Looters of Goa and illiterate-goonda politicians want to buy founders of Niz Goenkars for one crore each
A well-known pimp of the illiterate-goonda politicians and the real estate mafia in Goa has called some of the founder members of Niz Goenkars and has offered to buy all the five founders of Niz Goenkar for one crore each. His condition for the offer is to close down Niz Goenkar site and in case that if it is not possible to shut down the site then to write only positive news about the illiterate-goonda politicians of Goa and not to highlight any real estate projects, especially the mega projects.
His other condition is to stop Niz Goenkar’s activities in Goa.
Of late, Niz Goenkars have questioned the Goan authorities with proof on various irregularities that are being conducted by the corrupt officials.
Niz Goenkars voice is now heard on the local TV channels and many Goans are now coming forward to support the cause Niz Goenkar is espousing for i.e. to save Goa from the corrupt, illiterate-goonda politicians and to stop non-Goans from buying property and businesses in Goa.
Niz Goenkar is also in the process of putting by billboards and hoarding in Goa, and are planning a running advertisement about Niz Goenkar on Prudent TV
This political broker, who is well aware of all this, tried to reason that because of the negative publicity which Niz Goenkar is creating abroad, especially in the Gulf, UK, US, France, Portugal and Switzerland, the real estate and tourism is suffering in Goa. He mentioned that the mega project developers are very much alarmed at the expose of their misdeeds all over the world, thanks to Niz Goenkar.
He said the non-Goan builders are suffering huge losses since foreigners have stopped investing in the mega projects and rich Indians too are reluctant to deal with them.
He reasoned that if the non-Goans don’t invest in Goa then there won’t be any revenue and there won’t be any business for the local people.
He tried to explain that there are more than 2,000 Goan real estate agents who make a living only by selling properties to foreigners and non-Goans. He said we should think about them, and added: “They are also Goan. Why you guys are trying to deprive them of their livelihood”.
When he was asked since when he had become a pimp for the looters, rapists and non-Goan builders and politicians, he became very diplomatic and said business is business and since Goa is a part of India, no one can stop any Indian from buying property and conducting business in any part of the country, and that Niz Goenkar should support the development of Goa.
We tried to trap him, but couldn’t since he is a slimy character and had been in and out of the game of pimping for the illiterate-goonda politicians and non-Goan builders for donkey’s years now. He is also very famous for releasing full page advertisements for most of the politicians to wish them ‘Happy Birthday’.
Unfortunately we could not tape the conversation. When he realised that we were not after money and we are serious about our goal, he started singing a different tune. He suggested that some of our leaders in Goa should join some established political party and tried to discourage us by saying that no new movement stand a chance to grow in Goa when there are well established political leaders and national parties who are flush with money and can win all elections with the help of their money and muscle power.
He then gave us a veiled threat by saying that Niz Goenkar’s unity won’t last long and it would collapse just like the Goa Bachao Abhiyan.
But as I have said earlier, we missed a very big opportunity to trap and expose him as we were not prepared for the meeting. We met him as a well-wisher of Niz Goenkar but it proved that he was trying to buy us out; if not to split the unity of our five founding members.
Imagine guys, if the pimps of the illiterate-goonda politicians and agents of the mega development project can offer one crore to each founding members of Niz Goenkars just to silence them, how much money are these corrupt politicians and their lackeys are making in Goa. No wonder Goa is going to the dogs. The reason is we have among our own Goans who are ready to do anything for the sake of money.
Although, we missed an opportunity to trap this pimp this time, we will certainly nail him with enough proof and expose him here.  As such, it is all the more reasons, my dear Goan brothers and sisters to unite and vote out the corrupt politicians of Goa.
Support Niz Goenkar. Be a member of Niz Goenkar today and save Goa for your next generation. Viva Goa, Goa for Goans, Long Live Goan Unity.


Anonymous the VIII said...

Let the PIMPS and Illiterate-goonda politicians know that Niz Goenkar and many Goans cannot be bought with money but with good deeds to fellow Goans and Goa as a whole. That is why Niz Goenkar have won the hearts of many Goans.

Unknown said...

come up with the name and shame routine. it works very well.

franco said...

This development is nothing new. It was expected as the Niz Goenkar site has been portrayed as righteous and fearless for the benefit of our Niz Goenkars in bringing out the illegalities going around the whole of Goa and speaks the truth. Now it is left up to the founder members to be prudent in their dealings and mark my words these corrupt rogues are really afraid of what is being brought out from the closets. First it was a threat to close down the site, now they are bribing to close down this blog. I wonder for how many true Activists they have silenced in this way. I would earnestly urge the founder members not to fall prey to such threats and continue in their zeal and fight till the end come what come may, we will face it to achieve and accomplish our mission to free Goa.

Unknown said...

can we have more followers registering in please..

dlp said...

Bebdo… Two super duper articles. No wonder you were not on the scene the whole of yesterday. I was wondering what had happened. Now I know. You have hit the bulls eye and made everyone aware of the motives of Niz Goenkar. Now it is up to our Niz Goan brothers and sisters to join Niz Goenkar and fight for its cause. In the meantime, keep grinding. I love the way you put up your articles. Viva Niz Goenkar! Goa for Goans Only!

dlp said...

