VASCO: Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza on Thursday accused political parties and rivals of hatching a conspiracy to defeat his panel in the Mormugao Municipal Council election on Sunday.  Addressing media persons at NCP office in Vasco, D’Souza said political parties and his rivals have clubbed together to defeat his panel.
“It is a conspiracy hatched by my rivals to create a gloomy picture in the council election to gain mileage and defeat my candidates,” said D’Souza.
He said this is not the first time that his rivals and political parties have clubbed together to defeat him, but despite similar efforts often by his rivals, D’Souza managed to win the elections twice from Vasco.
“I have never promoted ‘goondagiri’ in the port town in my political career of 30 years, but my rivals have created such a hype to defame me,” said D’Souza.
“I have faith in my people and they will answer all the critics in the election,” added D’Souza.
When asked about Pacheco’s allegation that D’Souza manhandled him, D’Souza shot back saying: “I protected him from the furious mob and escorted him safely to his friend’s car.”
He further clarified that the people from Vasco and Mormugao, who joined the Congress party on Wednesday, were neither NCP members nor workers.
“We welcome the decision of the Election Commission to sensitized Wards 15 and 16, as we too wanted transparency in the election process,” added D’Souza.
When asked that it is learnt that former tourism minister Mickey Pacheco hatched a game plan against D’Souza to defeat his candidates to please high command so that the D’Souza would lose his party president post, the revenue minister said: “Adopting such anti-party means is Mickky’s style, but such things can be done with love and affection.”
Meanwhile, Goa Fishing Boat Owners Association (GFBOA) Vice President Jose Nicolau D’Souza has accused GFBOA President Simon Pereira, who joined the Congress party along with his supporters, of mixing politics with association affairs. Pereira has, however, said he had joined the Congress party in his individual capacity. "If GFBOA president’s post is associated with me, it’s not my problem," he said. (HD)


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Sensible Goan electorates are a witness to the unruly behaviour of your elected representatives and should take responsibility for voting them off of their pedestal.

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