VASCO: NCP legislator and Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco on Thursday alleged that Revenue Minister and fellow NCP legislator Jose Philip D'Souza had attempted to kill him, besides instigating others to set them ablaze following their spat on Tuesday.
Pacheco's sworn statement to the police contradicts Revenue Minister Jose Philip D'Souza's claims that he (Jose Philip) had protected the Benaulim MLA from the furious mob and escorted him safely to his friend's car.
Pacheco (46) had been called by the Vasco police on Thursday to submit his statement in connection with the assault on him at Hotel Maharaj, Vasco on Tuesday night.
"I was sitting at Hotel Maharaja, Vasco, along with my friends namely Simon Pereira, Edwin Carvalho, both residents of Vasco and Raul D'costa of Chicalim and Lazarus Diago Pereira, resident of Betalbatim, Kalpesh Shelvonkar, Ravindranath Sawant and others from about 8 pm onwards," stated Pacheco in his letter to the Vasco police.
"At about 8.30 pm, Jose Philip D'Souza, Minister for Revenue and Civil Supplies, along with Kritesh Gaonkar, Councillor and former chairperson of Mormugao Municipal Council and a few others approached me and my friends. Jose Philip in an agitated tone wanted to know what I was doing in Vasco."
"Even before I could reply, Jose Philip charged at me and caught hold of my collar and began assaulting me with fist blows on my face and chest. Soon Jose Philip was joined by the above named people with him and all of them started manhandling and assaulting my other friends who were with me as well," stated Pacheco.
He alleged that Jose Philip also called in more people and soon more than 80 people came there and they started smashing the hotel (Restaurant).
"Then Jose Philip lifted a chair and hit at me but I was lucky to have missed it narrowly, I would have even died if the said chair which was aimed by Jose Philip at my head had to hit me," said Pacheco in his statement.
"Kritesh Gaonkar, Nanoskar, Anthony and others broke soda bottles at the direction of Jose Philip and tried to stab me and my friends."
"However, we managed to escape from the restaurant. As I came out and sat in the vehicle (GA-08-F-1854) of my friend Lazarus Diago Pereira, Jose Philip along with Kritesh Gaonkar, Anthony Fernandes, Sanny (Jose Philip's Brother-in-Law) and others came chasing us and blocked the car by standing in front of it," said the Benaulim MLA.
Pacheco then alleged that Jose Philip directed Kritesh Gaonkar and others to smash our car with a 20 kilo laterite stone on the windscreen.
"If it had to land on my friend Lazarus Diago Pereira, then that would have been the end of him. Jose Philip even directed his friends to set our car on fire with us inside it."
"Kritesh Gaonkar, Sanny and others started throwing boulders on the windscreen and other places on the car and smashed the car. Jose Philip was heard asking for a lighter/matchbox to set the car on fire with us inside it," claimed Pacheco.
"However my friend Diago who was sitting on the driver's seat had good presence of mind and zoomed away in the same smashed condition and hence we were saved," he added.(HD)


Anonymous said...

Sensible Goan electorates are a witness to the unruly behaviour of your elected representatives and should take responsibility for voting them off of their pedestal.

Dalia said...

It's high time that these rogs kill each other. Let them do it.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Only attempted?
So he did not have guts as much as you have!

diogofichardo said...

I doubt these guys will kill each other, but if they did will they gain sympathy?

Trevor said...

Good! Great fight! Thugs! Beat each other and do us a favour, also kill each other, the good Lord will understand. We are sick of you thugs and criminals.....all destroying OUR Goa!!

Bebdo said...

The voters of Benaulim who elected this Mickkey Mouse are mostly Catholics. Many of them are in the charismatic movement. So I really don't understand how can devout Catholics elected Mickkey Mouse who has broken all the tenants of Catholicsm?
Some time ago, we had listed all the 10 Commandments that Mickkey has broken.
I think the people of Benaulim constituency are like those who followed Aron when God called Moses to give him the 10 Commandments.
The Catholics of Benaulim constituency are worshipping Mickkey like the people who worshipped the golden calf made by Aron. The Catholic voters of Benaulim constituency are worshipping money and gold.
I ask them what happened to all your devotion and your religion. Has Mickkey blinded you all with his money and gold? Is he the new god for you people?
Despite being Catholics, if you people are still following him, then remember God's curse and the curse of all Goans will soon follow you.

dlp said...

Jose Philip only attempted to kiss him? I wonder why he didn't actually kill him and I know why too. This was just a pre-planned drama to fool the public and gain name for themselves. My source of information told me that they were sitting at home and having beer and potato chips together last night.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Bebdo::: This Charismatic sect of the Catholic church is more a cult.
The have a session at the St Marys Goan Ex-Sodality every Wednesday @ 7pm.
They pray so that the " Holy Spirit" will possess them.

dlp said...