Received the sad news this morning that our Goan brother Jackson, who was fighting for his life in a Dubai hospital is no more. He died last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackson's family at this time of their bereavement. May God grant Jackson's soul eternal rest.

Da Silva said...

This pimp should sell his house and go live in any Indian state to learn business. Goans’, who are like this pimp, should be kicked out of Goa and send to Bihar, so that they know the difference between India and Goa. Worshiping money! This pimp does not know that money is a moving asset whereas land is not. By selling land to outsiders, you make yourself an alien in your own beloved Goa. Remember, short term gain is a long time disaster.

diogofichardo said...

I am a Niz Goenkar my motherland is at stake by these corrupt politicians. I will stay united with Niz Goenkar.

dlp said...

Bebdo... Excellent planning and strategy. I hope all true Goans who care about our beautiful and beloved Goa will join Niz Goenkar in thousands and strengthen the solidarity of Goans. Since they cannot close the Niz Goenkar's site, they will try all sorts of tricks. Today it is one crore each, next week it will be two and three and so on. If they can throw away this much, it is left up to all Goans to imagine just how much they must be minting. Let us keep grinding friends.

dlp said...

PIMP stands for Professional In Managing Prostitues. He makes money by running his corrupt business of prostitution, not only in Goa but all over India and maybe abroad too, and trying to pass on 0.005 percent of the profit to Niz Goenkars? Niz Goenkars are not stupid and illiterate like him to accept his offer. Let's wait and see what he comes up with next. I know he won't give up. Let us keep grinding harder now.

Dalia said...

You can't buy Niz Goenkars as far as I know. Bravo to you guys and gals.

Marcel said...

We will give our blood for Nizgoenkar and to save Goa, come on let us unite

N.Fernandes (London) said...

If this site was located in Goa,these goons would have used all possible means to close it down like they did with O`Heraldo.
There is now another SMGS idiot and beefcake called Jude Pereira, based in Dubai who is threatning to close down this site.
I have thrown him a challenge to sue me for libel.Just because he is the "jumped up" Gen. Manager of Nanjgel in Dubai, he believes his word is law and Niz -Goenkars will succumb to his orders.He can dominate the SMGS, who have recruited him as their Lieutenant and Press Officer. It will not work with Niz-Goenkar.
I only take orders from God and my parents.
It will not work with me.I will defend Niz-Goenkar to the best of all my abilities.
Mt Jude Pereira is most welcome to put his points across.I will look forward to them with pleasure.However I doubt he has the capacity to do so.
However, I personally believe and I am of the opinion that this buffon Jude Pereira and his bunch of cronies & poodles belong to a Sinister group /organisation.More will be revealed in due course.

So , if any of Mr Jude Pereiras followers /supporters read this ,please tell him that his empty threat (like his empty brains)to close down Niz-Goenkar will be dealt with accordingly.
This Jude Pereira should note there is a difference between a handful of his supporters and thousands of Niz-Goenkar supporters(Worldwide).If he cannot understand this simple logic or is blind he should just stick to his daytime job in Nanjgel, where he can dominate his co-workers.Better still , he could assist his criminal neighbour Babush Monseratte in Miramar.

RDM said...

Great work guys ! Expose the corrupt guy all over the media ! We will succeed someday.

RDM said...

Great work guys!

RDM said...

Great Work Guys ! Expose the corrupt thug in all the media ! We will succeed someday, just a matter of time.

dlp said...

N.Fernandes... I think this Jude is a nice guy or is he the same buffoon that I refer to as Judas? Could be. Being in London, you have plenty of more information than I have. I was busy for the last two days. Let me investigate further with my reliable sources and I will come up with more comments tomorrow. If this Jude and Judas are one and the same person, what a pleasure it will be to grind him to a massala paste. I know plenty about the skeletons in his cupboard and now we can start digging for the rest of the bones, not only skeletons. Superb work N.Fernandes. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can threaten Niz Goenkar and get away with it.

dlp said...

RDM... We will definitely succeed. Not someday, the day is nearing and approaching very fast. These Judes or Judases are the students of our corrupt politicians. One track mind. If they cannot win, they can only threaten. Think they have muscle power. As I am commenting here, I just got some more information on my wireless. In a few seconds I will know if this Jude and Judas are one and the same. Then I am going to deflate his muscles and put him to shame, shame, shame. The only alternative left for him is to run back to Monster Rat or commit suicide in Dubai along with his followers. He made a BIG mistake by first giving sweet talk and then threatening Niz Goenkar. His education is limited just like his uneducated pal who is the education minister. He thinks from Nanjgel, he will become a minister in Goa one day. Poor fellow. I feel sorry for him, but not from my heart. You guys can guess from where.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

