to kindly approach the higher Church authorities i.e. the Bishop of the Middleeast, H.E. Rev. Paul Hinder, who is stationed in Dubai and apprise him on this issue to solve the problem. Because this is absolutely a Church matter and the money collection is to some extend related to the Church body. This Arwin has nothing to do with this sort of misconceptions and let the Bishop, who is the head of the Middleeast Churches decide whether to continue giving them the name of St. Mary ….. or to change the name to another Goan organization befitting their egos.

2. As for closing this blog to some extend in the UAE area is a serious offense against the Arab laws, and someone who has done is in serious dilemma. Be aware.

I hope this suggestion will be well taken care of. Thanks. VIVA GOA & VIVA GOENKAR.

Dalia said...

Jetroy, your arrogance speaks it all that you cannot tolerate the truth. Read my lines once again and try to understand. read your own sentences too and understand them well. Wish you good luck from here.

With due respect to the request of Menino, I put my keyboard on the rack over this topic.

Bebdo said...

To all Niz Goenkars ... The Dogs Bark but the Caravan Moves On .... build a mausoleum to Saint Andrew, the saviour of Goa.

Bebdo said...

Bebdo said...
I am very happy to know that one of our guys from Margao won a councillor's seat by a narrow margin against all odds. Well done Niz Goenkars from Margao. This is a small step in our long journey. We will have more victories.
Niz Goenkars join in the celebrations. Where ever you'll are get together and celebrate.
We achieved our first electoral victory.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Dalia::: I would not worry about Jetroy Ferdinand Dias from Velim`s, comment to you.
He would be well advised to first speak to SMGS Management and ask them why they are hiding the actual truth and what are they expecting to benefit from.
Jetroy is an active member of SMGS.That is fine.But why hide and live by a falsehood, and then pop around to Church the next day.

Bebdo said...

There is a vacany with a Construction LLC in Dubai to put TO LET signs on some of their unoccupied buildings. This position is open for a person with a Jet set lifestyle and a big mouth. If you know anyone,pls recommend him for the job.

Bebdo said...

Check Aba foujat Julio and Avoi To Love with Na for only son. Rope in Andrade, Barros,Caeiro and Da Silva.
Reception very clear. Check in house frequency at 327.Fine tune at 34-35 Hzs

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Hi Bebdo::Has your school ever played football or Kabbadi with "Councolim United Higher Secondary School".
I heard there were some real good and accomplished "players" from "ZAINO VADDO".
If the vacancy you are suggesting means, just having basic hammering tools, and skills...then I may consider it.I am looking for a new hobby.
Are there any good notorious Community clubs around that area too?
In my youth they use to call it it is called "Clubbing"

Da Silva, Velim said...

Signal clear, all done and scanned. Satellite depicting code.


@Bebdo... CORE NIZ GOENKAR VELIM reporting.... located Jetski off the coast of Tollecanto. Went to Gilbern stores and St. Rock's school... all clear ... perfect reception

Dalia said...

@ N Fernandes, could you please be specific on on what you are looking at "Zaino Vaddo"? My satellite shows you camping somewhere on the South Coast of Goa, 170 degrees North of Zaino Vaddo. If you are on a life raft with your silent mission, you can steer into the river at Cutbona Jetty and straight head to Zaino Vaddo or move ahead to avoid notice and alight at Assolna just behind the Church. Do not forget your Thuraya set as in some parts of the village, Vodafone stands on a single strand.

Robert @ Business Bay, Dubai said...

I can see the calm after the storm. Most topics did not have any comments in the past two weeks. with an appeal from Menino, all obedient Niz Goenkars are now switched on to humour. It is astonishing to know that Niz Goenkar network is spread through the World and not just Dubai. The investigatin and information is pointed exactly to facts nd figures as I understand that the house number of Jetroy in Velim is 327 and the words used by Bebdo are from the OBC village spoken in Velim. What an investigation. Kudos to you guys.

I am expressing my pleasure that the Niz Goenkars are back on track after making complete curry of the irritators from Dubai. What a team! Three Cheers for the calm and keep it up.

Bebdo said...