You know what friends? Many years ago (I'm not even sure if Mickey Mouse was born at the time or maybe he was roaming around with a kaxtti as a little boy), I had a little pet monkey. One day when we went to Arvalem Waterfalls for a picnic, my pet monkey saw a female monkey, just jumped off my shoulders and diappeared in the forest never to return back. This was all forgotten until I saw this face in the article above. Exact features of my pet monkey and I wonder if this is the same moneky that had jumped off my shoulders and diappeared. Because this monkey above has also the habit of running after females.

dlp said...

Correction: Jose Philip only attempted to kill him??....

dlp said...

Hello Mr. Micky
Just open up your dicky
And check if you can find anything in there
Because when you were attacked by Jose Philip
You couldn't even find your dillip
Although you were searching for it everywhere


THANKS!Information you provided is good but not complete.
The main source of this episode is Mr Mauvin(The snake)He used Mickey as a mouse to attain his goal.
Few days back there has been understanding between congress hold and Mickey mouse.Mr Mauvin the snake was instrumental to settle the difference between Mickey mouse and congress. Even churchill has played apart to get his daughter victorious without any hurdle with this meeting.Last few weeks we havent seen any reports against each other about MickY and Churchill.WHY IS Mr MOUSE QUIET?during panchayat elections he was running everywhere against congress candidate!
Mauvin the snake has played his cards to settle the scores with Philip.He has used mickey the mouse.There are rumors about Mickys intention to contest for Cortalim seat which Mauvin has agreed TEMPORARLY.Mauvin the snake is in two minds.He is not sure where he will contest. His first preference is DABOLIM CONSTITUENCY. Mr PASCOAL DSOUZA(Philip brother)is also in fray to contest.
1.If Mr Pascoal loose this election,Mauvin the snake will have easy way
2. Mr Mauvin was humilated during inaugration of ST JACINTO BRIDGE.HE wants his revenge.
2.Mr Mouse wants NCP party leadership.

MAUVIN took advantage of all those who opposed Philip.NAMELY:

a.SIMON PEREIRA President of(Goa fishing boat owners,Vasco)used his position for his personal gain.I know him in MES College,he will do anything to make money.His character is worse than Micky hence he also wants to enter into politics.He used his position to allow three ships(SESA) to load the cargo from MPT when whole Vasco AND FISHING COMMUNITY WAS adhering to Vasco bandh.My friend have seen the copy of the letter which allowed SESA SHIP to load at the MPT when whole vasco was bandh.They paid him AND MR RONNIE BIG AMOUNT FOR THIS.
Mr Simon was conveyor of MBA.The meeting was called between MURMUGOA BACHAO ABHIAN(MBA) AND MPT to sign MOU.After the signing of MOU, Mr.Mauvin(Snake)took advantage of this.The files regarding PINKY SHIPYARD AND OTHER DOCKING FACILITIES IN CHICALIM was submitted FOR APPROVAL. All this files were cleared without being a party to this MOU THROUGH BACK DOOR. With the support of SIMON.
The case FILED against MPT(pollution)was lost because of inappropriate information and the evidence of letter given by Mr Simon(Conveyor of MBA) for Sesa for loading of ship.He has taken fishing community for ride.

.Mr Simon was also involved in crime against his college mate Mr Hirallal( ) in MES COLLEGE ZUARINAGAR DURING his college days.This boy was non goan,intelligent and loving who resided in Pixem dongri,vasco. His family was poor, after his death his whole family left Goa hence this crime was not reported due to fear.Yet most of the students knew about this facts.He was hanged to death on the cashew tree in Premnagar(near the college campus)by him and his friends
b. Mr Mariano Rodrigues(Konkanni Tiatr Director)who WAS also a party during this incident and also committee member of Fishing association.His family has taken maximum benefits from Mr Philip and his brothers.They are only after selfish gain.They do not have any say within fishing community.

c. Mr Seby(Goonda),current punch of Chicalim,killed PARSHA from(BAINA).He is a hench men of Mauvin.He uses his muscle power to oppress those who oppose Mauvin(snake).
D. Mr Edwin Carvalho son of a smuggler.Do not know head or tail of Fishing business.

This were few people with Mickey during the incident.I saw mr Simon on prudent media next day on the television.he has not changed!
Mr Mauvin(snake)controls this people and media aswell(Lindon Monteiro and RUI).
AS NIZ GOENKARS WE SHOUD GO AFTER THIS PEOPLE.We can get more information under right for information.

franco said...

@ Simon Fernandes what a chilling story line, it sent shivers to the spine to know the real truth of these scoundrels. Do you think people do not know all these atrocities being committed? But they just keep their mouths shut for being threatened or wiped out. It is only the fear that keeps these people away from reporting any incidents. But I wonder why these same people go on electing them again and again in spite of knowing all the facts, I presume they have no other options but to make them happy. This is the reason they don't want NG to flourish. keep up the good work NG. God bless you and protect you.

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