MARGAO: Margao police rushed to migrant inhabited Cine Lata in the commercial capital on late Saturday night to avert any incident between Panchayat Minister Babu Azgaonkar and his group and the group led by Teo Bonamis, a close aide of Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.
The incident literally brought Teo Bonamis and Rajendra Azgaonkar, the brother of the Panchayat Minister face to face near Cine Lata late this evening. Even as a verbal duel ensued between Rajendra and Bonamis, the Panchayat Minister came in support of his brother, resulting in a tense situation at the migrant inhabited area.
However, Margao PI Santosh Desai deputed PSI Kapil Nayak to Cine Lata, who defused the situation by convincing both the groups to disperse from the area.
PI Desai said that though both the groups were engaged in a verbal duel, there was no physical violence between the groups. The police had deployed additional reinforcements in the area as a precautionary measure.
Rajendra Azgaonkar, who is a sitting councillor representing ward 13, has fielded Nazia Sheih, while Teo Bonamis and the Chief Minister’s group is supporting the candidature of Rosy Pereira. Leena Katkar is the BJP-sponsored candidate contesting from ward 13 and is backed by the Margao Loksamiti.
Incidentally, the Azgaonkars are sore that ward 13 has been reserved for women to deny Rajendra from re-contesting from the ward. In fact, Rajendra had threatened to contest against the Chief Minister if his ward was reserved for women as the ward was reserved for the fairer sex just five years ago. (HD)


diogofichardo said...

These politicians have ruined Goa, now the only thing left is to take Goan politics to a new level with fist fights and kill each other to win over the migrants. Goa is in need of a political revolution.

franco said...

This is the second incident of ruffianism brawl between the politicians. What is happening in Goan politics? Has it gone to Dogs? Nobody is bothered about doing any good for the State rather than destroy it with muscle power and money in whatever way possible. Is Goa heading towards second Mexico or South Africa where there is no law and order and anybody is free to commit murders, extortions, drugs, kidnaps, rapes etc., where police does not have any hold in what these ruffians are doing.

Dalia said...

Good going guys and gals. The politicians will soon have their own gang warfare to finish each other. This will eliminate these Chors and sooner, we will have one Niz Goenkar like JULIO RIBEIRO who will cleanse the remaining.

Ladida said...

This is a good sign hope they kill each other. Atleast then maybe the people of Goa will be free from this thrash

Anonymous the VIII said...

Franco, 'Dhirio' is going on.
After all who do Goans elect? If not REDDEH?

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