Jetski to set sail in December for Christmas as a couple. Give a warm reception while clubbing. Consignment of 'clubs', 'hammers' and 'nails' on the way. Black belt 2nd Dan 'get set' with djos

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Guys & Gals:TRICKI- Ricki-wiki shows Gilbern stores.awaiting Jetski arrival.
are"boil-linas"...sorry "BOLINAS,BEBINCA,DOSH AND NEUROES" available there? or just hammers & nails
ARE THE "PETN BOMBS " on cargo or passenger birds of flight.Is runway clear of oil spillage.

Alvito Rebello, Satwa / Cortalim said...

It is more than two months this article is at top though no more comments are heard over a month. What is your motive? To keep the space filled? There are better issues and articles to occupy that space.
I do not critize you or pat our community from Dubai. Jackson issue divided many Goans. Yesterday was one month passed away for his departed soul. His close family members who are right now here even forgot to remind it to friends about so or celebrate his mass. The dead soul is gone. Bitter enemity remained and Goans fought with filthy language.


Dear Alvito Rebello,
Let me explain to you that the article remains there through the program set for most popular posts. The more the people read it, the more it will go to the top. It is not necessary that there should be more comments. It is the number of reading of the article that does so. I hope you get a picture of as to why the article is on top. About space concerned I just cannot do anything about it as long as readers do not stop reading the article. So also it would be wrong to remove the article - Menino de Valpoi

Buyarantlo Monis said...

Dear Niz Goenkars,

I can see to some extent that there is misunderstanding among Niz Goenkars. I guess and pray this is not reality. Our common enemy should be Ali Baba and his forting theives. together we can still save GOA and rectify mistakes committed in 1961. Viva

Pedro said...


You are the one and the only one who can save Goa for the Goans, I've to drink a glass of wine for you my brother, maybe even the whole bloody bottle.

What you quoted is absolutely true, Football brings us together, there is no other sport.

This homosexual impotent Criket is ruining Goa and it's beautifull Football fields. A sport brought by Ghattis for Ghattis.

Why don't you write an article, where we can join FIFA as a Nation, this will bring Goans together, even those to whom Goa is dead. (Not forgeting the invader Nehru who promised us special status.)

One commentator in NZ rightly Commented.

*****You can take us out of GOA, but you can't take GOA out from us.******

*****Salazar said, to Invader Nehru, you can take my Land but you will never able to take my people.******

This is true even today, we can never feel comfortable with gahttis, (exception Politicians who want them for VoteBank) The Portuguese passport today is our Birthright, is due to that very sentence.

Mad Dog said...

What can anybody tell me about Cajetan Coelho's wife Rainha? Is there any truth to the rumors going on about her?

blackfury said...

It''s up to each one to believe what they think is truth or lies, perhaps it would help your adrenaline to flow!

Do you wish to know about all the things people speak about you yourselves?
May i also this opportunity to ask you if you have tried to find out about the good work done by the very people you gossip about?

Incase you have not bothered to find out, what gives you the right to gossip?
ll you holy people, please remember this is the period of lent, and it would be nice to dedicate an alter to you!
Could you please let me have the list of your names so that we can proceed with this honorable monument in your memory so that you are remembered even after your death.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I doubt anyone is interested in Cajetans Cohelho`s wife as an individual.What she does in her personal & private capacity is no ones business.What she did as a member of SMGS, if she was involved,is again and now, no longer of interest to anyone.
The topic here, on this article was St Marys Goan Sodality and its biased and detrimental functioning.

N.Fernandes-London said...

To Blackfury:::
This is not a case of Gossiping.It is a clear cut case of an organisation that applies several different standards to its functioning.
It reserves one standard for God and religious institutions, another standard for Goans that are part of it and another Standard for Goans that are excluded from being a part of it.
God does not differentiate between people.The SMGS , whom I guess you are trying to defend does.
As far as your sacrifice for Lent is concerned, I suggest you spend more time near an alter , rather than dedicating one for others.
If you have a pen and paper, the names you wish to dedicate are all here.if you also need spectacles to see the names, I suggest you make an appointment with an optician A.s.a.p.
I also do not think ,you will be required, to remember anyone here, after their death.
From what you have written, you seem like an utter idiot.

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