PANJIM:  Nationalist Congress Party's Goa Unit Chief Jose Philip D'Souza on Saturday said he is ready to step down from the post to pave way for his party colleague, Fransisco Mickey Pacheco.  "After municipal elections (scheduled on October 31), I will meet party high command in Delhi and request them to appoint Pacheco as NCP Goa President," D'Souza, who is also state revenue minister, told a news agency.
Both, D'Souza and Pacheco had engaged in a public fight this week in the port town of Vasco forcing the party to call an emergency meeting.  Pacheco is a NCP legislator, had to resign as Goa Tourism Minister after his name was embroiled in the controversy related to death of his friend, Nadia Torrado.
D'Souza had claimed that his supporters attacked Pacheco because he was distributing money to vote against his panel while Pacheco had refuted the allegations.  "Micky (Pacheco) has made a statement in the media that he can get 10 seats for NCP during forthcoming state legislative assembly elections. If that's the case than it is good for the party," D'Souza said.
"I want the party to grow. I am telling you this at serious note that I will be urging high command to appoint Pacheco at the helm of party affairs," he added.  NCP is a part of Congress-led government in the state with two out of its three legislators inducted in the cabinet.-PTI


diogofichardo said...

Instead of Jose Philip stepping down, Why don't the NCP disband itself from Goa? None of the current Corrupt ministers will make Good leaders. Goan Politics need new Niz Goenksr blood to run Goa.

N.FErnandes (London) said...

I agree with Diogo.
This incident(fighting) is actually good for Goa.It is demonstrating to its citizens the true nature of its MLA`s.
I used to think Beirut was bad or Haiti...but Goa seems to be overtaking these places for civil disorder and chaos.
Today we read about the spate near Cine Lata cinema about Babu Azgaonkar and Digu Kamat.
Isn`t it a shame to call these guys Political Leaders.
They seem to want to draw each others blood for territory.
I thought this sort of behaviour was reserved for the Wild animals in the National Parks of Africa and jungles around the world.
Yesterday I learnt from the GREAT MONKEY of Nanjgel,the covert Jude( Andrew) Pereira, in Dubai (previously of Miramar /Tonca), with his solaneering of "GET AND EDUCATION YOU GET A JOB IN GOA".
Now I wonder how many takers are there, when the place (Goa), is being ruled by blood sucking & blood letting animals.It seems like these Goa MLA`s are human to look at..but have been possessed by animal spirits.Most Goans know which animals these guys are possessed by.
Coming to Mickky Pacheco, he has been recently spending a lot of time in New Delhi.It seems from the news articles we read , he is assuring Sharad Pawar that if he is made the NCP chief in Goa he will be able to field at least 10 canditates at he next election.For that he has shifted...sorry laundered.. $2 million from the USA to buy loyality.
As far as I am concerned, Mickky is using all the possible trickery available, to regain some of his damaged reputation and respect.He is hoping such acts will get him a reprimand and previlege from Goa Courts.
As far as JP D`Sousa is concerned, I find him an equally despicable person.
I hope these MLA`s keep on fighting till death does them apart.
We will not need to pay and go to Cina Lata cinema, to see a horror or war movie.It will be acted in front of our eyes,on the streets of Goa and is free to watch.This is the new blood sport since Dhirio`s has been banned.Gambling in this instance too is not banned.

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