Goans for too long have been suffering and have been taken hostage by these corrupt Politicians.
The main weapon they use to get elected and then oppose dissent is money.This money, they have amasssed, by foul and fraudelent means is then used against the Goan Citizens to control them and put them into bondage.
The current method of getting copious amounts of money is by granting Builders Licences,Planning Permissions and NOC`s to turn Goa into a concrete jungle.
This concrete jungle is not for the benefit of Goans...but the rich from Mumbai, Delhi etc.
who will only spend part of their time in these purchases or use them for property speculation and profit.What about the future generations of Goans that will need housing & accomodation.?Will it be affordable?The consequences of these friviolous and criminal acts by Goa`s Politicians and the WHOLESALE sale of Goa to outsiders and the higest bidder, does not make good reading.It is as close a neighbour to a crime against humanity.
Their "words are louder than their actions".
With these mega projects, no consideration is taken for the stress on infrastructure or eco systems, water tables, garbage etc.
The Politicians and their new paymasters the builders do not give a damn.They live comfortably off in their luxurious "HOMES".I say homes in the plural sense because I can categorically say that a lot of these corrupt Politicians have many :homes,flats,bungalows,Penthouses,villas,buildings etc. etc.
These Goan Politicians of today are no better than alll the Dictators of past and present.Take for example Saddam Hussein.He had more lavish Palaces than he could live in.He was eventually tried and hanged.What uses are these Palaces to him now.It was sheer and pure vanity and extravagence.Goan Politicians are as bad as the "human flesh eating" Dictators in Africa.
As Niz- Goenkar is located in the UK ,and comes under the jurisdiction of the UK these Current flock of Corrupt Politicians in Goa are running shit scared as they are being exposed and so are slowly looking for ways and means to close it down.It will not succeed.
The Goan Press is also slightly biased towards the Politicians in Goa and live in fear of them.I will exclude the "Goan Observer" from this as they champion the cause of Goan Citizens.Once again the Politicians have used the "PEOPLES MONEY", to buy favour with the some Newspapers.
This will not happen in the UK as the Freedom of Press is deeply etched in the constitution.
Many world causes and issues have been highlighted in the UK.This covered political issues, global warming, apartheid, droughts,famine, child labour,environmental issues etc to name a few.
So I hope in due course, Goans will no longer have fear or have to live in fear.
Niz-Goenkar gives us some hope.Let us use it well and to serve all Goans well.
May the evilbe damned.

Bebdo said...

@ N. Fernandes ... although you didn't accompany me to Brussels to hire the Ninjas there, you managed to smoke out the Judas from Dubai. I give you full marks for your mastery of the Alpha-Omega code used by Niz Goenkar.
@dlp... now you know what my mission was in Brussels... This Babush Monseratte is an arsehole, he is a paedophile and a pervert. He is not a man enough to fight man-to-man. He uses the ghanttis to fight and intimidate Goans.
As the saying goes, every dog has its day, Babush too would have his day very soon. He is only a cat who thinks that he is a lion in his own alley.
Remember Bashik (Francisco Afonso) who was a mayor of panjim and an MLA. He died a miserable dead. Dilkush Desai, who used to terrorise the people in his village,too died a dog's death after he was shot. The same thing will happen to Babush and his goons. Mark my words and the day is not far off.

Trevor said...

Thanks Bebdo...and the founders of Niz Goenkars!....maybe, just maybe there is hope for OUR Goa. Maybe we can put an end to the looting and the destruction of Goa. Goa is NOT for sale! This is our home! Even if we are far away, are hearts yean for our motherland. Someday we will return. For the people in Goa, life can be prosperous without selling Goa. Please don't be fooled that we have to sell Goa for Goans to survive. I urge the Goans that are selling Goa, especially new construction to stop....we have enough inventory already. We need to pass laws so that our people can buy these homes and keep our culture going. It is the only hope if we are truly serious about saving us as a people! Otherwise as N Fernandes has eloquently stated, we are doomed! Please hear the cries of our ancestors!

Nancy Dias said...

This morning after reading this shocking article I was also reminded of St. Paul's exhortation to the early Christians in his letter to the Ephesians:

"Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil. For our struggle is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens.

"Therefore, put on the armor of God ...

-This is the message to Niz Goenkars if we are to stand against the corruption and the evil forces rampant in Goa working with our corrupt politicians to destroy all that is good!

Belson Carvalho said...

Bebdo and everyone else who are being intimidated, threatened and propositioned name and expose whoever these rotten rogues are! Let them learn a lesson that they will never forget that there are Goans with integrity and honesty.

They are hell bent on destroying Niz Goenkar for speaking the truth and exposing their evil deeds.

Unknown said...

We need the 18 followers registered here to push for more people to register. We have to have a stronger POSSE to show our strength and determination. Come on people.

N.Fernandes (London) said...

To Bebdo::
I would have accompanied you to Brussels to get the Ninjas...but I can no longer afford your "drinks bill"(SORO)any more, nor the custom made "Chorizo Pau" you need to sober up!!!.
I need to also remind you that there is a Banking crisis and a civil war in emerging in Dubai!!!It is taking up my resources.

Bebdo said...

@N. Fernandes... I have the picture of the GM of the Ninja who is a Judas. Ask babush to forward it to you. See if he is the same guy. This ninja wears horn-rimed glasses, and has a thick moustache. He is also wearing a suit with a pink shirt and red tie.

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